Bassy - Love Vine
January 21, 2021
Dey’s hope in our young people!

If de front and back page of de local Newspapers is not about COVID-19, it’s de La Soufriere, and why not, it’s world news and SVG is

chalking up some frightening COVID-19 figures; and de Volcano continues to let off steam and gases. So ah giving Searchlight ah Big Thumbs Up foh giving precedence to the successful achievements of two young talented Vincentians, Shafia London and Demion Mc Tair. De front page reads: “London is first Vincentian manager of St Vincent Brewery Ltd.” And on de back page “Vincy Valedictorian,” de subhead reads :

“Vincentian among three 2020 valedictorians for the UWI Mona”

While Shafia has carved her name by she-self, ah would still men-shun dat she is de daughter of de late E.G. Lynch, and while am at it, she is Margaret London’s niece. Shafia is ah brilliant scholar; she holds ah BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry with minor in Human Resource Management at UWI, and Communication and MSc in Biochemical Engineering in Science (London University). Presently she is completing her MBA. She has ah wealth of business experience in de sub-region. We are proud of you Shafia.

Ah have some connections wid UWI so from time to time ah watch de UWI, TV channel 105. Last week was Graduation and there was this young gentleman delivering de Mona Campus’ Class of 2020 Valedictory Speech. Trust my judgement, it was by far one ah de best such addresses dat I have ever heard. So much so dat I drew my wife’s attention to de youngster, and told her dat he will make a good ambassador foh his country, not knowing dat he was our own Vincentian Demion McTair.

He has completed a B.A in Integrated Marketing Communication (Hons). He received de Deans Award of Excellence for de Most Outstanding Academic Performance (2918/2019). Ah read way he is presently employed as PART TIME lecturer in Communication Studies at de Community College. We are also proud of you Demion, ah waiting fuh PART TIME to become full time.


Sad news dis week is de parting of “Randy D” Dopwell. He broke all barriers in Broadcasting. He played everybody’s recordings, braver dan others to play dem when de lyrical contents were biting and reflected de social and political state of affairs. Randy D loved Radio, Randy D knew de power of Radio and Randy D was not afraid to use de power of Radio to enlighten de People. Ah hope he walked wid some ah dem nice music to play up dey foh St Peter and de Vincy Possee. Play On Randy.


Ah wish de Prime Minister would come out Bold and say dat initially he may have miss-spoken in public about COVID-19, wid some of de positions dat he took earlier. After one year of observation, he is now in a better position to advocate wearing of Masks, Social distancing and Sanitizing. And whereas he was adamant dat dey will be “No Lock-Down” he has been looking at de statistics showing where sister countries like Dominica, Antigua, Grenada, Barbados, even T’n’T, dat went on Lock-Down” are showing remarkable statistics. Yesterday alone three of them had Zero COVID-19 cases.

Too early foh anybody to shout though. But since things are falling apart with SVG having high numbers of cases, yesterday it was 62, we hope this is our peak. Now clearly his strategy, if in fact dey’s one, is not working.

So he wants to try ah “come thru de back door” – 4-Days Lock-Down to Reflect. Yes Reflect under Shut Down conditions. Man if it walks like ah Duck, smells like ah Duck and even quacks like ah Duck den it is ah Duck. Thank you Mr PM foh de Discovery Day Shut Down, so we could Reflect on Discovery Day and hopefully Discover dat right now de country needs ah Shut Down to starve de Virus foh ah couple weeks. And wid dat is gone ah gone again
One Love Bassy