Bassy - Love Vine
January 8, 2021
The newest Banana Republic country

Donald Trump of ‘de Apprentice’ fame, during his four-year stint in de White House, was like de Win that developed into ah Whirl Win dat almost blew de US Capitol to pieces on Wednesday. But America will harvest what it sow. All along experts and professionals engaged in Mental Disorder in human beings, have been playing wid terminologies, nice-in-up putting “Collar ‘n’ Tie” to Done-all Trump’s madness! How he is ‘Mentally Unstable’, he’s ‘Narcissistic’, he’s ‘Psychosomatic’. But one commentator simply and correctly said “ Done-all Trump is sick in body and mind!”

Lie-Za puts it nicely in Creole: “What ah man sows he go reap!” De same Russian tek-knowledge-he Trump sowed four years ago to get into power, is de same Tek-knowledge-he got back, like ah reverse to last November, when he was beaten by Biden. Trump was so certain dat dey was going to be ah repeat of his 2016 victory using 2016 Russian interference again, dat up to now he can’t come to grips wid Vice-President Biden’s overwhelming victory. Dey was no hacking into e-mails dis time, only ah more discriminate and sophisticated method of ‘Rigging de Polls’ was used in last November’s Elect-shun; this was repeated on Choose-dey when Georgians went to de polls and elected two Democrats, one ah dem Black. Only de late Martin Luther King Jr. would believe dat in 2021 in Georgia, ah Black Pastor, grandson of ah ‘cotton-picking slave’ could win an incumbent female Senator. Things are changing in de USA, and after Wednesday more changes will tek effect.

Wednesday’s Rioting, Coo/coup attack on de US Capitol shows de power of White America. It is wicked! When ah watched how several White rioters were allowed to scale de walls of de Capitol Building, den parading on de roof-top, wid-out ah single shot fired by de Police, ah say how-E-go-look if ah White police shoot ah White rioter on top de Capital Building? Never! And when ah saw White rioters inside de Halls of de Capital Building, smashing glass windows, one even took ah seat in Speaker Pelosi’s chair and searched her desk; others climbed into de offices of Representatives, while White Police Officers standing wid guns in hand, afraid if dey pull de trigger and kill an armed White Law-breaker, dey would be charged foh murder. Ah say scores ah Blacks would ah bin shot if de colour scheme was reserved. But “White, not Black Life matters!” Footage of de dirty scene at de Capitol would be ah weapon in de fight against Race-is-him in de future.

Thanks to de Mad Monk Trump, we in de Carry-Beyond, are humbled dat we now share membership wid de great USA, de latest member to our club, De Banana Republic.


Ah have to be always reminded by Lie-Za when ah going astray. She tell me dat: “Whose house is of glass, must not throw stones at another”; of course she trying not to use de Creole: “people who live in ah glass house, nah suppose foh throw stone!” She pressing charges against me foh laughing at Trump, how early in de life of COVID-19, he was describing de Virus as ah Flu dat will soon go away, given ah couple ah months and it will be gone. So ah asked her how my Glass House get into dis one. So she opened up her Cell Phone and showed me an ole VDO clip at last year’s Nah-shun-all Heroes’ Day Rally, way our Done-all Trump double in playing down de Virus, said dat he had observed ah number of persons walking bout de place wid gloves, but he hoped none ah dem come to shake his hand wid gloves. “Because Dah’s foolishness,” he said. He was less brutal wid de wearing of Mass. “And if yuh doh have de Virus, dey’s no need for yuh to put on de Mass, because…. putting on de Mass when yuh doh have to put it on, can do yuh even more harm.”

Dey’s no maybe about it, de Virus is no respecter of anybody, manifesting itself in places and among persons some of whom are our Front Line workers. So until it becomes mandatory meaning ah must by Law, wear de Mass, avoid crowds, and if anyone wearing Gloves want to shake yuh hand, by all means do it, dat is not Foolishness! And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.