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October 30, 2020
Does Tie One have ah PBI programme?

Someone sent me an interesting Article wid de headline: “Tie-one offers Golden Visa for Asian Investors.” De article states dat Tie-One offers four types of residential Golden Visas for Investment, issued to foreigners who are keen to invest in Asian Economies. The article states further dat investors can purchase Tie-one-knees bonds for as little as = US $1 million. An Investor’s family and children also qualify for resident visas.

Now while de ULP beating de hell out of de NDP for promising to participate in ah PBI program, ah similar Program dat many of our OECS and Carry Come member states are participating wid great financial success; de same ULP Go-venom-mint depends heavily pon Tie-One for financing dis country’s many projects. We have ah good thing going wid Tie-One, in return foh Tie-One heavy financial support, SVG is Tie-One’s Lone Voice at de UN, where dat country is unfortunately and unfairly denied membership. Lie-Za says she does not mind de SVG and Tie-One corporation, something foh something, Is lke saying: “Is God send money by de Devil.” No disrespect to Tie-One eh. Lie-Za thinks however, dat dis could be Double Standard, except de ULP tells Tie-One “whenever you giving SVG money, doh give us from your PBI program.”


Last week ah asked if there is ah damning Poverty Assessment Report on SVG, for de year 2018-2019. Lo and behold, like ah kick in de stomach, NDP at ah Press Conference earlier dis week presented info from de same Report. De Report is now ah high point in de Elect-shun Calm Pain.

Ah couldn’t believe me ears when ah listened to out-going PM Gone Soft in his In-deep-and-dense ah-dress to de Nay-shun last Tuesday. He gave out all kind ah goodies. People on Poor Relief will get $25 increase from January; Nursing Assistance who retired in 2008 widout pen-shun will now be pen-shun-able; much needed reduction on interest rates of Disadvantaged student loans etc. etc. But one would have thought dat dis being his farewell speech, and wid Christmas round de corner, and wid St Kitts Public Servants getting two month’s salary for Christmas bonus; ah think dis is five in ah row for St Kitts Public Servants. Gone-Soft could not even pay ah Half Month’s salary as Christmas bonus foh Public Servants. Not even his usual one percent salary increase (once every five years) as from January 2021. Oh how he wished he had ah PBI program. Lie-Za is very concerned if Gone-Soft, by ah miracle, wins de Elect-shun, where will he get money to pay salaries next year.


Well de long awaited Mother of Elect-shuns takes place on Thursday. It is so close dat de only person knows who de winner is, is none other dan de man who does “Wuk Obeah foh God!” Lie-Za thinks he could not continue wid de anxiety, and uncertainty, so he did like King Saul. He went to de woman of Endor. She had to wake up Mc Intosh, she woke up Cato, she woke up Joshua, He is now waiting on de Woman Of Endor wid an answer from Paramount Chief Chatoyer.


Congratulations are in order for Mrs. Peggy Ince-Hull, my Met-dis Primary School Classmate, for ah well deserved Independence Award of “Ambassador of Sports.” Peggy would have to be one of, if not, de Best Netballer SVG has ever produced. Imaging Peggy, ah teeney-weeney, lickle child, sorry, girl in Primary School, 12 years ole, played on de SVG Na-Shun-All Team in T’n’T, in de ‘Caribbean Netball Champs.’ Tossing up against Jah-mek-her, T’n’T and de rest.

Nobody was ever able to catch her on Centre Court. If is one person who knows what went thru David’s mind when he faced Goliath was de diminutive Peggy, squaring off among those giant Caribbean and later, English Players. More surprises were to come, when at 19 years of age, Peggy was selected Captain of de West Indies Team to England.

Zincke is Happy foh you, School-mate.

All yo please remember to Vote. And wid dat is gone ah gone again
One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.