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February 28, 2020

Even de church was absent

Tempus Fugit is Latin for “de rapid passage of time” or more simply put: “Time Flies!” It looks like only yesterday when in April 2018, three members of de Morgan family (husband, wife and daughter) were sent to Prison foh four years foh de unfortunately famous “Hot water incident.”

Dat Case and de penalty imposed, created nuff public interest wid lots ah people calling foh de heads ah de Morgans, ah stiffer punishment dey wanted. De Morgan’s incarceration left ah teenage son and daughter at home at de mercies of de All-Mighty. So in my Column of dat weekend of May 4, 2018, ah wrote ah paragraph actually appealing to de general public to show Mercy and Compassion foh the two younger Morgans. Just to recap ah bit, here is a clip from that article:

“While some folks understandably, are joyfully celebrating de sentence passed on de Morgans, there is Justice and there is still Mercy. We have three surviving victims outside dat need our sympathy and attention. Firstly, dey’s de burnt victim “Mafia” Victory, who incidentally is a relative, he would have suffered painful injury and no doubt, still suffering both physically and mentally. And den there are implications foh de Morgan family. Three members of de family are in Prison, two of whom are de bread winners, but there are two young Morgans outside, left to live alone. A son who completed his Associate Degree last year, he is unemployed; and dey’s a daughter in her first year at Community College. Things are likely to become rough foh de youngsters: no guardian, no income, food and utility Bills will be coming, and dey’s ah Mortgage to pay. As buy-us as ah might sound ah must appeal to our loving and caring society, to think broadly, be merciful and show kindness to Maffia, as well as de two Morgan kids living outside de Walls.”

Things did not go well foh de two youngsters at all. The community blanked dem completely, and even de Church was found lacking. The Morgan home is within walking distance of ten Christian denominations: Spiritual Baptist, New Testament, Methodist, Assemblies of Yahweh, Gospel Hall, Kingdom Life, Hebron, Anglican, Seventh Day Adventist and Catholic. Did any of those churches ever find it in their hearts to visit the Morgan’s kids? To pray with them? To offer any form of counselling or even a Christmas food package? How then do we put into practice de message from Jesus in Matthew chapter 25 verses 35 to 45, way He spoke of “doing foh one of His, is doing foh Him.”

But it has not been all Doom and Gloom foh de two younger Morgans; Gloomy, but not Doomy. Suffice it to say dey survived. After 18 months languishing in pity and sadness at home, de pleading voice of a family colleague was able to reach attentive, sympathetic ears and young Morgan got ah job. His younger sister completed Community College.

De worst seems to have passed, but there are now two victims still out dey. De daughter who was incarcerated is now serving de final two months of ah reduced sentence. And dey’s Maffia, de burnt Victim whose situation needs to be addressed.

It is now time foh Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Healing amongst all parties, including the wider community. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.