Bassy - Love Vine
February 21, 2020

Bragging rights

DEY’S DE word ‘Brag’, ah loud applause of oneself. Den dey’s Braggart, ah name foh one who loves to Boast! or Bragg-art, someone wid de ‘art’ to ‘Boast’, dat has nothing to do wid ‘Art’.

Lie-Za blaming de Human Rights people foh coming up wid ah Rights called ‘Bragging Rights’, which is de Authority and Freedom to boast of one’s achievements.

Now on top ah all ah de Bragging and Boasting, dey’s dis lickle memory verse we learned in Primary School: ‘Love not to Brag, Love not to Boast, Grief comes to those who Bragg the most!”

Having said all ah dat, ah want to agree wid Master of Ceremony Dexter Rose, one of de hosts of last Sunday Night’s ‘Best of SVG‘ Awe-wards Show, when he described ‘Best of SVG’ as ‘Bragging Rights’. Ah doh really have anything to Boast or Brag ‘bout, but if ah ever win ‘Best Columnist’ nobody can’t stop me from signing at de end: “ One Love Bassy, Best of SVG!”

Anyhow ah was telling Lie-Za dat de ‘Best of SVG’ Awe-ward, is intended to bring Pride and Dignity to de many local talented Vincentians, big as well as small people who produce excellent quality products, but need only ah lickle token dat will give dem de authority and Freedom to boast of dey achievements, which is dey Bragging Rights!

Best of SVG is ah Searchlight initiative (adopted of course) at no financial cost to candidates or nominees. Beginning with de publishing in de Searchlight Newspaper, of ah comprehensive list of local manufacturers and producers of everything Vincy. Voting is done ‘On Line’ and de process is designed to avoid any cheating, as in “double voting,”. Same time Lie-Za asked me if Searchlight could come up wid ah system, to help de new Supervisor of Elect-shun to detect all dem voters, who allegedly registering to vote in East Kingstown and East St George Constituencies, but living in other constituencies. Ah told her dat is not ‘Best of SVG’, dat is foh “Worst of SVG” way yuh win Cheating Rights; Searchlight thing is way yuh earn Bragging Rights!

Next she wants to know what does ah winner of a ‘Best of SVG’ Awe-ward get. She was disappointed
when ah told her dey’s no prize money and all de winner gets is ah Plaque, ah Certificate and of course his/her Bragging Rights! Ah told her de story of ah winner in 2018, highly skilled, but never had any formal training or Certification. However, dat individual went to ah popular Embassy seeking ah Visa. When asked what evidence was dey to prove de skill on de Application Form. De person had two Certificates, his Birth Certificate and ah ‘Best of SVG’ Certificate. She flinched when ah told her dat de individual was granted ah Visa.

Last Sunday Night’s Show had its ‘Pluses and Minuses’. Great ambience, stage, sounds and lights were excellent: Rick Nick Barbecue Pork was on sale, plus he won ‘Best of SVG’, de Entertainment package was an All Stars Ah-fear wid de man wid ah golden voice, Ronnie Richardson ‘Best of SVG’ Gospel Singer, La Gracia Dancers ‘Best of SVG’ Dance Group, Saeed Bowman ‘Best of SVG’ Entertainer; den Resonance ‘Best of SVG’ Music Band, de youth-men wid ah Big Band Sound. Ah voting early in 2022 foh Rolie Bowman ‘Best of SVG’ Band and Stage Manager. And foh those who found de Show on Sunday Night too long, doh worry, foh 2022 ah done engage Freshies Tailoring ‘Best of SVG’ Tailor, to cut off piece ah de long pants de show was wearing. Kendal Millar Best of SVG’ Barber will trim off some ah de long hair at de top and foh de 2022 Entertainment Package, ah will put ah smile on patrons tired looking faces wid ‘me boy’ Kendall Burke (Chow Minister) ‘Best of SVG’ Comedian to do de honours.

All in all, it was ah commendable effort by Searchlight, dignifying Great Vincentians wid Great Talent. So Searchlight gets Bragging Rights foh ‘Best of SVG’ Media House. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

● Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.