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December 13, 2019

Put purpose to four and five in ah row

Ah decided to check pon me near-bars to see way going on next door. As ole people does say, yuh must all time monitor yuh near-bar, if his/her house pon fire den wet yours. First ah thought ah was in Dah-man-ache-her last week-end, de way how de ULP Go-venom-mint Raid-yuh-stay-shun hey was sell-ah-bray-tin Pry-minister Scare-it “Five-in-ah Row” land-slide victory. No men-shun is made bout de plane loads ah Dah-men-ache-hans who were flown home just to vote, which explains de worth-list voting system in Darm-Anique-ah, dey’s no ID Card, no rules dat require voters to be living at least six months in ah constituency to qualify to vote. Just come fly home, vote and leave! But as Lie-Za say “he who sows de wind will reap de world-ah-wind.. oops…, reap ah whirl-wind!. So far so good foh Corrupt Elect-shun in Darm-Anique-ah and SVG way de Court is yet to give ah ruling on de results five years after de 2015 elect-shun.


Remember ah few years ago when dey had de same Pull-it-tek-all Basa- basa in St Kitts when Tim-ah-Tea Harris was leader ah de Awe-Position, how he went door-to-door begging regional leaders to call pon den Prime Minister Dense-cell Douglas to respect ah High Court ruling foh fresh elect-shuns in Sin-Kitts. De only person who gave Tim-ah-Tea an audience and Red Carpet treatment was de leader of de Awe-position in SVG. Arm-In Eustace. Finally de long overdue Elect-shun was held in Sin Kitts in 2015 and Tim-ah-Tea was elected Prime Minister. Now read what I red from ah Government Release in Sin Kitts published in October 2019: “ For de fourth consecutive year (2016, 2017, 2018 AND 2019), The Govenrment of Nah-shun-all Unity in Sin-Kitts has committed to pay a bonus salary in 2019. An unprecedented move that show cases the sterling stewardship of the economy of Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr the Honourable Timothy Harris.” De release goes on and on: “The double salary will apply to all employees of the Federal Government and Statutory Corporations.” Lie-Za records dat de ULP’s biggest and best effort way public servants salary is concerned, was ah one percent back pay dat was part of ah four percent salary increase over ah four year period, some years ago.

Excited as usual Lie-Za say ah must tell Prime Minister Gone-Soft, to go and read it foh he-self, he could Google “Times Caribbean”. Easier still he could Google straight: “Double Salary Four times in a Row” and read how Tim-ah-Tea made positive and progressive use of ULP’s MT Boast-full words, “Four-in-ah-Row” good only foh Pull-it-to-kill prop-ah-gang-dah. And only good to fool “Die Hard” ULP supporters. Tim-ah-Tea is ah boast-full fellar. Ley me quote de man. He said : “Four Times in a Row! No other Government in de His-tree of St Kitts and Nevis has done what our Team Unity is doing. Four double salaries, back-to-back, it has not been done in America, Canada or England, nor anywhere in de Caribbean. Only in St Kitts and Nevis and only under de Team Unity Government!”

Lie-Za say to challenge Tim-ah-Tea and tell him she got news foh him. In SVG we not far behind St Kits and Nevis, we does pay Poor Relief early foh Christmas, and dis year we double-in de number ah ULP Supporters on Poor Relief.


Remember to check out de Nine Mornings in your area. Lie-Za say to beg Ronnie Richardson, who is her choice foh Best Male Gospel Singer in SVG right now, dat we know we living in Babylon times, but dis is Christmas, it borders absurdity to sing songs like “By de Rivers of Babylon” at ah Vincy Christmas Concert. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.