Bassy - Love Vine
November 15, 2019

Time and time again ah would have stated dat ah grew up in ah Grounded Christian home with my paternal Grand-parents, Salvation Army Officers (Majors). And a mile away was Pointer Bailey my maternal Grand-father, a Spiritual Baptist Leader who had his own church. His parents were Irish as in Bailey’s Irish Cream, and he was also white, possibly, de first and maybe de only White Spirit Baptist in dem dark days ah Spiritual Baptist. Yes, Dark days because de police uses to mash-up dey open-air meetings and even dey lickle Prayer Meetings in de homes. But Pointer Bailey had ah Prayers or Praise House in his down-stairs, and in his words dat was de Lords House. Candle-light had his downstairs like de light-house; dem female members uses to carry on, loud singing, clapping, shouting ring bell louder dan de big league churches Met-dis, Ann-Glee-can and Cat-o-licks.

My Grand-fathers might ah had dey differences wid format but dey both served ah Great Big One-dh Full God; dey sang very much de same songs, one ah de Choruses dat has kept my Faith going is “Too Late To Turn Back Now!” Ah should men-shun, de Pointers had and still have ah better harmony, dey had no Hymn Book, but dey doctrine was solid, as dey red from de Bible dat Great Book…

In dat Bible, is lots ah stories dat would want to put question mark on yuh spirit. Like de time when Moses walk and walk foh 40 years and in front ah him was de Red Sea and behind him was Fear-oh’s Army; is like yuh in ah tree, above you is ah Tie-gar and below is a Lie-on. And de story says Moses parted de Red Sea. But only he and de Israelites crossed and de Egyptians gave chase, but Moses pointed his rod at de passage and all ah Fear-Oh’s Chariots and Horsemen drown in de passage. Ah red way some Archeologist working on de floor ah de Red Sea, found pieces ah chariots, and swords.

Ah believe dat Red Sea story like if ah was present. In fact in my short life time, I have had to cross dat Red Sea so many times, My last big crossing of de Red Sea was eight years ago ah was Die-or-knows wid Pass-straight Car’n-saw, de treatment was abroad. Is like, Fear-oh chasing behind me wid ah hundred plus thousand soldiers oops, dollars invopice; and in front was de Lie-on in de Red Sea, red-y to swallow me up. All Praise to Jah ah standing pon Dry Land.

Another great story in de Bible was de time when it was drawn to de God’s attend-shun dat de pop-yu-lay-shun of Sad-dumb and Gay-marrow, two cities near River Jordan had developed Full Blast Sin: Let’s-be-Ann-is-him, Gay-is-him, Buy-sex-shall-is him; Trans-gender, Queers; (LGBTQ); Lie-Za say men-shin also dat dey were Ah-dull-terrors-is-him, Fornicare-shun-is-him, Ped-ah-files, Rape-is-him; Beastologist, Spouse-beaters. So God sent three Angels/Saints on ah Fax Finding Mission. Two ah de Angels or Saints went to bunk at Lot’s home. And de storty says dat town loads ah Gay males, young and ole surrounded Lot’s house, like de time when 19 SSULP Policemen surrounded Dug-he of Nice Raid-yuh Home, looking foh ah Dock-yuh-mint. But River Jor-done villagers wanted to Bull-doze dey way thru Lot to Bull-those oops, Bull-doze Lot’s guesta. Man de Angels struk dem down wid blindness, and God did de rest. De Bible says Fire and Brimstone destroyed de cities. Lot and his family except his wife were saved.

So after 4000 years and more we gone back to Sad-dumb and Gay-morrow. Baby Girls getting rape, big girls getting rape, ole women getting rape! Lickle boys, ole men all getting Sad-dumb-eyes. Ah-dull-tree, Fornication gone on de rampage, involving men of all walks: clerymen; politicians, Lawyers, Law-makers tuh Law-breakers. De nay-shun balling foh help.

So we had to have ah big protest march on Thursday. Foh ah change, de Churches decided to tek ah stand, hiding behind two Gay brothers, who file Law Suits against Go-venom-mint to remove what dey consider Draw-cone-yarn Law against Gay Rights. Lie-Za say Hip! Hip! Hip! Who Rape!, Rip Van Wrinkle suddenly came alive. De Church taking ah stand??

My personal view is dat ah red de 66 books of de Bible when ah was ah child, and ah red de laws given to Moses. After Moses left, God’s Son, Jesus came to introduced ah Law of Love, he forgave de Ah-dull-to-rest woman. He demanded obedience to God’s Command and to show Love to all.

All includes LGBTQ but not necessarily their claim to practice what is forbidden by God. We might not all be LGBTQ, but sure enough we are all sinners, God hates Sin. Give Love. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.
Bassy Alexander is
a land surveyor,
folklorist and social commentator.