Bassy - Love Vine
November 23, 2018
Everybody War’n to reap de corn

Nobody WAR’N to plant de Corn, everybody WAR’N to reap de Corn, de Me-dissing-all Marie-War-nah. Man Everybody WAR’N to be

Rasta! Yuh doh have to Dread to be Rasta, Young Law-yah WAR-N wid Rasta to be Rasta; to mek his Marks in Me-dissing-all Marie War-nah too! Even de Spirit ah Rasta WAR’N wid de Spirit ah Rasta over Me-dissing-all Marie War-nah; what ah shame!. And just watch how silently, Massah de Infestor dey smiling. If Rasta doh wise-up, Massah could be gone wid ‘Every Ounce’ ah Me-dissing-all Marie War-nah, like de Buccama Hot-hell-yah Dave Aims, wid-out paying ah cent! Ah not hearing nuff bout how de movement of money back and forth. Is de Marie War-nah money Legal or Ill-Legal?

Oh how well ah remember Aesop’s Fable way de Lion and de Bear kill ah goat, refuse to settle down peacefully and enjoy dey catch, dey start to fight each other, over who suppose to get de bigger share. De Fox stood up watching dem destroying each other fighting foh de Rights. . When dey became too tired and dead beat, dey fell on de ground helpless. And quietly Brer Fox stepped over dem and walk way wid ‘Every Ounce’ ah de Meat! Defeated, Powerless and Helpless, dey could only watch. Rasta beware of ah thing called “Divide and Rule!”!

Ley we be fair, after Jah, in SVG de Marie War-nah belong to Rasta! Lots ah edgy-cated youths who couldn’t get wuk, join Rasta and left dey parents comfortable homes wid pipe borne water, electricity, TV, fridge etc, to go live in de hills like Guerilla, wrongfully felling trees on State Forest Lands and steep hillside, just to plant de Holy Herb! Remember how as soon as de Holy Herd ready to harvest, it was Eradication time, Operations Vincy Pack wid Helicopter, Police, SSU, Black Squad, US Soldiers “hunting dem down till dey exist no more;” destroying months ah sweat and toil in de forest. Rastas got arrested, and still getting arrested, dread-locks cut-off and sent to Jail foh ah lickle spliff ah de Holy Herbs? Now all of ah sudden de Holy Herb has found its right-full place on King Solomon’s Table; everybody loves Rasta, in fact, everybody wants to be Rasta, yuh doh ha to Dread any more. Nobody wanted to plant de Corn, now everybody want to Reap de Holy Herb.

Is nuff Labour Love between Go-venom-mint and Rasta. After over 50 years ah struggling to survive, getting killed, sprayed like Mosquitoes wid chemicals, going to Jail, Go-venom-mint is offering Rasta amnesty and forgiveness foh all sins committed, Ill-Legally planting Marie War-nah. But alas! It will not be Ill-Legal if dey come out ah de Forest and slave again, planting Marie War-nah foh Massah Infestor.

Lie-Z asking when will we tell we-self: “Yes we can do it foh we-self!” Let us pick up from dat successful “Everything Vincy Expo” held ah few weeks ago. Time we focus on Growing. Processing, Packaging and Marketing our Herbs: Set up Vincy Indigenous Organic Herbal Brew Shops at venues, beginning at de Cruise Ship Berth! Serve brewed: “Ginger! Mint! Say-nah-man! Spice! Maringa! Bay-Leaf! Sour Sop! Bud-in-me eye! Kojo Root! And much more including Marie War-nah brew and its many buy-products.

We got to be de greatest, we keep boasting dat we have de best Marie War-nah in de West. Police would prosecute and jail de Youths foh millions ah dollars of Marie Warner. And den tek de same confiscated evidence and burn it! I am told dat dis is de same Marie War-nah dat we fighting to Legal-Lies, but not decriminal-Lies. Seems like we go encounter problems wid dat Bill as it is. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.