Business is all about profit and loss
Bassy - Love Vine
August 31, 2018
Business is all about profit and loss

Last weekend Cims Martin was given his fair share of Tributes, particularly in de Searchlight, ah Newspaper dat was dear to his heart, and by extension, de Printery, where he left his footprints.

Usually we tend to over-write and over-play wid words when it comes to Tributies and Eulogies, but in Cims’ case “he earned it all, his way!” Cims was in my age group, but way ahead ah me in Grammar School. He jumped ah lot ah Forms, when ah was in Third Form he was in Form 5 preparing foh Senior Cambridge. All his classmates will tell yuh dat Cims was as bright as any and smarter dan many in class. He went to several far-reign Universities, earned ah lot ah Degrees, but in my books, Cims earned his First Degree in Common Cents at “A.C. Cyrus Tailoring Emporium,” located next to Yellow’s Restaurant on Back Street. Ole man Cyrus (Dr Cyrus’ dad) was de leading tailor in SVG. He was ah man of high standards, and on afternoons, his Tailor Shop was de liming spot foh some top businessmen and senior public servants, and dey was way “de lickle Black Boy” Cims Martin, young Grammar School student uses to hang out, literally lapping up all de “big people” conversation.

Actually, he lived ah couple houses below. Ole Man Cyrus was also Hon Milton Cato’s great friend and pull-it-tek-ill affiliate, foh all yuh know it was dey dat Cims got indoctrinated into Labour.

Is no maybe about it, but Cims was most comfortable working foh Labour Administration, and as ah Fiscal Advisor to Go-venom-mint, Cims more dan anyone, would have made ah tremendous contribution in de development of SVG in de field of Agriculture, Marketing, Industrial Estate and Airport.

Already ah beginning to over-play wid words, but Cims came into Searchlight at de time de News Paper was at ah cross-road, de company needed someone like ah Cims Martin, someone wid quality knowledge and experience in de management of money matters, Finance. He occupied a desk in de office and worked (half-day), like any full-time employee, foh free, and made ah sterling contribution in putting things in true business perspective. Basically he believed in ah simple Principle in Business: “Profit and Loss!” If yuh losing money in ah particular area, Cut yuh Losses! get rid of it.

Ah will remember him mostly at Board Meetings, especially whenever he felt de company was able to pay a bonus, he would ask me when am I going to move a motion foh payment of ah dividend, and when ah did, dey was no maybe as to who was going to second dat motion. Cims, inspite of his status, understood what makes ah Shareholder happy. And May de Lord grant him much happiness and ah Peaceful Rest.


Ah wish to recognize de passing of Lady Angie Woodroffe, de dear wife of de late Anglican Archbishop, Cuthbert Woodroffe. Back in de 1970s. Lady Woodroffe was ah very private person, she was quite active as a member of de Social Action Commission (SAC), an arm of de Christian Council dat provided small, part-loan, part-grant funding foh young people wid skills and no money to get started.

That was de era of Leather Craft. Lots ah youngsters from Paul’s Lot and Bottom Town got help. Ah should men-shun dat her husband was den Chairman of Christian Council, and dat was long before de Council developed tooth-decay and had to have multiple extractions. It was amazing how her calm, peaceful and quiet nature was very contagious at meetings, no set ah crossfire.

Throughout those years Lady Woodroffe has been my friend. She and her husband lived along de Murray Road and sometimes when ah passing, and ah see dem in de porch, I would stop by foh ah few precious moments, to restore my spirit with peace and love and get ah Blessing. She was one ah dem Saints in de flesh. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.