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August 17, 2018
Command respect foh yuh uniform

Ah met Commissioner John at ah wedding not long ago and ah was pleased wid de way he represented his Organ-I-say-shun. He mixed wid de crowd and spoke well when invited; a visitor sitting at our table thought he was ah breath ah fresh air.

So ah doh N.V. Commissioner John who could possibly be de youngest Cop to have held de top job in our Police Force (SVGPF). Not when he got to wake up fuss thing Mon-dey morning, to hear his Organ-I-say-shun under fire pon de Radio and Social Media. On Sat-dey night one ah his thirsty foh I-Scream Con-stable went Frisking foh Frisko I-Scream, and got into ah fracas wid ah young mother, tugging wid her two kids Screaming foh “I-Scream!”

Ah want to believe the mother’s story, dat when she was being served, she took ah while choosing the flavours she wanted. De delay must have annoyed one ah de two Con-stables at de counter who called on her to ‘hurry up’! In her own admission, she said she turned to de Officer and said she was an “F-note” customer, dat it was her turn to be served and she could stay as long as she “F-note” please. Disrespectful and totally unacceptable foh ah young mother, in de presence of her kids as well as some other children as she stated. She deserves ah big “F-mark” foh her conduct at dat stage.

De Con-stable was in control of de situation. According to de young mother herself, he called on her ‘to conduct herself and watch her language; respect de (his) uniform’. But Mammy like she had other problems outside ah de clash wid de Con-stable. She decided to soliloquize i.e. “speak her thoughts aloud regardless of any hearers, Con-stable or no Con-stable!” Still in her “I-Scream” mood, she questioned her rights to freedom of expression in dis “F-note” country. At dat point she had pushed her luck ah bit and de two Con-stables present, should have invited her to accompany dem to de nearby Police Station to cool-off she-self. She had really pushed her luck foh an arrest.

But was like I-scream turn into Her-Scream and de Kids-Scream. De Con-stable was doing ah good job until, he himself disrespected de very uniform he was representing. According to de Mother, he first slapped her. And she, rightfully slapped him to hell back, den he planted two more slaps on her. Ah said before ah believe de woman’s story, ah part of which was on Social media. But dem kind ah “F-notes” she repeated at such close intervals, shows clearly she is troubled woman, and is possibly one ah dem young and abused women in our society, wid problems beyond de comprehension of an inexperienced and untrained Con-stable. He had absolutely no justifiable reason foh slapping her first, ah woman? nah, Mr Con-stable, totally unacceptable.


My next story is ah Gem! Is ah P.T. ah doh walk wid me What’s-Up phone to share on Social Media, some ah my more positive daily encounters. Ah was at Lady Jay’s getting ah Mauby to cool down dis “Heat Waive” we getting. Same time ah lovely young lady in her Nursing Uniform, by-passed us everybody at de counter and asked to be served ah glass of anything sweet to drink, quickly. So ah said to me-self: “Lord doh mek dis another ‘I-Scream’ squabble. But unlike de Con-stable she was commanding serious respect foh her Uniform. She became more assertive and said: “Quickly please! I have ah gentle man here like he is a Die-ah-bit-ache and is about to go into ah Coma!” Everybody, except de Nurse started to panic, man ah should ah ha me “What’s Up.” She got him to swallow de first glass ah Mauby, den she went foh ah second glass. By dat time de ole gentleman was feeling better, but stll in one-dah-land, looking around as if to say: “Way de hell going on, way me doing inside hey?” He put up ah lickle attitude wid de Nurse, saying he alright. But Nursey made him drink more Mauby, and questioned why he does not keep ah candy bar in his pocket, she knew her stuff, sorry ah didn’t get her name. She told me she observed him outside de Bank, like he was drifting and was about to collapse, so she ran to his rescue. No slapping over I-Scream, Big up Lady Jay’s Mauby. Minister Luke Browne should find out who dis Nurse is, and give her ah double increment. Thank yuh Nursey. Ah wish yuh would be around if ever ah have ah medical problem. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.