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May 25, 2018
Harry’n’Meghan will bring shoes

Last Sat-dey morning Royal Wedding was worth every second ah spent watching it. Two things caught my attend-shun, de Hats! Dem woe-men didn’t forget to show off dey Hats, was like ah Hat-trick. And how dem Black People mash down Windsor (St George’s) Castle.

Well it was all Meghan Markel’s day, according to de Words-smiths, she is Buy-Racial, (so am I) and she integrated de Black wid de White (Afro-Anglo) throughout dis Buy-Racial Wedding Ceremony. Starting from Rev. Michael Curry, himself ah first, African-American presiding Anglican Bishop.

His Sermon: “Love is de Way” certainly made its way throughout de British and American Press.Fred Prescod and Paddy Corea inform me, dat Caribbean talent was among de All Black Contingent of Artistes who performed at de ceremony. Sheku Kanneh-Mason, de young Cello player wid Antiguan roots, is the first Black performer to be named “Britain’s Young Musician of the Year.” Den Prayers was offered by Jah-mek-her-born Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkins, she blow-way dem Hats people wid her shining bald-head. We heard from de Kingdom Choir, de British Gospel Choir conducted by Karen Gibson of Guyanese roots.

All Black again and everyone ah dem look like Caribbean, including Rose Hall, Mespo, Biabou and Stubbs people. About dem, de New York Times said “dey showcased de sheer breath of a Trans Atlantic Black ID,” De Sngers stunned de British, including Queen Betty, wid Ben E King’s 1961 Hit Song, “Stand By Me!” Is ah pity dey didn’t sing ah few lines from Alston Becket’s “Love is de Answer”, an appropriate Love Song foh de Windrush times.

Every time ah getting me thoughts to-get-her Lie-Za always finds ah way to interrupt. She saying how she love Sat-dey’s Royal Wedding because is de first time ah descendant of ah Black Slave will get to sleep wid ah descendant of de White Slave Master, officially, and knowing Harry and Meghan, dey must be done try ah thing in Buckingham Palace. So ah asked her whey all dem Buy-Racial children on de Plantations come from. She say “off-springs of White Plantation Slave Masters who sexploited de Black female house slaves.” Ah told her dat Meghan is not de first Buy-Racial to marry into de Royal family.

King George III’s wife, Queen Charlotte, who had 15 children, was Buy-racial, ah descendant directly from an African branch of Portuguese Royal House. Quickly she interrupted and betting me dat de Come-red going say he related to Queen Charlotte.

Den she ask how come whenever we talking bout Fort Charlotte in SVG, no men-shun is ever made of dat part ah de Queen’s race. Lie-Za is adamant dat in 1818, Queen Charlotte’s die-in request to her husband George III, was to put de machinery in place to honour her Roots out of Africa, and free-up de Slaves.

If King George didn’t get around to her request, 15 years after her death, their grand-daughter Queen Victoria signed de Doc-yuh-mint to Abolish Slavery.GARIFUNA CHILDREN WIDOUT SCHOOL SHOESLie-Za’s next question was where de Royal couple going foh dey Honey Moon.

She suggesting since dey both have ah common interest in Poverty and Injustice, dey could honeymoon in SVG. Bring ah barrel ah Shoes and Spend ah weekend in Sandy Bay way dey’ll see how descendants of Garifuna, attending school Bare-foot. Even better, de Pull-ut-tek-all Representative, ah Garifuna himself, will be on spot to thank dem foh sharing out shoes to school children in his constituency.

Imagine dis is de year 2018, and in SVG children going to school Bare-foot??De subject of Rape will never, and can never come up if Prince Harry and Meghan visit SVG. But dey will be shocked when dey hear dat ah big man was sentenced to less than two years (18 months), foh Gross Indecency and Indecent Assault of a Minor – ah Five-year-ole child! Our Legal concern is not about Real Crime, it’s about going to Par-liar-mint to discuss Citizenship. Come foh yuh country Lord Jesus! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.