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April 27, 2018

The Love Vine

AH BEGINNING TO THINK dat de Almighty has blessed me wid two Goodies: “my long life” and “my good centsah- humor.”

And strangely enuff, dey go to-get-her: “like ah Horse and Carriage, yuh can’t have One widout de other!”

Those words in italics are from Frank Sinatra’s 1955 Hit Song: “Love and Marriage.” Again if yuh are alive and remember when dat song came out, tell yuhself yuh are “ah long life” person.

“My good cents-ah-humor” becomes activated when so much people dey walking up and down de country wid nothing to do, some looking foh wuk, some begging and some more adventurous, dey looking foh something to thief; would yuh believe dat people wid nothing important to do, dey pon


Radio calling from dey wuk-place, dey homes, de Die-us-poorer, to debate whether or not two of SVG’s Cleanest Politicians, Sir Louis Straker and Dr Godwin Fry-dey, because of dual citizenship, qualify to be representatives in de Par-liar-ment of de country of dey birth.


In “my long life” ah never see anybody more trusting and nah-eve dan Dug-he De Freitas, owner of Nice Radio Stay-shut, …oops, Radio Stay-shun. Nice Radio would have been sued so many times, ah stop count. And in de majority of cases is either some Talk-Show Host, or an irresponsible or malicious

caller making defamatory statements against de Prime Minister and his family. “My good centsah- humor” tells me dat de Prime Minister does not have “ah good cents-ah-humor”. When it comes to his family, he is ah do so, nah like so! Ah don’t know how many millions he got, but ah believe he wuk foh some good money. He’s ah portah- gees and dey love to save money, he supposed to be loaded. Can’t Sue me foh dat. Ah would write dat, but ah not going pon no NDP New Times or Ole Times program and mek dem kind ah mis-chieffuss statement, because ah don’t want to spend de rest ah “my long life” up Be-Lie!

But if I were in Dug-he’s position, anybody who wants to Host ah Pull-it-tokill Talk show program on my Stay-Shun, got to bring ah Guarantor or Guarantee like ah Title Deed foh ah valuable piece ah SVG.

Interestingly, de members of Par-liar-mint who go on Nice Radio never seem to cross de line, and if by chance ah caller goes offside, dey are rebuked.

Lie-Za say her No.1 choice foh Bad Man is ‘Ras John!” He was on Boom Radio foh close to 15 minutes, licking up de Go-venommint whom he voted fah.

Ras-John gave dem good and plenty. Ah tell all yoh dat “Long Life” and Centsah- humor” really go to-gether. Ah laughing right now as ah write. Check out all dem people who tearing into de ULP right now; every one ah dem was High Ranking Card carrying members of de ULP. De list is long, former Presidents and Vice Presidents of de Teachers and Public Service Unions! Professionals, Stalwarts and Die-hards now calling foh de demise of de ULP. Some couldn’t tek de pressure so dey bail out and gone far-rain.

Others got no-way to go, dey hey venting regrets pon Talk Show Radio, or blocking up de pages of de News Papers wid mis-chief… too late folks. Dat is why ah saying Dug-he must slam de brakes. He done spend close to ah million bucks in Law Suits and Legal Fees, nearly all is foh indebtedness to de Prime Minister.

Not ah penny from any ah dem dat got de Stay-shun in trouble?


De best News about SVG foh ah long time is de achievements of dis humble Son-ah-de-Soil, Justice Adrian Saunders. Adrian’s elder brothers, Chesley and Keith were my contemporaries, sister Camille and Ronie (deceased) were younger. We all grew up in Murray’s Village, but ah never knew when Adrian arrived. All of ah sudden ah see dis shy, pewnie-looking, lickle Saunders tagging along wid de others, when ah ask way he been all de time, Chesley tell me is his last brother. He would be about ten years our junior.

As ah Land Surveyor ah had de pleasure to wuk him on behalf of his clients. Cool professional operator, and ah believe dat many took his meekness foh weakness, but he was just plain and simply Decent!

On hind sight, ah should ah known dat de way he handled his Land Cases, he was heading foh, not just de Bench, but de seat at de top wid ah cushion to raise it higher. He is de CCJ President-designate, Chairman of de Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers and now de icing on de cake is dat he is now ah Member of de UN Body for (advancing) Judicial Integrity Network, I underline those two words. Wid dem kind ah accolades one would say de young man mek his parents nose swell in de grave, but if yuh know Tommy and Theo Saunders, humility is dey middle name, and dat is Adrian!

Congrats Justice Saunders, yuh mek every Vinciloanian proud. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy