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March 22, 2013
World’s first International Day of Happiness

Ah discovered only this morning dat today, Wednesday, March 20 is the first World’s International Happiness Day.

It is supposed to be a day in which people from all over the world intentionally choose to be happy, while inspiring the happiness of others through simple acts of “Kindness, Expressions of Joy, Gratitude, Optimism and Forgiveness.” Yes we can intentionally choose to be happy, but can we inspire “Happiness” in others? Happiness foh some people begins wid de basics foh life survival: Ah wuk, Food in yuh plate, shoes pon yuh feet, clothes pon yuh back, cash in yuh hand and ah place to rest yuh head when night come. Ah would not even go down de road to meet all dem people whose “Happiness” disappeared wid CLICO and BAICO, not to mention de uncertainty surrounding Billing Alone.{{more}}

De World’s Happiness Day organization has even come up wid de world’s Top 10 Happiest countries, using factors like Health, Education, Governance, Personal Freedom, etc. Norway is No 1 followed by Denmark, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, de Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland at No 10.

SVG is no way on dat list but ah will not give up my Sweet SVG, wid its poverty, corruption et al, foh none ah dem big countries. Interestingly, dey’s ah matching list foh de lowest or most un-Happiest countries: Ethiopia is No 10 and de only Caribbean country to mek any ah de list is Haiti at No 5. Year 2013 is de first year of Happiness Day, so maybe we could try to mek de top 10 Happiest countries next year. How about starting wid some “Forgiveness.” De first matter dat comes to mind is de burning issue wid Nice Radio and de Pry-Minister. Hey yuh have Dug-he begging foh Forgiveness, and de PM looked de essence ah Happiness pon TV when he talks about collecting de next payment ah his Court Rewards.

Talking bout Expressions of Joy and Optimism foh instilling Happiness. Well last week, de Representative foh North Windward, Gomry Daniel instilled ah lot ah Optimism in his address to his constituents, when he hinted dat Guv-ah-mint is thinking about using de ole office buildings at Orange Hill to house de Mental Health inmates, dat will be when reconstruction work on de out-dated Institution at Glen begins. Dat is one de best proposals foh de welfare ah de Mental Health Inmates since de days when Doc Cordice was de resident doctor back in de 1950’s and 1960’s.
Happiness will be accomplished providing of course, de Guv-ah-mint introduces ah comprehensive Rehab Program dat includes an Agricultural Project foh de institution. Dey’s great potential foh such ah program wid de Tie-One-knees Agricultural Mission next door. Already ah seeing a couple Green Houses, ah pig pen, ah poultry pen, ah cow shed, flower beds, all part ah de Rehab program. Not only will de inmates be self-sufficient in food, meat, milk, vegetables etc, but some ah dem will be gainfully employed. So go right ahead Gomry, ah know how we sensitive when it comes to dealing wid de mentally ill, we even abandon our own family when dey go mental. Ah bin dey, done dat when my dad was an inmate.


How can we celebrate World’s Happiness Day when our country’s good name is plastered or littered all over, we on BBC, Internet, Facebook, Twitter. All because some man whose Aims/ Objectives have caused reasons foh some serious Infestigation. Citizens will glue demselves to BBC television at 4 p.m. on Monday, to watch de BBC Panorama Show wid Steal’n’Brass. Lie-Za say how de BBC reporters heard our Pry-Minister and PM manning uses to play Pan, how he starred hey in our Pan against Crime program, so dey were trying to get him to appear on dey Panorama to play in de repercussion section; sorry, dat’s Percussion Section. But Ralph is ah ole Lawyer Fox, he knows any Panorama widout Pan is ah Scam, dah’s “Pan against Scam!” Lie-Za is all excited, she saying how SVG has been attracting Investors wid strange names: Dock-dah-roller Nah-No dat Adam-ass was as Wise as Aims. Not me and dat Lie-Za eh, what she hoping foh is ah “Save Lie-Za Fun” when she get caught wid Lie-Bell. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.