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September 2, 2011
Bolt miss but K-Ran-He bliss

Some plants must die to give life to fresh flowers; some men have to step aside so dat de talents of de young ones may gain full recognition. If Usame Bolt did not false start in de 100 metre race, he most likely would have broken his own 9.58 sec world record, and dat would ah bin de talk foh de rest ah de Championship, certainly foh de rest ah de year, and de magnificent performance by K-RAN James, our young, 18-year-ole Grenadian quarter miler, would ah been watered down to talk foh ah day.{{more}}

Ah not saying dat is de end ah Bolt, in fact ah believe he coming out wid ah bone in his throat in de 200 metre on Sat-dey.

Athletes in our sister island Grenada are doing well; dey have ah Stadium with proper training facilities. We were promised ah Stay-dum, ah gift from President Murmur Guard-have-h.

Plans were drawn and re-drawn, engineers wuk at de site foh almost two years, not ah blade ah grass was cut. Den we were told dat de plans foh our Stadium have been shelved, indefinitely, like de Cross Country road! Ah wrote last week dat we need to offer Guard-have-he ah-soil-um in SVG, ley he come do de Stay-dum, buy we Bananas and build de Airport, all promises, according to our PM; We’ll soon hear : “Gadaffi ain’t owe us nothing”.


Ah owe Doc Fraser an apology foh missing his Book Launch, “From Shakers to Spiritual Baptists”.

Ah got carried away teaching my lickle youth man to swim, and lost track ah de time. Yes we got to teach de lickle ones dem to swim in d’s bad waters, to be able to stay way from dem vicious sharks bout de place. Ah heard dat de Book Launch was attended by a contingent ah Spiritual Baptists who raised some concerns about certain things in de Book. Dat alone is nuff reason foh me to read de Book dis weekend. Ah have Spiritual Baptist connection, and would have said in previous articles dat both my Grand-fathers were Spiritual Leaders.

My father’s father was ah Major in de Salvation Army and my maternal grandfather was ah Pointer Baptist, he had ah Praise House wid ah “Mourning Ground” at Richmond Hill. Ah overs he had “Eyes ah Faith” he could ah see things ah-head ah time and tell way happening tomorrow, today! Maybe dat explains why ah does try stroke and predict when Tri Tri coming. Is not Tri Tri alone ah does see, as does see Too Too as well, Lie-Za say ah does write ah lot ah Too Too sometimes.

Seriously though, my country gradually becoming ah Too Too state; and ah not talking bout de two prisoners who plastered de walls ah de Court House wid Too Too.

Is real Too Too stuff dey waiting to happen pon de Pull-it-tek-ill front, but if ah say what ah see, ah will get charge foh in-sight-in mis-shift.

Ah will certainly read Doc Fraser’s book dis weekend. Ah should mention dat is ah lot ah nice, reader friendly material being published by Vincentian Authors; for de month of August, ah was using Laura Anthony-Browne’s “Spirit filled and Emancipated living” for meditations, ah think she is well rounded and grounded in our Christian Faith. Congrats Laura and ah waiting on Doc Fraser’s version ah “His-story ah SVG” next.

PIP AND PIT Lie-Za just add-mire Madam Calm-Law Best-ah-saw. It all started when Calm-Law took over from Mr Man-in and immediately start ah throw words give dem small island leaders wid dey Beg-in Bowl, telling dem dat Trinny-Dad is no ATM foh de Carry-beyond.

So she asking me to congratulate Calm-Law foh forgiving de 14 year ole youth-girl, “Granny Killer” spelt Quila, foh posting threats pon Face Book say she go kill Calm-law foh curfewing her when night come.

Lie-Za say monkey know way tree to climb, if Granny Killer did mek dem kind ah threats in SVG, she would ah break ah record foh being de youngest girl to go jail. But Lie-Za is upset wid recent developments in T’n’T, she say how Calm-Law waste all dat money, gone and hire Commissioner Gibbs from Canada to fight crime down dey, and instead ah things improve it got worse, is ah “Cuff-yuh from dust to dawn” and ah “State ah merge-an-see” taking place right now.

She suggesting dat wid dem hundreds and Steel Bands in T’n’T, is better Calm-Law did re-crew’t our Commissioner Me-Law to do de job. How Me-Law came up wid dis bright I-dare; he SIF ah few Pans from de same T’n’T, got de lickle youths involved in playing Pan foh dey summer vacation, den declare war pon de criminals and he call it “Pan Against Crime” (PAC). In de same breath, she looked at me and buss out ah big laugh and ask me if ah notice how Mr Me-Law’s PAC Program spreading like wild-fire; dey’s one called PIP dat’s Pan In Police, how every week is another Policeman getting charge foh Crime.

Yet another one called PIT, dah’s “Pan In Tax”, de Public servant who had she own receipt book. Den she asking me if ah could swallow ah PIL, “Pan In Lotto”! To crown it off she say ah must tell Mr Me-Law dat, she say, he must introduce PIC and PIG, when ah ask she what is PIC and PIG, she say “Pan In Cabinet” and “Pan In Guv-ah-mint”! She refuse to end telling me dey not Victim-I-sin Jilian Griffith, dey transfer her to de Prisons, to paint de cells in Red-in-nest foh when Justice Bruce start ah Jail mankind!

Ah think she gone completely over board, and wid dat, ah gone!

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.