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August 26, 2011
More subjects to mek dem employable

De GHS Scent-an-yell Committee was angling foh 100 per cent passes but, de ninety-six percent dey got is STILL ah tree-mend-us performance foh any Education Institution. Lie-Za got she own maths formula, she say “GHS got its 100 minus 4 percent passes”. So we congratulate de GHS family, de Ah-loom-nigh, de Staff, de successful Students, de Parents who didn’t need to be reminded of dey role in dey children’s education; and last but not least Head-mistress, Andrea Keizer-Bowman. {{more}}
Looks like most ah de Schools got sum-ting to shout about. My own All-me-matter, BGS got ah 90 percent, dat is also ah tree-mend-us performance! De high point ah dis Education Rev-all-yuh-shun is de ability ah de children to perform under horrible physical conditions, and “d’elete” oops “de elite” Boys Grammar School is among de worst. Yuh got to be in it to know it, my son goes dey. It’s ah shame to think dat all de past Prime Ministers, Cato, Mitchell, Eustace and Gonsalves passed thru BGS corridor. However dis week we congratulating de successful students, we read about de top performers who must have burnt de extra candle.
Ah read way Kenlyn Wilson of Union Is. Secondary said, she attended classes from Sunday to Sunday, she got eleven subjects! Good to see Intermediate High (Timmy School) coming of age. De kids at dat school got stigmatized, branded as “bad jons, was like every three o-clock when ah drove past McKies Hill was ah fight taking place; ah don’t see dat anymore. So things looking good in terms ah CSEC exams, but Jomo Thomas, who continues to lead de way in terms ah vision in his weekly column “Plain Talk”, hit de nail on de head last week: “Too much of our young people are not only unemployed, they are unemployable”.

Ah said it before dat it sounds like super progressive having thirty-thousand Lap Tops circulating among our student population; my question is, how are we going to relate all dis Lap Top Rev-all-yuh-shun wid “planting ah cocoa tree or banana, baiting ah hook and catch ah fish, fitting ah front door lock to keep out de robbers”; tell me who is going to build de houses, repair de fridge or TV, better still who will repair de very Lap Tops? Trust me, we have thousand ah Lap Tops, we will have Lap Tops by de hundreds damaged and thrown in ah corner; and dis is not wishing bad. Nuff ah Dat!


De Dictators continue to fall, Sad-dam, he ruled Iraq foh 25 years; Mo-barracks, he held Egypt foh 30 years; de latest is Guard-have-he, 42 years in Lybia; ah lot more to go, Ass-head is still holding on in See-we-yah, but he next. Yuh notice dey resent de monarchy but dey all had Solomons in waiting and wha happen to all ah dem?
Miss Lie-Za came over on Tuesday night asking me if ah see way going on in Libya, how dey can’t find de president, Guard-have-he, guess he tun Rat hiding in ah hole like Sad-dam. She wants Gonsalves to offer his buddy Guard-have-he refuse hey, ley he bring his frozen ass-sits to help finish de Airport and de Stay-Dum he did promise us. Poor Comered, ah beg foh him; it beginning to look like his ‘Coalition ah de Willing” is becoming ah “Collision ah de Wailing”. It all boils down to wat ole people say “Show me yuh company and friends and ah go tell yuh who yuh be”.

Meking friends, establishing diplomatic relations wid oppressive regimes headed by wicked dictators, human rights violators etc, just because yuh could get ah football field or ah few scholarships, is not worth de ties. Is like yuh daughter dating fellars who promising to repair de house roof; help pay de lickle brother school fees, pay foh granny medication etc; yuh now pride yu-self yuh daughter doing well, truth is, she is ah pass-de-truth! And dat is how SVG is beginning to look. Ah disaster hits us, not to worry, our Bad Guy brothers (not Tie One) come to our rescue and we proud. Please tell me, when will we regain our dignity and be ah proud earner again?

But de Awe-position harassing de Comered too much wid dis Airport, he done say he does tell ah lickle lie sometimes, and dey still trying to tie him up wid his own words. Lie-Za feel dat word got back to President Shove-his dat Gonsalves, in response to ah question from Arm-in in Par-liart-mint, told de House dat Venezuela owe SVG 8 million dollars; but according to de PM’s latest statement last Monday night, dis is not really so:” Venezuela does not owe SVG any money” he said. Ah reminded dat Lie-Za dat nobody going push words down Gonsalves throat.
De US Ambassador, Mary Ourisman tried, and all de Wiki leaks on dat interview could come up wid is dat: “Gonsalves remains a master of contradictions, who continues to court whatever foreign government he can in order to secure financial and other benefits for his country”.
And lower down in de report it says: “Gonsalves was quick to deny any military and intelligence agenda or component to ALBA, and appeared to generally want to disassociate himself from Chavez’s ideologies”. So no NDP is going to get between these two ALBAarians. In his defence however, Lie-Za sums it up, she say dat in de beginning Gonsalves believed he had ah IOU (I-Owe-U) slip from Shove-his, but he now discover de piece ah paper ain’t sign; so he singing ah different tune, was not ah IOU, was ah IPU, I-Promise-U. Aye! Aye! Aye! What at Man!

Ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.