Bassy - Love Vine
June 10, 2011
Big up Skin-knee Fabulus

Before ah forget, ley me congratulate Skinny Fabulus foh ah one-dah-full I-dare hosting ah “Uncle Skinny Kiddies Carnival Fair”.{{more}}

CDC deaf ’n’ lately run out ah I-dares; nutten foh de seniors, nutten foh de juniors, Carnival is just one long Fete, is White Fete! Wet Fete! Fete! Fete and more Fete! Oh ah forget and Beauty Shows!

Have yuh heard one Ad foh Pan yet? Over de years people must have grown tired especially de kids; foh dem, Carnival is winding in de streets and pun de stage in ah skimpy costume; and while ah dey pon de topic, ah waiting to hear which ah dem Nasty Soca songs de DJ’s go play foh dem kids on the road, some ah dem Soca songs smutty till dey stink, disgusting!

But listening to de Uncle Skinny Kiddies Show organizers, ah group ah young people wid fresh I-dears, ah pick up dat dis is going to be ah Kiddies Ah-Fair wid ah difference, yes de CDC does have ah trample-een on de park foh Junior Carnival, but Skinny is having something like ah Coney Island; ah long overdue sumthing foh de children during de Festival.

Ah want to suggest dat come next year, de Lotto die-vert sum money from de CDC grant towards expanding Uncle Skinny’s Kiddies Carnival; but fuss, ley we see how de fuss one go fuss!


Well so much foh de CDC Carnival. Over to de NDP Ole Mas Canny-fall over Sir James television interview wid Jerry George.

Yuh couldn’t ask foh more material foh Ole Mas. And if ah was to bring ah Ole Mas Band foh Jew-Vay, ah would ah call it “Me-Itchy Mouth”! Ah must have said it before dat Sir James is my Pull-it-tek-all hero, from way back in de days ah “Archie Bruk Dem Up”; and dat could be ah section ah de NDP Ole Mas Band, Me-Itchie Mouth bruking NDP up.

Another section could be named “Do so nah like so”, how on one hand Sir James ley go sum real Me-Itchie Mouth pon Sam Slater and Mammy and Pappy Josh, say how dey did get pay off or was it buy-out? But he mad vex dat sum buddy told him dat Jen-nah-far say he get Cocoa money.

Maybe ah go call dat section “Mout open ‘tory jump out”!

One ah de things dat hurt Sir James is his 80th Birthday come’n’go and only Jerry Scott and Glen Sterwart remembered. Just before going off to church dat Sunday, Lie-Za ask me foh Sir James number, yuh know how she fronting, she wanted to call to wish him “Happy 80th Birthday” give me.

She said she call twice but Sir James had blocked all incoming calls. Seems like when Sir James tried to block de girls from calling, he also blocked his men too. Maybe next year instead of having his Birthday pon ah Sunday, Sir James could have it pon de Monday, so dat every-buddy could send greetings pon Duggie’s Nice Radio Birthday program.

Supporters ah de NDP looking foh cundrel saying dat Sir James Me-Itchie Mouth Arm-in and call him, “lickle black boy”. Dah is ah joke. However, what he did say dat ah believe hurting everybuddy is dat Arm-In is ah “Seen-yuh Citizen”. Dat must be ah section in de Band: “Seen-yuh Citizens” wid Sir James in front, followed by Arm-in, den Ralph!

Lie-Za who got Me-Itchie Mouth too, begs to differ wid Sir James, yes both Arm-In and Ralph are Seen-yuh Citizens, but both ah dem are able to attract young people. However, man fon man, woman foh woman, she gives de NDP crowd de edge.

Lie-Za is smart, she say Age is not an issue as much as de three “A’s” , Annah, Ability and Attitude.

Now dis whole “Archie Bruk Dem Up” row began over Cocoa, dem Kaisonians mentally tie-add, what ah lovely subject on which to mek ah Kaiso, and ah talking real Kaiso, not wutlessness like “sucking grandpa cocoa”.

Remember at de NDP Con-vent-shun when Me-Itchie Mouth dem off wid his grand I-dare on Cocao, dey all fell foh it in tea-array, but Lie-Za say dey (NDP) got cold feet when ULP say Cocoa teking we back to de days ah slavery, dey didn’t plug foh it enough; dey should ah use de Cocoa as one ah dey trump card to win de elections, like how Arm-in tried ah last minute dash foh de tape wid his plans foh 20,000 jobs and completion ah de Airport.

So NDP didn’t win and Sir James still got he Cocoa ah Door, so he ah look out foh “reign”. Ah think “Cocoa ah Door” is ah good name foh ah section ah de Ole Mas Band.

Lie-Za say why not call it Cocoa-Bay, sounds good, but PR got ah franchise on dat name.

All joke aside, at age 80 one can get hurt, as well as hurt easily, attention or even pampering helps; ah wish de NDP would heed Sir James’s words, as Me-Itchie Mouth as he might sound, dey can Wake Yuh Up or like Archie, Bruk Yuh Up”.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.