Bassy - Love Vine
July 23, 2010
Ah jail pon Catholic Island

Some ah de allegations were dat top execu-Thief in de party owed Nah-no bank, others owed Marketing Board Supermarket thousands ah dollars in credit, Jerry Scott name was like mouth wash, he was top ah de list. Today, ten years later, not ah NDP supporter was charged foh ah pound ah marketing board sugar, in fact, Jerry and others have been challenging de ULP to bring de charges, up to now nutten!{{more}} Instead de tables like dey tun and NDP is witch-hunting top ULP members. Eustace got it like ah road march: “Once in office, he will order forensic investigation into all de corruption dah taking place under de ULP”. Engineer, Glen Stewart ah former minister in de NDP administration, one who was also accused of owing Nah-no money, is preparing designs free of cost, foh ah prison on Catholic Island, ah lickle islet off Union Island way de waters are infested wid Sharkes. Dat’s interesting, Sharks in de sea waiting if only dem land Sharks try escape. And dis brings me to ah hot story wid Dis-man whose failed company owes NCB two million dollars. Dis-man‘s company ran ah-ground but to his credit, he has some four million worth ah assets to cover de loan. But according to de story making de rounds, after de bank kept pestering Dis-man foh dey money, he failed to respond but decides to form ah new company name “Owe-me-gar’ valued at two million dollars worth ah shares, madam Lie-Za say is de assets ah de failed ship dah ran ah-ground he use to form de new company. Well de PM explains dah dis is ah perfectly legal N.T.T. Yes Legally right but Morally wrong, but we are reminded dat he’s ah Lawyer and as mister constitution PR did say, is only Lawyers could overs dem kind ah tek-no-call ting eh. Surprisingly after being in existence foh only ah few days, Dis-man invited de NCB to tek up two million dollars worth ah shares and become de leading shareholder in de new company. Dis had to be de deal ah de cent-tree, all NCB had to do, was to simply tek two more million dollars of de bank’s money, pay Dis-man foh de shares in de Owe-me-gar’company, and den he will pass back de two million and have his death written off. Quite simple paper wuk. Allan Sandford and Do-Pray of Clico fame, would be impressed wid Dis-man. But NCB tek one look at it, dey felt insulted and disrespected, and said dis is ah case ah “nuttin from nutten leaves nutten’. dey had enough, it was now Owe-me-gar, de end wid Dis-man and his plans. So we will await de outcome. Nah forget dah just around dah time, Doc Providence decided he would have no more as Cheerman ah NCB, so he quit immediately. He made no public statement foh his action, in fact nobody gave an explanation foh his departure, but de silence was deafening, clearly de boulie was about to buss, and when it did it was going to stink-up de place so bad, not even de CWSA could help. Right now de PM on radio two and three times ah day trying to keep down de stench. He has reduced himself now-ah-days to cleaning pull-it-tek-all Too-Too. Lie-Za say to remind him, dah no matter how yuh parcel-up and wrap Too-Too to mek it look nice, de smell ah de sh……t will still come thru. Beware, all who got nose to see let dem Smell!

AH BREATH AH PULL-IT-TEK-ALL FRESH AIR NDP Convention last Sunday was huge. Ah didn’t go but de Headquarters is just below me and when ah passed by going to Eli’s funeral, ah big crowd was in front High School, de place block up wid Ice bucket vendors and Bar-B-Q pits. Ah went to church in de morning, so ah missed Sir James but ah heard he repeated his call foh farmers to plant Cocoa. Some time ago ah read about Cocoa as ah nutritious drink and its economic benefits, ah wrote about it, ah even went to de Agriculture Dept to buy some plants, dey had none but promised to pot some Cocoa plants foh me; ah still waiting. Cocoa and Cassava is de way forward as we Diversify. Ah heard all of Arm-in’s address, he sound like he ready to tek over de country, but first de party has to win Guv-ah-mint which is no easy piece ah cake. De Convention was not widout its drama. Burton is back officially, but not before apologizing foh flying away from under Sir James’wings. De new executive looks refreshed wid faces like Amnesia Baptiste ah pull-it-tek-all infant wid an adult head, whose official entrance to de arena was only ah matter ah time. She’s bright and intelligent, she has displayed fine Christian values, and dat is what matters, I not interested in if she’s Met-dis or Choose-hands. De other new face is my schoolmate, ah late bloomer, Dr Bernard Mills. Bernard stands foh principle, he’s determined to ah passion. Ah Dentist who specializes in teeth, mouth and breath. Politics is a lot about skin teeth and run mouth wid foul air. Nuttin wrong wid running yuh Mouth, de problem is when yuh polluting de pull-it-tek-all environment wid Poor Oral Hygene, as is quite evident in SVG. So Doc Mills got his task waiting, he got to wuk pon de Oral Hygene ah de NDP, which could mean extracting dem pull-it-tek-all rotten teeth in de party, de nation long foh ah new breath ah clean, pull-it-tak-all fresh air. And wid dat is gone ah gone again. One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.