Bassy - Love Vine
April 3, 2009
Pon-zee banks like su-su hand

Was early in February ah did write say dat bill-on-air Stand-ford facing scamp charges, but in SVG we got White Colour Scamps in our midst, Bank on my word, dats ah Hot-hell wid Millions in de laundry machine, just wait we’ll see. While one-ah-two people said it was Wise to stay out of any Melee-in-um. Someone, perhaps on de peer-role warned de Editor, dat what ah write was Lie-bill-us.

De story is out, dey say Melee-in-um Bank ass-set ah freeze. Lie-za sware dey are lily white until proven otherwise but ah know fuh sure some of the others including de man who Made-off with billions is like a Ponzi Scheme and is now locked away in ah US Jail. Is ah wicked scheme, dah Pon-zee scheme.{{more}}

Some Clients are lucky to get back dey money, de fine prints on some ah des contracts allow de Bank to delay payment foh ah long time.  Some people have committed sea-side in de process of recovering dey money in some cases. 

Ah keep saying ah dey bout long and ah see nuff ah-ready, ah could write ah book pon dem Far-reign Infestors who come hey say dey infest-in my country.

Dey names alone speak volumes.  Ah don?t mean dey all bad eh, but dey interesting. First ah ever hear ah man name House-ah, he leased Young Island foh ninety-nine years at $600 ah year at de time. Den in de days when everybody hey was getting drunk wid Tennent Beer and Stout, our hopes foh ah factory rose when ah Lord Tennant wid ah lady name Mrs. Money- Cute (and nice too) bought Must-take Island cheap. Ah gentleman Mr. Called-well sailing round de world, called-well at port Palm Island dat was covered wid swamp, mosquito and crab, got ah 99 year lease at $100 ah year at de time.

Ah next fellar Mr. Rich-as-Son got one ah dem fare-most leases at de time foh PSV. Rich is OK but Rich-as-Son, ah wondah.

Next is ah Mr Lease by name and nature, he?s ah Banker into rear-less-state (land).  Years ago Bentley Browne and I met him and his Bank Manager to talk wuk. At de end ah de meeting he pulled us aside and said : “Tell me where you guys want your fees paid, Swizzle-land or  in De Thugs and kick-ass Islands? just name it fellars.” Was Bentley who save de day and told him our fees could barely cover passages to Bo-bathe-us.

Word like it got around dat de NDP was crazy bout  salads, so ah Far-reign-yah came hey, one Salad-dinner and we still asking we-self how Can-one get out ah we hand so easily.  And what about de Doctor at Ottley Hall, Doc-dah-roll-yah who Roll up de millions as fast as we Roll it out de local Bank. Remember Ben-suck-uno Adamas, he’s Mr Bowl and Bowl-to-full.

Everybody pun on de name and call him Ah-damn-ass, but dat was only until he walked into de NCB like Jesse James in de days ah de Wild West, and cashed an illegal check foh ah million and lef!

De one dat rock de country was ah Mr Na-Know, who made ah mess ah dis country?s good name and thwarted P.R. Campbell?s chances of succeeding Sir James as Prime Minister.  PR fell victim to ah typical con-man trap, as de white Angels leaked dat de man of “Buy yuh own Cigarette” Kaiso fame, borrowed cigarette from de banker. When ah watch way Games playing now, ah say like Comrad Joshua, “Oh what ah tangled web we weave”.  Ah few short years ago when de FBI came asking foh him (Na-know) de authorities were silent, dey Nah-know.

Ah hope ah don’t sound like ah anti-far-reign Investah, but my faith in Vincy tells me dat we making ah serious mistake when we disburse all ah we children prime lands, limited beach lands at dat, and in such large chunks to Far-reign con-cerns; secondly, ah don’t believe we  have de authority to do dis to our future generations. It will come back to haunt us. Future generations will heap big stone and garbage pon we graves in protest foh selling out dey legacy.

Similarly, Off-sure Bankers have done nuff damage to SVG’s good name. Dey play on de polly-ticks. De Awe-position was able to play to de max, de Na-Know matter wid PR as well as de Add-ah-mass rip-off wid Do-gone, both ah dem Attorneys General dat had to resign.  When de ULP took office we were given de assurance dat all ah dis Black Listing and four-knee Pon-zee Banking schemers is over, just look how ah Wise man tek we mek fool again.

Ah won’t be surprised if ah lot ah names will call when de 2-2 hit de fan and ah hope dey never trick we again.

President Obama dun talk about how he dealing wid all ah dem. Ah hope he does! So until we get more Wise-dum from the Wise is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.