Bassy - Love Vine
September 28, 2007

Wellness of de body mind and soul

De Wellness Re-value-shun is too serious, too fatal ah issue foh me to pun and fun wid. Dis Wellness Thing dat licking down de place should be ah declaration of war on “FSS, Fat, Salt and Sugar”! “F foh Fat as in Owe-beast; “S foh Salt” as in pressure or Hypertension and “S foh Sugar” as in Die-or-be-tease. Today yuh could hardly find ah person who have been tested and found free of all three FSS.{{more}} Who aint owe-beast getting dey, yuh either got or getting de pressure from all quarters; and is like everybody got ah slight trace ah de Sugar even if it’s from dey great-great grand father!

When ah was ah youth, is only when people reach sixty and seventy years dey uses to tek down wid FSS and Arthritis.

Back den ah fat person was like ah novelty, so much so dat being fat was considered ah sign ah good health, ah fat person was kindly called “Fatty” or she looking fat and nice eh, today yu’ll be unkind to tell ah lady she Fat; is only recently ah hear bout “owe-beast”. Now de secret to good health in those days was exercise, run-up-and down, and nuff walking, dat was compulsory. Yuh had no other choice dan to walk to go every way yuh going, ah few people owned cars, but was like everybody walked to wuk or school, children walked home foh lunch. Ah was in Met-Dis school at age six and uses to walk in de burning midday sun from school to Murray Village, ate lunch and got back to school within an hour. Sometimes yuh hustle to get home to be told dat lunch ain’t ready. In those days, we had no fridge, every thing was fresh, house-wives went to market every day, fresh beef and pork on Sat-dey, Veal and mutton on When-is-dey and fish all de other days. De word Junk was when yuh talking ole car, we never had corn curls, home made pop corn yes, but popped in hot bay sand and not oil.

Don’t ask me when all ah dat stop, but one by one we got converted to de Junk and Fast Food Religion, everybody tek van to de nearest stop. Ah would not pretend ah have de answers, but ah think we really got ah big problem. Ah feel we could safely forget de generation twelve years and over, dem hooked on all de bad habits, addicted is ah better word, nobody, no increase tax, no banning could stop we from eating Junk. So we must start wid de Kindergarten, Pre-school and Junior school. 15 to 30 minutes exercises everyday; any fruit and water foh snacks, no junk, home work early so dey cold go to bed early, no TV after de news at 8:00 o-clock.

Foh those of us adult, current FSS can-de-dates and potential can-de-dates, we must place ah ban on Fat, Salt and Sugar from our diet. We have to eat much, much less, Dr Ed Sealey telling me to eat raw foods, those ah can’t manage raw, boil dem. Ah quarter ah what ah eating now is sufficient,; ah got news foh he, ah will get de other three quarter between meals (fruits). Exercise foh half hour every day he says and get eight hours sleep every night. Dat might create another problem, Shiney-man say “man who go sleep early to save on de light bill, get twins”. But Doc Sealey is correct, if we want to enjoy ah better life, save on de medical bills, ah radical approach must to be made with regards to our life-style.

Ah was telling Lie-Za dat de Prime Minister is all foh dis Wellness Revolution, but if is one time he and Arm-In wearing de same (size) Car-key pants, is now; dey are both bad examples to lead dis kind ah Re-value-shun from in front. She say de PM and Arm-In could still be ah good egg-sample leading from in front, ah perfect “before” and “after” story. First we’ll record dey bodyweight and tek out dey photo in ah swim suit, what ah picture de camera will buss! Put dem on ah strict program, den at de end ah twelve months, we will weigh them again, dat’s if we could catch dem, and tek dey “after” photograph, yes in swim suit again.

All joke aside de PM must be commended foh calling foh ah Wellness Re-value-shun. While we all seem to be thinking seriously of ah Wellness ah de body, dey is just as great ah need foh ah Wellness ah de mind, de head; also ah Wellness ah de Soul. Dey all go hand in hand. Lie-Za say de worse scenario is when de need is foh ah Wellness in de head of de head.


De details surrounding de death, shooting, killing whatever of two Venezuelans in SVG waters are not know yet, but it is unfortunate. Ah lot ah illegal fishing and Drug trafficking taking place twenty miles south-west of SVG. Reports say dat at nights, out dey does be lit up as bright as Caracas wid ships. Whatever going on, ah don’t like de killing part, it’s not good foh our friendship wid Venezuela. Watch it fellars!


My classmate in Primary School, Melanie John Mc Kenzie left us last Sunday but not before she had de case for de Disabled firmly placed on de record books in SVG. As de President, she dictated from ah wheel chair without fear or fear-fah, requesting recognition at all level foh people wid disability. I hasten to say that she commanded great respect from all including our Prime Ministers. Ah love to remember her as dis pretty ten year ole from Prep School who transferred to meet us at Richmond Hill Government, now Tommy Saunders Sec. She was conscious of her charm and beauty and was certainly one who obeyed Mummy’s instructions, she never mixed wid us boys, serious girl dat, and she didn’t play to cut style on us too. After secondary school she migrated and ah lost track of her until she came back wid another Schoolmate from de same Richmond Hill, Nolly Mc Kenzie.

No doubt Nolly had his eyes fixed on Melanie way back den. But if ah had to pay any respects it would be to Nolly foh his faithfulness and commitment to his marriage, de undivided attention and love he gave to his dear wife, Melanie. Nolly is ah MAN among men and Melanie is at peace wid her Saviour.

And wid dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.