Bassy - Love Vine
February 16, 2007
Strive foh ah still tongue

While playing around with the radio dial last Sunday night, ah bumped into a Service coming all the way from Canada. The Preacher was talking about the “Tongue”, man he was magnificent. He told ah story of a King who ordered his Chef to prepare him the “nicest dish” and the Chef made him a stew from Tongue, Foh me there is no souse as sweet as Cattle Tongue Souse. Ah don’t know how de Chef did his, but de King thoroughly enjoyed his Cattle Tongue. And then he ordered the Chef to prepare him the “Worst Dish” and again the Chef prepared the King something made from “Tongue”, ah different preparation obviously.

No doubt de Chef had to do ah lot ah explanation but dat is de nature ah de Tongue and de Preachers message was well taken. That piece ah flesh in we mouth that we call Tongue is ah lickle member but he can defile the whole body.{{more}} Tongue could mek yuh laugh and Tongue could mek yuh bawl! Tongue does start War and Tongue does mek Peace. Lie-za tell me to say Tongue does mek good Love. Ah claim de Fifth on dat one.

But de Tongue that is capable of good conversation is equally capable of strife. It could Bless yuh, Heal yuh, Praise yuh and in de same breath turn round and cuss yuh stink, condemn yuh, defile yuh and set afire de course ah nature.

Tongue could tell de truth and save yuh neck from de Gallows, and on another day, it could tell de cleanest Lie and mek dem hang yuh tail.

Talk bout Tongue could Twist and Turn and Destroy, just check out de developments around de case with de young man dat de Prime Minister say dey set free foh National Security reasons. Wid ah Flattering Tongue de P M gave his-story, Vinette got ah Loose Tongue, she gave her side, and finally de DPP Colin Williams gave yet another side. Ah hope Colin ain’t talking Tie Tongue! Ah say it once ah will say it twice, when de whole truth is unfolded, is den we go hear bout de different Tongue: Lying Tongue, Turn Tongue, Double Tongue, Deceitful Tongue and Tongues that will Confess!

They say all is not Evil and Bad, there is de Soft Tongue dat breaketh Bones. Remember how Justice Brew-sly use soft but stern language and mek dem break down and building over his office? And there is the Tongue of the Wise that is like fine health and de Tongue of de Just is like choice Silver and de heart of the wicked is of lickle worth. All dem foolish unfair games, victim-I-sing will Worth us nothing.

And of course everybody want de gift of Unknown Tongue. Dey want ah piece ah Pentecost. De Unknown Tongue is not ah problem is de Known Tongue, de Back-biting Tongue, that is wicked and corrupt that we condone and fail to sorry, not fail to, FEAR to challenge is de monster. If ah could have my way ah will love to keep ah Still Tongue because it meks ah wise fellar and ah need dat, because ah ain’t too bright.


Ah didn’t even miss Lie-Za foh de weekend, but she went Bo-Bathe-us foh her Visa but she telling me how ah male friend up dey sent her ah ticket to go to de Chorale Show up dey. Anyhow; like she went in truth, because she say de Group gave ah tremendous performance; she boast how pure big shots attended and she sat next to Mia Motley, ah don’t know if is two Mia Motley, she say she Mia slim, tall and dark. But Lie-Za is de hardest chic around, she big up de Bajan crowd, and say at de end ah de Show de audience gave Choral ah Standing Invasion! Ah could laugh at her, she had ah bad Valentine’s Day. Well, she always pulling lickle tricks out ah de bag. This time she figured if she remind Lie-Owe it’s Valentine, he’ll bring her ah Gift. She hinted that Lovers who care will give dey Love Ones ah gift; she told he he ain’t got to be extravagant ah simple token will help in de relationship, something Red she told him. Dat is de mistake she made. Would yuh believe that Lie-Owe sent her ah big gift nicely wrapped and ah card. When she opened de gift inside was ah medium size pack of Red Rose Tea. Don’t worry Lie-Za will get him, he’s going to be in de Dog house foh ah long time.

And wid dat ah gone again

One Love Bassy.