Bassy - Love Vine
January 26, 2007
Look foh we in 2008

Well we finally got started last Sat-dey to prepare foh de Boys Grammar School 100th Anniversary Celebrations. When we see how far the Girls High School Alumni reach with preparations foh their Centennial Celebrations in 2010 we know we late, we could even mek ah slogan and say: “ We late foh 2008”. Ah had band practice so ah got to de meeting in time to say Amen. The crowd was not big enough, not foh de number ah Ole Boys yuh does see around de place. But Boys will be Boys and “Ole Boys” are no exception. Nah worry, when dey see and hear how strong we coming every body will be on Board and we want every body pon Board. And ah don’t want to mek GHS nervous but when dey hear we plans dey too will have to go back to dey Drawing Board; how’s dat foh ah challenge GHS Alumni. We are no longer “Ole Boys” either, dat was sorted out at de meeting, we not copying GHS with dey Alumni, we are “Ah-loom-nigh” ah closer knit.{{more}}

De Steering Committee is made up of men of action, folks like Principal Jones, Lennox Bowman, Mrs. Leacock, Sis. Rene Baptiste, but did I say men of action, yes we got ladies too who does do man wuk! Actually these are past students who did dey A Levels at Boys Grammar School; yuh know how many ah dem GHS girls uses to wish dey could ah come over at BGS to do Latin and Science, just to be close to us; that’s in my time of course.

So this is ah wake-up call foh all BGS Ah-loom-nigh, way ever yuh dey: SVG, USA, UK, Canada, de Caribbean, even dem way pass-away, dat’s foh EG King, ah felt his presence at the meeting. But please guys, prepare early to come home next year, it’s our Alma Mater’s 100th birthday and we going to celebrate Big Time.

Ah don’t want to mek anybody feel jealous, our next door near-bars nah, but we bringing ah 100 member strong Boys Choir, we bringing back de Ole Boys Ad Astra Choir, we inviting every past student who played or still playing an instrument, any instrument: Leo Anthony, Frankie and Toney, Carver James, Cooper Prescod, Paddy Corea, Sean Surherland, Kevin Browne, Olson Peters, Bing Oliver, Joffre Venner, Adrian Bailey, ah better stop calling names cause ah go frighten dem girls, we near-bars next door. Ah praying dat Kerwyn Morris will be back on his feet to help arrange de music, because we forming ah Orchestra to tek de folks back in time to dem Friday night School Socials, dats when we uses to get ah chance to party with our fair-foh-hit GHS chick. Don’t mind me with me heckle, is ah bond between GHS and BGS, we have been lovers foh ah hundred years, see how close we are to each other? All yuh will hear more from us, but de main thing is, we start so we have to “Hurry Up”!


Lard is so much ah See Chrissy going on. Yuh can’t help smiling when yuh watch de Prime Minister face on TV, trying to explain de Freeing Up ah de young man who was sentenced to 22 months and only serve two. De young man is ah threat to security we are told, and he de PM not divulging any further info; then he goes on to say that members ah de Mercy Committee had to swear to See-Chrissy. But we all know dat anybody dat dey round de PM not only sworn to See Chrissy but already sworn to speak, sing, dance or act only as he commands. Lie-Za say she hope dis is not one ah de times when he lies sometimes because somebody lie-in. Wrong or right, ah believe if is any body who Sworn to see-Chrissy is de young man and is more in dis Martyr dan de Pistol!


Ah went by de Cemetery to hear de come-mess wid de two graves and de missing coffin, but de wukers tight lip on it. What Lie-Za was telling me is dat dey buried someone, ah stranger in ah family grave and de family rip-hell, so dey had to go back like thief to transfer de coffin and night catch dem! Yuh would think dat rather dan give dat simple explanation, dey lock in de Reporters and threaten to bury dem. Ah had to say, “poor Searchlight, when dey not accusing Searchlight of Cover Up foh Guv-ah-mint, dey want to Cover Up de Reporters in de Cemetery”. Seriously though Cemetery in ah mess, grass tall like sugar cane Cover Up de graves and de wukers ain’t got no proper cutting equipment to deal with de over-growth.

In more dead news, Sir Loose was given ah Funeral to remember. If NDP supporters had dey way, dey would ah tek revenge foh Sir Loose and kick de PM out ah de Church, but Pastor Accost-us straighten out everybody and reminded dem what was essential foh everlasting life, that no NDP or ULP could save dem when God come foh his world. Apart from dat lickle he-cup, Sir Loose Night Rider fans and supporters who like dey came dey to give him ah good send off got de money’s worth, dey party till dark, electricity went, island wide blackout at dat, but dey refuse to leave.. Lie-Za was there she say that Sir Loose and Glen bury next to each other and from de time Sir Loose’s coffin come out de hearse, people say dey hear Glen shout out “Labour Now”! Dat’s my girl foh all yuh! And with dat, ah gone again!

One Love Bassy.