Bassy - Love Vine
August 11, 2006
Ah support de people in Bequia

My position on Guv-ah-mint selling-out prime Vincy lands to Far-rainers is written in concrete, spell’t with ah long two-letter word Nooooooo! And that was my position when NDP sold out Can-one lands to Far-rainers. Man ah cried long tiers when ah think ah what will become ah dem people who left Bequia and Can-one in search ah greener pastures in de UK, USA, Canada, on de high Seas and so forth, who keep sending home remittances, some monthly, some quarterly some Christmasly, but all-to-gather keeping the family alive, when dey retire and ready to come back home foh ah piece ah quiet, and find no land dey, way dey go go?{{more}}

The fight foh land is exactly what this Middle East war is all about, people simply want to go back home and no way dey foh go! Mind you, ah don’t support de Is-really way ah doing things, as well as those Christian believers who quoting JEWISH prophecies meking God look like some kind ah murderer, who orders and approves the killing ah innocent men, woe-men and children; that is ah Jewish belief not de Christian’s, read James 1:13.

And de people ah Bequia got my support when dey insist that dey want de lands kept in reserve for the unborn generations ah Bequia-anns. The land is all dey got and selling out dey birthright to build Airport is like digging ah man-hole to full ah pot-hole. Mind you ah support de Airport but our lands that our ancestors Paramount Chief and National Hero, Joseph Chatoyer fought and died fah, is far too precious, too valuable to be sold out foh ah Airport.

Land is Power, ah wuk in Land foh over forty years way ah see land power at wuk. Ah witness way estate labourers when given access to own lands, move up from living in “trash houses” and riding donkey, to two storey wall houses, four wheel jeeps and trucks and provide dey kids with higher learning. So instead ah selling-out or giving-way the lands, why not empower the people ah Bequia with title to these lands and seek opportunities foh them to share ownership in Hotels and Guest-houses, mek Bosses and not Slaves out ah we people. This is not about pull-ah-tricks, this is sovereignty, alienation and Dr Fry-dey and Her-man must come out bold and show dey on de side ah de people!


Ah want to congratulate Allegro Dance Co. foh ah good presentation “Keeping Dance Alive” last weekend. A play beautifully written by Darkie Williams based on ah story by Tenille Austin who was de lead actress and what ah great night of performance she had. She’s ah young lady with both dancing and acting skills and will go very far if she keeps going at it.

Only last month we had ah Musical by de Chorale but dis Play is ah Dance Production, ah story about the regular common place incestuous business with step-father enter-fear-in with his wife’s daughter; portrayed in dance and drama in ah simple but very effective stage setting with one ah de better back-drops designed by Piling Pollard, not much script, Broadway style thing, ah believe it is new to SVG stage, ah welcome change and ah bold attempt.

The Show opened with some of SVG better dancers, Nicholas and Le Nea and others, products of Gospel Fest and de Churches. Jackie Pollard-Jack has been trying with this group foh only ten years, she is now doing it foh God, she deserves Kudos. Congrats


Ah was obliged to offer ah special prayer foh Cuban President, Fidel Castro who just went thru surgery. Castro has made it possible foh thousands ah Caribbean people to get free medical attention in Cuba, ah service that we would ah never able to pay fah. Castro’s medical aid program is so overwhelming that even Lie-Za say she conscience beginning to burn she. She hearing that there are thousands ah Cubans waiting at home foh similar treatment while we getting attention ahead ah them; indeed it’s ah tremendous sacrifice de Cuban people meking.

What is unfortunate is that our counterparts in Cuba are restricted to ah humble life-style deprived of the finer luxuries, while our people getting ready finance foh some ah de most expensive cars, brand name-in in de highest fashion clothes. Guv-ah-mint officials here can mek boast that we have some ah de best homes in de Caribbean! Yet we have no Health Plan, we got to be boarding planes by de hundreds bound foh Cuba free medicals like if it is now ah basic right. She say that when she did Biology in school, her Science teacher did describe de characteristics of ah number ah Insects, and de one that best fits our kind ah behaviour is “De Parasite”!

Lie-Za is nobody’s fool, she say we must tek stock ah we life. This dependency on Cuba foh every come-plain” is like de man who uses to beg foh ah fish every day; and so he remained ah beggar foh life. Yet another man beg one time foh ah fish-hook and line to fish, and fed his family foh life. Is time we try get we own Eye facility and ask Cuba to give us de doctors. And while ah dey pon de subject. We need to put in operation those Die-all-ah-says machines that Decent Henry got de British people to donate to us. It is ah shame that people here dying foh want ah kidney treatment and machines lie-in idle. Ah suppose the next step is to fly our kidney patients out to Cuba.

It is obvious that Lie-Za want ah free ride to Cuba too, she say she got this Toe Nail that she want Pulling out and want me to ask Minister Dug-he to send she Cuba. Ah tell she don’t ever use the words Cuba, Pulling out, Toe Nail in one sentence; they might think she’s being sarcastic. Pulling-out Toe Nails was Ole Labour’s fear ah Common-is-him.

And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.