Bassy - Love Vine
June 30, 2006

Ah want ah bacoo ah pen and ah stick

Is ah long time ah ain’t hear anything about Obeah. As ah matter ah fact ah didn’t even know Obeah still dey in.

Way back when, in Primary School it uses to be big competition in Poetry, Spelling with boys ‘gainst girls. Nobody in the school could ah beat Yvonne King she had brains to spare. Trust Tommy Saunders to organize ah big competition in Poetry in his school, he would invite officials from Education Department then, people like Jemmy Antrobus and CVD Hadley to do de judging.{{more}}

Well the boys decided that we had to win this Big One at all cost, so we agreed to wuk ah lickle obeah pon Yvonne. In them days, if ah person brilliant, all you had to do was write down his/her name pon ah piece ah paper and drop it in ah ‘crab hole’ and that was it, all the brilliance gone. Up to this day ah believe them girls got to de crab hole before us, and drop in de names ah boys’ candidate as well as de judges, we were never beaten so badly, was ah shame. One thing ah realized foh sure, was that name pon paper obeah don’t wuk. So that when Lie-Za tell me de story bout this young Law-yah get charged with obeah and it was about name pon paper, ah ask she: ” way dey putting de poor youngstar into”? Mek it wus she say he from Rose Hall.

Now if he never did hear, Somebody from Rose Hall should ah tell him bout de man Daddy-I who lived by himself, alone pon ah hill; he uses to tell the Villagers: “Ah going pon ah lickle flight eight ah clock tonight, think ah going Sin Lucia later”. And at 8:00 o-clock on the dot, villagers would be waiting down in the village, to see ah ball ah fire circling round Daddy-I house up in the hills, and then the flame would take off in flight, and everybody would say: “Daddy-I gone”! But all Daddy-I uses to do was tie ah bundle ah ole cloth pon ah long bamboo stick, light the cloth ah-fire, then he would wheel the stick round and round ah few times until the flame pitch off the stick. Lawyers don’t go ‘gainst one another, and de only way that young lawyer would ah disrespect the profession and put down de names ah his colleagues, including judges ‘pon ah piece ah paper to send Sin Benedict, was if he gone mad! As ole people uses to say, “De ass in his stable-tun mad”! Furthermore, nobody in dey right cents would even dream ah wuking obeah pon dem two judges.


Referees at the Whirl Cup Soccer getting nuff licks from de crowds as well as de Press, nuff blows. Ah believe dem Referees Mount or got Bacoo.. Some ah de replays show that ah number ah bad calls been taking place Ah believe that soon we will see ah third Referee as is done in Cricket. Ah done say already Germany is my Team after T’n’T of course. Any team that beats Germany and or Brazil wins the Whirl Cup!


Ah did not get to hear all the Kaisonians who mek Semi Finals but some that ah heard sound good. Is commendable that I-Pa and Abijah who wuk foh Guv-ah-mint brave nuff to sing Hard Truth against de Guv-ah-mint. I-Pa’s ” You can’t tell de Comrade so” got ah nice Rhythm and tempo. He say in his song that Patches drew to his attention ah lot ah wrong thing de Guv-ah-mint doing. But when ah check with Patches, he tell me ah different story, Patches say he never, never had conversation with I-Pa.

Looks like I-Pa in real trouble with his Prime Minister. Ah not predicting, but this could be I-Pa’s big Year, that’s if he could get ah Bacoo to buy or borrow. And with that, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!