Bassy - Love Vine
June 2, 2006
Ah special penalty foh rapists

Tour-is-him is serious business and we spend thousands ah dollars out dey to promote this country as the No.1 place to be. The competition is stiff as every country promotes itself as the best. We tell the world that our country as the natural place to be, its beauty and splendor, untouched, un-spoilt and best of all it’s ah safe place! It is based on these “hard to find” qualities that people mek up dey mind to come here to spend dey hard earned dollar; foh some ah these folks it is ah dream of ah lifetime. That is why it kills my spirit whenever ah hear that ah visitor to my blessed country is robbed, molested and worst of all, raped!{{more}} And ah really feel cut-up inside to hear that three females were attacked in the La Soufrere area, two of them teenagers were raped. What is really going on in this country? It got to be ah bunch ah sick animals masquerading in human bodies that will resort to jungle life-style way lions and tigers hiding like predators in the bush and attacking helpless mortals.

Our law makers will have to revisit the penalties foh rape and foh people who abuse women. Let SVG be an example way women in particular can feel safe, and not afraid to walk any place, any hour. Ah think it was the late Eddy Griffith that did tell me that we should castrate people found guilty ah rape, as cruel as that might sound, ah beg to Second that Motion. Cutting out Balls might not cut-out rape, but it will be the last time that particular individual would ever rape anybody.


One ah the reasons why ah so disturbed, pissed-off really, is that only last Sat-dey, just two days before this disgusting incident took place, ah went up Soufriere with ah bunch ah teenagers, mostly females including my ten-year-ole daughter and ah young American (white) female student. Ah tek de opportunity to introduce my daughter to mountain climbing and foh her to see one ah we most coveted natural sights, the volcano. From the time we started on foot at Bamboo Range, it was like who got good foot tek in front, dem youths ran off and lef me behind, ah couldn’t keep up with them, ah lickle reminder that ole age catching up with me faster than ah think. One member of the party, a 12-year-ole girl is an asthmatic case and had early difficulties, so ah couple of us older folks tarried along with her. We caught up with the first batch at River-bed waiting foh us. Ah think they took caution when they met three Rastamen who were heading foh dey garden in the hills. It was at that point ah realized ah didn’t see any sign ah any security guard, foh some reason ah figured that after the Taxi Driver, Gibson was attacked and robbed up dey ah few years ago, that dey would ah put some security in place, but that was wish-full thinking. So ah mek ah note that ah will have to write in me next Article and tell Minister Beache to do something bout the security up Soufriere. And ah warning Young Beache that ah notice he meking ah name foh himself pon TV and Radio these days, talking plenty-plenty talk in Sports and Tour-is-him, time to chill on the talks, and begin to walk de talks, get out there at these sights and see what is needed. And clean up Villa Beach one time! Every body seems to be M.T-in dey waste-water in the sea way people got to bathe.

The next thing that struck me going up Soufriere was that after all these years ah promoting and encouraging people to climb the mountain, the trip to the top dey the same ole unfriendly way, ah most uninspiring journey. We need to tag the whole route with signs, short encouraging notes; like every three hundred feet indicate the elevation, distance already covered, distance remaining; identify the trees, the bird sounds, the Caribs on the other side, plus any other historical notes of the Volcano and the country as well. We need at least four rest points, ah lickle hut with seats, ah First Aid Kit, water tank with ah man-made water fountain to splash you face, freshen-up, tek ah drink and so on. And ley me appeal again foh the presence ah some kind ah security guard between the hours of six to six in the day.


Dr. Arnold Thomas made ah good presentation on Tuesday night as he gave an account ah the East Indian community at Argyle. No doubt we will see another attempt to form an East Indian Community here in SVG. Lie-Za reminds me that way back in the 1970’s or 1980’s, that some prominent East Indians like Dr. Cordice, the late Huggins brothers, Leon and Pat; Dr. Sunderam and others, tried foh ah Indian grouping at Jaycees Centre, but dey got ah lot ah negative vibes from non East Indians.

So ah was telling Lie-Za that after Dr Thomas’ talk, look out foh ah East Indian Community Group soon, and then we will have East Indian Heritage Month and ah day to commemorate East Indian Arrival Day. And with all this Set-ah-sins Bill talk we will see ah Syrian Heritage Community Group.

Same time she interrupted and say, she expect to hear ah big announcement next Par-liar-mint, that ah Portuguese Community Group will be formed here soon too; and there will be ah Portuguese Heritage Month with the Portuguese Arrival Day retroactive from March, 2001. “But”, she say, ” it will hell break loose when dey decide to elect ah Portuguese Chief and Mikey De Freitas get more votes than all de rest.

Lie-Za is convinced that I am East Indian, she say ah talk like ah Indian, ah got hair like ah East Indian; ah shape like ah East Indian, and ah cheap like ah East Indian. And then she crown it off and say that ah even got ah East Indian son wuking by GECCU, he can’t hide. Guess she mean my look alike son, Lennox Bowman, interestingly our mothers are closely related. But hear this, She ask me way Race Junior Bacchus is, how we should swap names, ’cause I look more like ah Bacchus than Junior and Junior look more like dem Alexander than me. You see this Race thing? it too mix up, me mother white, me father black, when ah check foh me Race, the answer ah get say that ah belong to de Human Race, and ah will gladly settle foh that!

And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.