Bassy - Love Vine
May 26, 2006
Tell KFC we want KFB

Wednesday was like Mas by the corners of James and Melville streets in Kingstown as Ken-took-he Chicken and give customers an appreciation day. Prices were slashed in half and what was supposed to be KFC’s way of saying thank you to its customers foh getting hooked on junks ah fried foods, looked more like ah closing down sale instead. Is ah good thing ah didn’t tell my kids that KFC was having specials and mek them get appeticed, ‘cause school children lined up all day outside de KFC outlets, listening to live Steel Band and string Band Music, waiting dey turn to get in KFC foh specials.{{more}}

Ah wonder what would happen if KFC were to say they having ah KFB (Ken-tek-he Fish and Breadfruit) special foh customers. Ah will bet that it will be KFC’s worse day ever foh business, and next day it will be vagrants day as most ah the food will have to be given away. We still ah long way off with our Eddy-care-shun Rev-illusion; we got to teach the kids bout food values in school, what is healthy and what is not; and then we the parents must put the class room theory into practice in the homes!

Ah have ah problem with KFC knocking down the country with fry chicken and chips and that is “locals Farmers not getting enough, if anything at all, out of the business”. It is time Ken-tek-he Chicken from SVG. Let me put it another way, it is time we equip we-self to supply KFC with all locally produced chicken and potato and sweet-corn too!

Now ah have ah confession to mek, even though ah very food conscious ah find KFC hard to resist pon ah Friday night. One Friday night there was no French Fries so ah got ah roast breadfruit and went home, and while the children watching TV ah dey in the kitchen frying away. When it was eat time, dey mek noise foh Fries, so ah explained to them that KFC ran out ah potato and like they trying ah thing with Breadfruit Fries. Not only was it finger licking good, but the next Friday night when ah was going to collect me KFC, ah couldn’t believe what ah was hearing: “ Daddy, don’t forget to bring Breadfruit Fries”! And that is my next problem with Ken, ah Vincy to de bone. Why hasn’t he been able to include breadfruit fries in the KFC franchise? Do something bout that Ken or we will go pon ah Calm Pain KFC (Ken-tek-he Fry Chips) No! KFB (Ken-tek-he Fry Breadfruit) Yes!


From KFC to Aunt Jobe’s. Ah really did hear that Ken was getting ah husband foh Aunt Jobe’s at the Marketing Board. Commess Lie-Za say that Ken refuse de package, up-dey like ah death trap, dead stocks and the death higher than the stocks and building to-gather. But then Lie-Za say that the new management went as far, well not far, they went just behind Ken back to get Ken’s people (de Jobe) to come in with them. That Lie-Za is too mischievous, way she get that from?

While it is still early yet to comment on the new manage-mint at the Marketing Board Supermarket, ah must give them points foh a business like approach. There is now ah metal bar across the entrance to the compound, controlled by a security guard who issues you with ah pass that is good foh one hour parking. If you shop foh more than ah hour you will pay $10. 00 foh parking. This move is to stop them unreasonable people who uses to park they vehicle in the car park all day, gone to wuk or gone go shop some way else. Lie-Za reminds me that the PM said that bad Manage-mint and Teef is way cause the down-fall ah the Supermarket, he didn’t mention anything bout de pull-it-tek-all input or out-put, maybe that is covered under Mint and Teef. But she is hell bent on the I-dare that the bar is to stop the thieves from passing out with groceries: “That can’t wuk”! she says. Then she tells me of this well known Teef-man who did get ah job at ah Cement Warehouse. The entire staff and security team knew of his skills and dey kept him under survey-lens, dey watch him way ever he turn. The first afternoon, he did ah test run, he load-up ah wheel-barrow ah M.T cement bags and headed foh the gate, but the security guard was waiting foh him, he mek sure he searched every bag to see what he had hidden before sending him thru de gate. You know that Teef-man did his MT cement bag act foh two weeks, and every time he passed, the security made him MT every bag before he passed thru. In the third week, when the security guard got tired ah this act, he confessed to the Teef-man that he knew he was stealing something, and he promised not to talk if he would just tell him what de heck he was stealing. That bold-face Teef turned to the guard and said: “ Only Wheel-barrows”!

You know she got the nerve to tell me to go and tell de new manager of the Supermarket “don’t keep not even ah single wheel-barrow pon the compound”!


Lie-Za should get ah wuk by the Secret Service. She say that she got some Melee foh me, Real Melee. How Lie-Owe sister who wuks with Guv-ah-mint, plans in the Vine to sell six hundred acres ah the lands in Bequia to ah far-reign-yah. She say is like ah tit-foh-tat game, or dey only want to out do Sir James, remember he did sell-out all sorry, two-thirds ah Can-one to ah Far-reign-yah. There we go again, not another sell out.

But no matter how ah ask her to tell me who is this far-reign-yah buying Bequia land, she only waving she hand good-bye and say “See-yah, baby ah say… that’s Melee See Yah”! Before ah go, ah want to know if Ivan O’kneel is included in the delegation to go Asia … way the place name again? yes, Melee see yah.

And with that, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!