Bassy - Love Vine
May 19, 2006
No sex till you married

AIDS is one ah the few topics that ah don’t write nuff about; maybe it is because my solution to the AIDS Problem is not de pop-ah-law one, mine’s is de one in the Bible, de good Ole Time Religion Rule, No Sex till you married, and when you married no outside Sex, who ever came up with term Outside Sex really, ah always thought Sex was all to do with inside business. And the next thing is ah prefer to use the term “No Sex till yuh Married” instead ah abs-stain.{{more}}

Ah don’t like the word Abs-Stain, the “Abs” syllable sound like something to do with the Abdominals or belly, and Stain as in banana or breadfruit stain, like you abs-stain up bad. Now ten years ago ah would ah been in the AIDS International people corner supporting the call foh Condoms to be distributed among twelve year oles. But like the Minister Girl-in the Education Rev-all-yuh-shun Dept, ah say “heaven help us” too! Man me blood run cold to think that two years from now my last lickle girl who is now ten, will be looking forward for her first kid size Condom! And two years after that, when her brother reaches the age of Condomation, all those small fights for pencils and erasers will be replaced with war foh Condom, who used off whose Condom and what not. And the biggest shock would be when they come-plain to their Mom and then ask her to lend them one of ours till dey get dey regular supply.

But all joke aside, how ah go manage this situation when it arises? Well, all the experts, Christian, non-Christian, Scientists, everybody say, the surest, safest and best way to avoid contracting AIDS is Abs-stain sorry, no Sex till you married. After that, use ah Condom.

Since my entire household has a life-long commitment to serving Christ, then we will have to educate the Kids along the guide-lines laid down in Scriptures, we have no other choice than to go foh the surest, safest and best method advocated by all and sundry: “No Sex till yuh Married”!

The Condom is ah temporary solution to ah moral problem that will have much greater repercussions than that of AIDS and teenage pregnancy. And first my girl Lie-Za is with me all the way, she say “No Condomage she holding out till de Marriage”!


We are not ah disciplined people and it is ah shame that we are allowed to enjoy the fruits from the sweat, toil and in some cases suffering of people who have to wuk harder and longer hours than we do, produce much more than we will ever dream to, and in some ah these countries the people don’t enjoy the high living standard as we do. From what ah been hearing, in Cuba, Health and Education opportunities are readily available, but we in SVG are more privileged than many ah we Cuban brothers and sisters. And the same thing may be said about Venezuela, lots ah poor people in that country living in adverse conditions. Tie-One continues to do dey do goh us and we are enjoying opportunities in Education and Medical service from Cuba that this country will never be able to afford not foh another twenty years. And even though the Pet-throw-Carib-he oil is not fully sorted out, we are likely to benefit from Venezuelan Oil. But we show lickle or no appreciation foh all these hand outs and generous opportunities, is like we tek it all foh granted, tek the current Gas situation foh example, ah was shocked when the PM said that Guv-ah-mint still subsidizing fuel to the tune ah nearly one and ah half million dollars, and people continue to drive aimlessly up and down in fancy cars, houses are now more brightly lit than at Christmas time, like nobody cares. Maybe another die-men-shun needs to be added to de Education Revile-yuh-shun. Just like how we pushing to Condom-eyes the land maybe we need ah calm-pain team pushing to Econom-eyes on fuel and lights! and include Gossip and MT talk too. That Lie-Za won’t cool out, she say de Prime Minister must call foh ah national hour of darkness every night, between eight and nine o-clock, turn off the lights. But then she say how she was coming from Trinidad the other night, when the captain noticed this hill brightly lit-up, he asked if we had ah new Light house in Sin Vin Sin, is one ah the sailors who had to point out to him that he was looking at the residence up Dasent Cottage. So it seems like de PM got to set de pace, that ain’t go wuk though, it sound too much like the song “NDP you set de pace”!

And with that, ah gone again. One Love Bassy!