Bassy - Love Vine
May 12, 2006

He who pays de piper calls de tune

The weather hot like Hell self these days, ah not come-plain-in anyway cause like it cool-down the pull-it-tek-all tempo. Last week was all bout de capture ah Glenn’s ah-saw-sin or ah-ledge-killer, apart from that was the Asford Peters dismissal. Asford’s dismissal was unfortunate, I’m ah bit surprised, but he didn’t play his cards right.

Advocates of De-mockery-see will cry fowl foh Asford, because his side ah the story suggests that his editorials mek de PM look foolish who come-plain to Girly Metro and she fire him!{{more}} Girly Metro’s side is clear and points to ah Administrative blunder on Ashford’s part. As Managing Editor she asked to see the editorials, Ashford didn’t come-ploy and she send him go meet Arm-in and de NDP.

Any blind patient of Doctor Back-us or Doctor Yu-know would see how all three Newspapers look good every week with Guv-ah-mint Ads. There is no discrimination or victim-I-say-shun when it comes to Ads; and this is deliberate, The Prime Minister done figure it out, he go need ah lickle fare-fah every now and then, and that could be anything, if foh example he contradicts himself, he nah go want de paper to mek that ah head-line. And deep down he might feel that critics-is-him should be few and far because “nobody suppose to bite de hand dat feeds it”. But that’s not what ole people say, in fact it’s the opposite: “de hand that feeds yuh is always close to de mouth and will get bite sooner or later”.

Lie-Za say Newspaper Business getting like Dance Hall Business. When the band playing, everybody does want to request tune, but when you see the man who paying the Band call foh his tune, the Band better play it, or dey will get what Ashford got, simply put “who pays de Piper calls de tune”. As far as manage-meant, if Ashford want to call tunes, he will have to hire his own Band, he will not be allowed to cause de PM sorry, Dis-ah-ray problems at the Vincentian.


Ah did say Ashford didn’t play his cards right. Ah bet yuh if Ashford wanted to write bout the National Stay-down he would ah write that de Prime Minister like he did put he foot in he mouth, when he break de soil four years ago to start the National Stay-down, Engineer on the job every day and the thing determine to Stay-dumb. But if ah was Ashford and had to write that, ah would ah say that an emergency came up with the World Cup Cricket and we slow down the Stay-dumb that incidentally had teeth-in or teeth-out problems, so Guv-ah-mint had to give priority to Arnos Vale. And you think ah would be so negative as to add that unless some serious overtime takes place that Arnos Vale like it will be ready for World Cup 2011, only if ah was Ashford.

And ah would ah big up de Lie-Bray Project, how when it finish it will be ah corner stone in the Caribbean Civil-lies-say-shun. But not if ah was Ashford, ah would ah come out bold and ask when are dey ever going to start this Lie-Bray that dey had ground breaking ceremony fah four years ago fah.

Yes Ashford is me friend and is only yuh friend could nock you when yuh down, but ah wouldn’t ah like to hear him comment on the 100 room Hotel at Mount Win that ain’t start yet. If ah had to write bout Mount Win ah would ah suggest that Guv-ah-mint found it more fees-able to build fifty two-bedroom low income units down dey instead ah single one hundred room hotel. Or ah might ah say that we put off the whore-tell de Airport come in 2010.

First ah glad Ashford ain’t writing. Ah know he would ah loved to run off he mouth pon the Market-in-board how it is now National Property plus ten million in the Yellow oops, Red.

Ah could go an and on, it will not help. What will, is to remind the good Doctor that when ah woman is in Labour and is having problem delivering, complications nah, Medical experts refer to that as “Failure to Progress” ah think the Guv-ah-mint right now got ah lot ah Babies on the delivery table experiencing serious Labour problems. Time foh surgery or do what is called induce Labour, and give birth to some ah these Babies and avoid any miscarriages or still- birth; did I hear Lie-Za say some ah them need Abortion.

And right about now it is time foh me to ah-bought, ah gone again.

Remember you Mother this Sunday. They could give yuh ah thousand fathers but only one mother.

One Love Bassy