Bassy - Love Vine
March 24, 2006
Tek time kill ants

Like everybody else, me patience running out too. This is week number three since Glenn’s murder, wait eh, de P.M. say is no ordinary murder, is an Ass-ah-say-nay-shun, and he face look see-rust like ah bull when he say so. Unfortunately they ain’t come up with the killer yet, man the silence is almost deafening, and the rumors frightening if you don’t know Vincy way of spreading ah rumor..{{more}}

But Lie-Za who can’t get over Glenn’s death, tell me not to give up, she reminds me that ole people say: ” Silence is Golden! Patiencc is virtue! If you tek time kill ants, you go find he belly”! She was adamant that the Police done got it all sewed up, they just waiting foh confirmation from Scotland Yard with the DNA results. Ah ask she how she know all ah this, you hear Sir Vin Sin talking bout phone tapping dey in SVG, well ah believe Lie-Za not only tapping people phone but she like she tapping the Police phone, as well as Scotland Yard’s. She say she got thing she could tell me but she fraid ah will put it in the Love Vine, and she will get her source in trouble.


So ah will keep off Glenn’s case and talk bout the World Cup 2007 and the sort ah money that will be spent getting Arnos Vale Playing Field ready foh practice matches leading up to the Cup Matches. With due respects to the planners, ah now beginning to wonder if those millions that will be required foh Arnos Vale, would not ah been better spent upgrading some ah the small fields on the mainland and in the Grenadines, building Squash Courts and hard courts foh Basketball, Volley-Ball, Netball and Tennis. Grant Connell, the president ah the Lawn Tennis Association was right, we need to get infrastructure foh these particular sports in place in the rural areas, expose our youth out there, and down there, to these hi-tea-ti-tea sports that seem out ah their reaches. Ah could just hear the comments when Arnos Vale is all finished and ready: “Our one-dah-full Arnos Vale Playing Field now among the best in the world”. But ole people got ah mix up thing they uses to say how ” sometimes fighting to get the best is not necessarily the best thing foh you!”


And is months now ah suppose to big up me friend Marlon who making it big on the Music Scene in Europe. About twelve or so years ago ah went to wuk foh Vonnie Roudette in the Valley. She had two small kids running round the house then, a lickle girl, ah toddler really, and her brother who was about eight. Ah found it strange to see ah tenor pan in the living room. When ah enquired ah was told that Marlon, who loves the pan was learning to play. Ah few years later ah saw him playing foh one ah the big bands, think it was Fantasia Steel Orchestra.

Some time after my wife came home and told me about this interesting young kid she was teaching; how he was transferred from St Martins Sec. to meet the Queen of Discipline Sister Pat because he was suppose to be ah budding trouble maker, but on the contrary, she found him the opposite, full ah discipline and manners and most of all he was good at his books. We both agreed that it was the number ah girls in the class that mek him pull up his socks, “girls do mek us do strange things at times”. Ah set up ah lickle friendship with the youngster and we talked music whenever we met; ah remembered telling him if he ever left SVG his best chances would be as ah Pan-man. Casually he told me he will tek me up on that. When Marlon took his GCE and CXC he did exceptionally well and then he went of to the UK to study. His mom kept me up to date on his progress and she would say he always sent his regards. When he came home one Christmas, he told me he was now into recording and studio work. Then he told me he had ah small group called “Mattafix” and that ah would ah been pleased to know that in all his performances on stage his pan is there, also he accompanies himself on the Pan in all his music.. The part with the Pan ah overs but the name Mattafix didn’t click with me. Is not until ah told my wife about the “Mattafix” band foh Marlon, that she smiled and explained that Sister Pat had her way of closing off ah discussion with the students by simply telling them: “Problem Solved, Matter Fixed”! No doubt “Mattafix” is Marlon’s way of saying thanks to Sister Pat.

The Press is covering him in ah big way and his Music is really climbing on the English and European Charts. Ah believe the next time ah see lickle Marlon, financially foh him it will certainly be “Mattafix”! Ah feel so good foh the youngster. Keep climbing, son!

And with that ah gone again.