Bassy - Love Vine
March 10, 2006

Let’s do one foh Glenn

Ah heinous crime was committed and the wicked per-pee-traitor is on the loose, s/he took the only bounty hunter we had whom we could ah depend on to help flush him/her out.


Glenn is gone! Ah been listening to the local Radio Stations foh the last two days, teking in all the tributes showered on Glenn: ” Tributes galore, black and yellow, brown and white; some heavy some was light, all confirming that Glenn’s contribution was alright”.

Now if we feel that much foh Glenn with we heart as we saying with we tongue, then we need to go the next step as he would ah done. Is hard to say exactly how or what he would ah do, but foh certain, Glenn would ah been on the bawl, like he was foh Banana Farmers gainst Dole! Like he did marching with the Brewery manager foh West Indies Cricket, not to forget his contribution to Vincy Mas and Christmas Carolling!! He did it too foh de ULP, Glenn on Radio literally broke the back-bone ah the NDP and paved the way foh ah ULP take-over! And last but not least he did it foh Radio, ah Shake-Up it was; Glenn single-handedly revolution-eyes Radio in SVG and no legislation can turn back the Revolution! Yes, had he been around, he would ah been “bellowing like ah cow” on the air-waves, leading out-front on yet another ah his mobilization stunts, hunting down the demons and dem that dey parading bout de place in human bodies.

With Glenn here no more in the flesh, de burden rests on each and every one ah we to do one foh Glenn, We must tax we brain, see if we did see him on Sunday? If so what time and where? Was it up by the Grenadines Wharf in truth? Was he alone? Who did he pick up there? Ah man or woman? Was she white in truth? and so on and so forth. Every lickle ounce ah info we have we must pass it over to our Police. Yes, we must seek help from Scotland-Yard, they are the best, but won’t it be great if we can solve this one in We-Yard?


Two ladies who were dear to my heart and my stomach too, passed away earlier this week. When her son Roger called to tell me his Mom had gone to meet her Saviour, we recapped ah bit on the days when ah was the family barber. Back in the 1960’s Ole man Dalrymple was in charge ah PWD, apparently he had ah function to attend and couldn’t find ah Barber, somebody told him about my tonsorial skills and he came to my house foh ah trim. Man, trimming the Boss was ah big thing, and is so ah tek me time and gave him ah real young boy cut; straight away he gave me ah monthly contract to trim the family, Roger, Maurice, Arnold and later Phillip. Ah uses to look forward to the first Sunday ah the month, not so much foh the money; but Sunday morning breakfast with the Dalrymples was special, Black Pudding and pig-foot Souse! If you think you have had the best in Black Pudding and Souse and you have not eaten Angela Dalrymple’s, then you are yet to taste the best. Mrs. D could ah cook, if she cooked plain rice, no meat, no nothing, it tasted good. Ah believe her secret was hidden in her herbs bed; she grew ah lot ah rare and uncommon spices and herbs. From her herbs she had ah remedy foh every thing, if ah go there and ah sneeze, she had ah remedy, if ah cough she had one foh that too. Ah ate there many times but was never lucky to have tasted her Dominica Mountain Chicken (Cra-Poe); but listening to her daughter-in-law Debbie’s tribute at the funeral, and the way she (Debbie) said she was tricked into eating Mountain Chicken, ah believe now, that after having eaten chicken so many times by Mrs. D, that me too would ah been tricked. To tell the truth, it tasted so good, ah have no regrets. If ah had to describe Mrs D in one short sentence ah would say: “She was ah wonderful lady, ah caring and committed mother and wife who upheld the values of family life”. Ah think ah will love it in Heaven now with Mrs D up there in the kitchen.


The next lady is my cousin, really the big sister ah never had. She boasted all the time of having changed my Diaper, and stuck me ah couple times with the safety pin, you know where. Brenda Da Silva nee Mc lean, was the daughter of one of our famous Chiropractor, Doc Mclean. She picked up some of her dad skills and knew how to do back adjustments; she was my physio until Doc Sealy arrived. But she, like Mrs Dalrymple was ah good cook, made good home-made wines; her specialty however was meats, home-made ham, Garlic Pork, Vinny Dadge, pardon my spelling, that’s ah Portuguese dish with pork and beef seasoned with vinegar, thyme, garlic etc. that with white pudding was the family Christmas breakfast. She too was kind and generous, and if ah had to pick her best quality, that would be her love foh people especially children. She mothered no less than six children, adopted my daughter Cindy and her three, but gave birth to none. If this world had more caring and selfless people like Sister Bren, there would be less street kids, less juvenile delinquents and less crime among the youth. Maybe she was only obeying Jesus’ instructions when he said: ” If you do it to one of mine, you do it unto me”! May she rest in peace!

And, ah gone again.