Bassy - Love Vine
March 3, 2006
Too likkle too late foh Pamenos

Ah wonder if the name Sophia Young was on the list ah nominees foh the Sports Personality ah the year award, because ah want to agree with Garth Saunders and others who suggest that she would ah been their choice. Ah just feel that foh Sophie, it would ah been ah great honour foh her to be introduced in her next match in the USA as “the Sports Personality of the Year” in her home country SVG, never mind we small; that in itself is good marketing! {{more}}

Now ah not in anyway objecting to Pamenos winning the Award, after all, it takes ah lot ah dedication for any athlete to train and remain fit all year round, running and winning so many Marathons, half Marathons and 10K races throughout the region.

So this brings us to the big question, why was Pamenos not picked for the Commonwealth Games? Ah heard the Association’s reasons, how he over run! Ah straight case ah “locking the stable door after the horse done bolt out de place”.

My next question is, would all ah this have happened if some caring body, ah manager or even ah member ah the Association, did tek time out and mek sure that Pamenos was doing it right, that he was holding back the best foh the Common-wealth Games? And if that was done and Pamenos didn’t tek heed, then there would be no need foh ah debate.

But if none of the above was done, then somebody is at fault and right now it is not entirely Pamenos. Pamenos is no Sunday School pickney; he could behave rotten and stink when he ready, but athletes of the calibre ah Pamenos are few and far in these lickle islands, they should be harnessed and not be allowed too much ah own way.

Pamenos behaves like if nobody loves or cares for him, and thinks he’s out there alone. Right now he wants the best ah both worlds, to run foh his country at the Big International events, and still Run foh de Big Bucks at every race in the region. Well part ah this is because he ain’t wuking foh much, so he decide to use what he got to get what he wants. Is ah pity that somebody didn’t approach Guva-ah-mint on his behalf, after all they mek him ah Sporting Ambassador. They should ah been told that he needed ah sponsorship to mek him stop burning out himself, running here, there and every race in the region that pays lucrative prizes. So right now, is ah straight case ah Too Lickle Too Late Foh Pamenos!


Leo Joyette, the man that made my first tailor-made pants, passed away in Canada last week, he went at 97 years. Sir Jew as we all called him was ah full blooded Carib son, who thrilled us kids with interesting stories of the eruption ah the La Soufrere in 1902 that his father, Pappy Joyette told him as ah boy. Foh years he held the fort as the lone tailor in ah community that was predominantly poor. Looking back now, ah realize that Sir Jew never got paid foh ah lot ah wuk he did. Ah proud family man who sat at his machine all day and night till the wee hours ah the morning sometimes, to mek every body look nice foh Easter, Harvest, First Communion or Wedding. You couldn’t ask foh more faithful and dependable near-bahs than Sir Jew and his wife Lyn. The village was left poorer when they joined their children who had all migrated to Canada. He now joins his wife who pre-deceased him several years ago. Ah sure Sir Jew is up in Heaven making Robes foh them Angels, first ah glad because he done know my size.


Union leader Noel Jackson got it up to his chin. CT&AW Union is gunning to tek back over the wukers at the Port and now we hearing that Guv-ah-mint, with short notice, or is it shock notice, lay-off some ah his Union members this week. Lie-Zap done pick it up, she say this one is more than Pull-it-tek-all, she say it’s Pull-it-to-kill. And she betting that all ah them wukers who get lay-off didn’t vote ULP. Ah ask her how she know that foh certain. She cut up she eye and tell me: “Why yuh didn’t ask Senator Francis how he knew 19 See-rans didn’t vote foh him”.


Ah was telling Lie-Za how Ole people got ah thing they uses to say “Lickle Pickney and Fools should never see unfinished wuk”; but the more ah look at the wuk down at Arnos Vale Playing Field is the more ah keep saying to me-self, that we go soon need to do two things if we seriously want to be ready in time foh World Cup next year: the first thing is we go haffo replace the present team ah wukers with ah cadre ah magicians. And secondly, with the bad-talk ah hearing that the original gestimate to complete the project, all of ah sudden that jump from thirty million to fifty-six million dollars, ah think they talking bout mill-he-on not million, ah lot ah grind- in to come! Yu know what she tell me? ” This is young people time, you see yuh and yuh ole people thing, Der!” So ah tell she, “Ah Der-no what is Der, but it looks like if Guv-ah-mint have to find that kind ah money overnight, they might as well “kill two birds with one stone”. When they prepare the Doc-yu-mint to Acquire the Rasta and dem lands at Buccama foh John, de man name John Public, dey could as well mek-out de Acquisition foh RBTT or First Caribbean Bank one time”. She watch me with scorn and tell me again “Der”! Her Der thing was beginning to get me, so ah tell she ah might sound nag-ah-thief but ah would ah much pre-far to see the wuk reach much fur, ah paused on “fur ” and then ah give she the rest… Der! This time she stretched out she hand like when you want ah person to stop short, real young people way of saying “talk to the hand, the ears not listening” and she had ah mouth full ah mur-Der foh me tail, she hit me back with “Derrrrrrr”!

And with that, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.