Bassy - Love Vine
February 24, 2006
Get behind me Satan

Sometimes ah does wonder if we don’t blame Satan innocently foh some ah de simple lickle foolishness we do or fail to do. Like you put down something and when you think you know where it is, yuh can’t find it, who you blame? Satan, say how he busy. Satan is suppose to be the Busy-ist man during Lent; so to counter that Christians does have to set aside the whole forty days foh Fasting and Praying and go to Church every day foh the forty days.{{more}}

Tek the Raw-stuff-for-I foh example; they believe in the land, de Earth and its fullness; and ah few ah them were made to feel like Man when they were given between two and four acres ah the best Agriculture lands at Pembroke. Tek my word foh what it’s worth, ah does go down dey to buy seedlings and get some I-tal, most ah them took advantage ah the opportunity and developed some nice homesteads. Talking to them you could see Manhood and “Hope in dey eyes” that should be “hope in dey I’s”. But all of ah sudden the land that was given them is wanted foh Hotel Development owned by Far-reign, and they are now asked to pack up and trod on. So is lots ah Die-or-log all week, and you notice the time ah year when Satan decide to get Busy, in the month ah February, the very month that we decide to reflect on we His-story, we past, we present, we future, we path that we must follow as ah Black People; indeed it’s Black History Month, and you asking the Black Man to give up his Heritage, his Birthright and mek room foh de White Man. This is not bout Race at all. Ah might sound off-key but no land is too good foh ah national to own honestly. In my simple book of knowledge, I know that yoh flat lands are reserved foh Agriculture and Factories, the hills foh homes and Hotels where the view could be enjoyed. But is hard this Black History Month to mek Satan get Busy and come and do his dirty Wuk! Granny uses to tell me when Satan getting too close, just say “Get behind me, Satan”!


Ah never know that dey have so much ah people whose middle name is Farine or Far-reign. And like ah mek trouble foh poor Toe-knee Regisford, Marcia put in order foh boil fish and soak Far-reign foh dinner, mek Toe-knee had to go looking all over foh fresh Dolphin, stay home and turn chef. Dey better don’t blame Ann Joshua foh telling me that. Then Ken-Knee Cordice had to rub it in, he brought me ah package ah Bequia Far-reign, that one got Folklore, all hand made stuff, grind with grater, hang-ring, dry in de sun and bake in de copper; tasted good actually. He even had ah Bam-bam or Bammy in the package foh bonus. And Barbara Bollers who is into hell’t foods gave ah thumbs up foh de recipe on Far-reign Cereal. Ah simply wanted to give some well deserved mileage to ah one hundred percent Vincy Product, and like it wuk. That article however was preceded by the parent article on Cassava ah year ago, when ah heard that the new Factory was lie-in idle, there was no Cassava in the country to grind. So ah went and got all the dope on Cassava at the Ministry ah Agriculture where, the Officers gave me the assurance that it was ah money making crop to cultivate. Then ah dedicated ah whole article outlining the virtues in planting Cassava and appealed to Farmers to go de Cassava way.

But ah was hoping that the Talk Show Hosts and them would ah tek up way ah left off, and started the promotion on Far-reign, not Glen and Buns, they tek it, shred it, mek mud to sling at NDP; de only thing they fell short ah saying was it should be named The ULP Cassava Factory. Ah sometimes wonder whose side these men dey pon, NDP, ULP or the real SVG. If Glen and Buns had only taken ah lickle time out before they started to play Braggart and Cricket, they would ah find out first what is the true situation with regards to the supply ah Cassava, and they would ah discover that the few acres ah Cassava that is in the ground, is good only foh one week grinding at the Factory, and that we need to use whatever means we have to encourage Farmers to go “Back to the Land” otherwise very soon, that Factory will be another White Elephant; wait, did I say White Elephant, there we go again, how come dey say White Elephant and not Black Elephant, this is possibly the only time the word White is used in ah Black sense. Yes, but them two White Boys Braggart and Cricket sorry, Buns and Glen let me down.


Maybe if Braggart and Cricket really want mud to sling, why don’t dey come walk the town with me at 4:30 in the morning. Some real muddy scenes under them galleries starting from Y-De Lima yuh have five (5), Courts one, Sprott’s Bros seems the most cozy with Six (6), Salvation Army five (5); Becks Gonsalves one, maybe the smell ah de Black Wine prevents sleep, but all in all it’s ah total of not less than eighteen homeless citizens bunking under these galleries. Some people call them Vagrants, but ah like to picture them as unfortunate Vincentian citizens whom society sees as ah threat to the nice people, de Tourists. You think it soft sleeping on that hard, cold concrete, some ah them lucky enough to find a piece ah card-board to mek bed-spread, and like real family they does share this card board. And of course there are those fortunate ones who own ah two wheel hand-cart, they usually park up by the Salvation Army, that’s the garage, but that hand cart is ah serious piece ah equipment, ah source of income that provides Tea, Bruk-fuss and Dinner during the day and come sleep time that’s their bed, and when you pass by them they look so comfortable you will think they sleeping pon one ah them expensive Serta or Simmons spring mattresses by Court’s. And just like in every home there are bed-wetters, or those of us who either too lazy or couldn’t be bothered to get up and answer the call to the bath-room (gutter) next to them, so they piss, sorry, pass urine right way they sleeping. Them fellars look so comfortable sleeping in pee, they have to be dreaming that they dey in the water bathing like in the sea. Ah wonder if ah will get any twist on this one from Braggart and Cricket.

Yes, with that is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.