Bassy - Love Vine
February 17, 2006

Ah hook on farreign

Finally there is Far-reign again on the Supermarket shelf, courtesy Orange Hill Cassava Factory, and it reach back Fah-reign supreme over de Corn Flakes, de Cream ah Wheat, the Oats, de Rice Kris-pee and all the water-down Bruk-fuss see-we-all. But first ah got to say “three chairs” foh Gomry Daniel and why not. He was beginning to show frustration as he had promised so much when he opened this new top-ah-de-line Cassava Factory. Then, foh almost ah year the factory was just lie-in there and couldn’t get Cassava to grind. In fact there was no Far-reign at all in the island.{{more}}

Frustration was killing me too, cause Far-reign is my food, ah could eat Far-reign foh tea, bruk-fuss and me dey-nah and ah couldn’t get, ah had to settle foh Oat Meal that was cheap, $ 6. 00 ah pound, but cannot come-pair with Vincy Far-reign. Then all of ah sudden there was Far-reign on the Supermarket shelves at $15. 00 ah pound. Ah refuse to buy, local or not, but it uses to bun me heart to have to “cut me eye” and pass the shelf like ah exams, or like if we had words.

Alas, last Friday was like Christmas in February, when ah look pon the shelf ah couldn’t believe me eye; the presentation, packaging, and the product itself. It was so refine that at first ah thought it was Cream-of-wheat, but ah tek ah closer look and the label read Farine, even then ah thought it was imported again. But the label was clear, done at Orange Hill Cassava Factory. Ah say bless me eye-sight and ah mek the sign ah de Cross straight away. The price, well, ah bit high, but understandable, $10. 00 ah pound but trust me, ah buy ah pack and it very good. Did I say very good? Sorry ah mean super good! Now you wondering why ah so excited, or way Far-reign do me; well, was Doc Kirby the father ah Indigenousity who Doc-trin-ate me. He said: “The technology used in the production of Far-reign was brought here by the Arawak over ah thousand years ago; and over the centuries, the technique has remained the same: the scrape-in ah the Cassava, the grate-in, squeeze-in or ring-in out ah the poison, the dry-in and the bake-in have remained unchanged, unadulterated, untouched, virgin-stuff as the day the Arawaks brought it”. Wait till Sir Hill-turn Louis Straker read this bit bout Virgin, he going buy ah whole sack ah Far-reign. Doc went on to say that Far-reign has ah very high fibrous content, much higher than those imported products with dey fancy names: de wheat, de bran, de oat, de what not can’t touch Far-reign. Far-reign or Farine is an excellent Colon Cleanse, this is good news foh the Big Bullies oops sorry, Big Bellies! So all ah that is way mek me develop ah love relationship with Far-reign, so much so that if any body bad talk Far-reign, dey bad talk me too.


And while we are at it let me share with all yoh my simple Far-reign Bruk-fuss cereal recipe: Put one heaping table spoonful ah Far-reign in a bowl with half tea-cup of cold water, stir until it forms into ah paste, then add ah cup of warm, low fat milk, if you got sweet-mouth add ah spoonful ah honey or sugar to taste, then stir again foh half ah minute and then go foh it, you would have had ah porridge you never taste so good. And if you want ah super dinner, mek ah fish braff and soak one or two spoonful ah Far-reign and then carefully put it at the side ah the bowl ah fish sauce; be careful the Far-reign might just suck-up or absorb all you sauce. Then go foh it, that too would be ah soup you never taste so good!


Like the Agency foh Public Information (API) got ah hint that Keith Joseph took “Just Another Look” and lick them up foh they boring one hour program on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Really they changed the name from GIS to API but as Ken Boy-yeh say: “Is de same ole Car-Key pants”! Is no difference between ‘bat and ball’ and cricket.

Last Tuesday night’s program was ah breath ah fresh air. API went to the Carib Country and highlighted the pepper farmers at work and then they put ice-in on the cake with ah visit to the Prison Farm in operation at Be-Lie Hill. Mind you, this is not the first ever Prison Farm eh, ah remember ah Prison Farm at Ottley Hall when ah was ah youth, the Sunday School uses to tek us down there to picnic on Discovery Day. They had lots ah cows and so on. Anyhow ah want to big up the Prison Officers and the Prisoners. All you look good, the cultivation look like if experts doing it. Try and learn this Agriculture business, fellars, because there is money to be made outside in Agriculture, especially in Organ Production. And ah want to big up the API too.


Ah not suppose to mek fun when ah man is lie-in on ah Hospital bed with pepper-spray (gun-shots) all over his upper body, one is even lodged in his heart. But ah seriously think Dick Train-he and Bush and Rum-feel and the lot ah them panicking and haunted; any thing that moves, in front, behind or around them dey’ll-kill-Ada, man frighten foh they own shadow. One thing that is certain foh sure, with ah crack shot like that, Dick Train-he is ready and should be sent off to Iraq to Quill oops, to shoot insurgents!

And with that, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy