Bassy - Love Vine
February 10, 2006

Christians awake!

Tell me ah wrong, but ah will bet what ah don’t have, that if any Newspaper in any Christian community were to publish ah Cartoon showing Jesus or God wearing ah bomb on His head or however, we Christians will brush that aside and say that Artist is ah sick person, s/he mad!

The furthest we might go is to get in the Church and preach “Fire and Brimstone” pon the culprit, but nobody lighting any matches eh. Ah could just see Bishops Frederick and Clarke, and Pastor Olliverre beating that topic foh weeks pon dey Monday night TV program Encounter. {{more}}

Pastor D cooling down these days but his wife Sister D will deal with them. And we could expect ah lickle something from the Christian Council and other Organizations with ah statement condemning or demanding an apology on the front page of the said Newspaper; but in the next breath we will be reminded that we must offer prayers to Jesus, begging Him to forgive the Cartoonist. But nobody will lift ah hand and get violent, that’s not our fight, we will say leave it to God, He will one day deal with that Newspaper and all who involved that fail to seek forgiveness, then the matter will be put to rest.

But no Newspaper, Radio or TV Station will get off that easy if they ever try that stunt with the Rastafarians or the Muslims. And that is why ah love the Rasta way and the Muslim way. You don’t ever mess with Selassi I foh ah Rasta to hear, is Fire Foh Yuh! And don’t even mention anything out ah de way bout the Muslim’s Prophet name, Muhammad. Ah suppose if you want de Riot Act read pon you, then you could go mess with Allah, the Muslim’s name foh God.

They say in Denmark, Religion and God, and Christ and Allah and whatever we call Him is no big thing; so they decided to tek de Prophet Muhammed and mek joke, but ole people say “what is joke foh school pic-knee is death foh crap-poe”! Ah think ah dey with the Muslims in this one. And ah calling pon all Christians to tek note, wake up! We talk ah lot bout being on Fire foh Jesus, but that Fire is only when we emotions get high in the Praise and Worship sessions, and at the Crusades. We talk about being Passionate and filled with the Holy Spirit, but how passionate do we ever get when someone contradicts us or condemns us foh our faith in our Living God? While I do not support the violence and aggression that now rages throughout the Muslim World as ah result ah the Cartoon scandal, ah can’t help but marvel at the passion and commitment dem Muslims have foh dey Faith. They do have ah point, they will not allow Satan to use the Painters and the Singers and the Atheists to pull down their God, our God actually.

Many of us Christians condemn the Muslims foh prolonging the war in Iraq; but Muslims are no more war-mongers that Christians, we justify our presence when it was Vietnam and Korea, now in Iraq and soon we will be in Iran as world peace-makers. We see ourselves as the peace-makers whenever we impose our presence in another man’s land, destroying their homes and innocent women and children. But ley we don’t stray-way, the topic this time however is about Christians taking our cue from the Muslims in becoming really passionate in our Faith, go on Fire for Jesus, Christians Awake!


Talking bout Passion. We seem to be getting too passionate in what seems to be ah battle brewing between Texaco and Shell on one side and the Guv-ah-mint on behalf ah the people on the other. Yes, the big importers should justify with real figures, the urgency to raise their prices. It meks me wander though, what this thing called World Trade and Fare, oops, Fair Trade is all about, when in spite ah the increases in prices per barrel foh crude oil, is billions ah dollars in profits these Big Oil Companies, Texaco included, mek last year.. Ah does ask me-self do these multinational Companies care anything bout the poor people, their customers/consumers who are the ones that keep the millions, sorry, billions piling up.

Now Lie-Za got this question she pestering me to ask. She saying that in this Pet-throw-Carib-ah-deal, Guv-ah-mint seems passionate in becoming the leading, if not the sole importers ah Fuel and Gas; in that case they will be in ah position to control and dictate market prices. So the question is, why fight with Texaco and Shell? Free up de Market and Set de Pace, but not like how Marketing Board was supposed to do it. Ah can’t figure out why Marketing Board importing Scotch Peppers and selling foh $ 13. 00 per pound. In my humble view, Scotch Peppers another hot pepper like any local pepper that we sell here for $3. 00 ah pound. Stanley Quammie is so right, Marketing Board should Set de Pace, it should not be importing foods that are produced locally.

And then Lie-Za pose another interesting question. She wants to know who are the real owners ah the local company formed specifically to deal with the Venezuela Gas. She knows that the company looking Brown-ish on the front, and wants to know the names ah the real colours in the middle and in the back. Ah tell she to chill, but she keep saying that the unknown names might just mek me stood in me boots and wonder or wander like the Naughty Boy who ran away from Scotland. Ah gave her one simple answer: “Ole people say one day, one day, conquer day”!

And with that, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!