Bassy - Love Vine
January 13, 2006

Nah go down dat road Candy

Ah think the NEWS was who started this Annual Awards thing; basically they took ah light-hearted swipe at citizens who might ah done something silly or unbecoming.

The list is always humor-us and people look forward to it every year. Then Giggles Boutique came up with ah Best Dressed Awards, two lists with the top ten Best Dressed male and female. {{more}} That also created ah stir and sent ah lot ah “everybody who wanted to be ah somebody” digging deep down into dey pockets, buying fancy clothes, dress-in-up to win Best Dress. Sir James moved from Worst Dress to Best Dress one year; even Pastor Daniel made it too, ah think after he made the list, there was ah marked difference or was it indifference in his collection plate. Keith Joseph has his own list of Award-these too, his is ah more serious anal-assess in which he grades the candidates. I had me own Ah-Wards too at one time, the Best Dress Award, mine was done foh humor of course. And Frank Da Silva came up with ah Home Grown thing, The Roast Breadfruit Award’ it was similar to the NEWS’ but dealt with the Unbecoming as well as the Becoming. And there is Mr Candy Edwards who writes ah weekly column foh Radio on Sat-dey mornings, he has come up with an Award that he calls “The Prime Minister Lickle Finger Award”.

Actually his first attempt ah year or two ago was plain funny, no offence no venom. This year however, he opted to define the cry-tear-yah foh this Dishonorable Award and here is where ah think he went over board or under. According to Candy: ” this Award is bestowed on Public Figures for their Despicable Conduct during the past year; persons who sat at the top of the heap foh 2005. Consideration was given to traits such as Incompetence! Inconsistency! Indecency! Dishonesty and Stupidity! Their conduct was as such that they have failed the people of SVG and are a Downright Disgrace to themselves”! Well when ah heard this cry-tear-yah, ah say half ah them people must be in jail already and the other half waiting try-all! In any language those are strong words, too strong foh one not to be offended. Furthermore ah found it difficult to come up with any politician or public officer with these qualities, foh use of ah kinder word. Candy’s article last week was beyond the usual mischievous, Devil’s advocate, even Frank Da Silva still trying to figure out how he made that list; incidentally, if ah was giving Ah-ward, Frank would ah bound to get the Jerry Springer Ah-ward!

Why ah taking Candy to task is because only last week ah wrote that ah scents anger, hatred, bitterness and now poison coming from both sides ah the pull-it-tek-all fence; and Candy’s writings last week proved me so right.

As ah go thru his list ah fifteen, ah somehow get the feeling that one of Candy’s objectives was simply to attack certain persons because ah their pull-it-tek-all persuasion. And this is way ah beg to differ. Every one is entitled to his/her pull-it-tek-all choice, and s/he should not be dragged into the gutter foh this fun-dah-men-tell, God-given right; this is what we saw during the last election calm-pain.

Is no secret that John public makes no apology in saying that except foh the Columnists, Searchlight is ah ULP paper. But even so, does this ULP bias qualify its Editor Clare Keizer or anyone connected to the paper foh an Award that labels him/her as being of Despicable Conduct, Incompetent, Indecent, Dishonest and ah Downright Disgrace? Certainly not!

Candy boy, we are none without our faults, hiding one’s identity behind ah false name does not hide one’s fault. Be that as it may, those of us, and we are only ah handful, who are blessed with ah forum, whether it’s ah reading or listening audience, may be permitted from time to time to be critical, cynical, sarcastic, humor-us or whatever, but our primary function as ah see it, is that we have ah moral responsibility at this time, where division in the land has never been more defined, to preach ah Gospel of Love, Peace, Forgiveness and most of all Unity.

Ah would suggest that in the interest of good journal-is-him, that foh this year, what ever yuh do, Nah Go Down Dat Road. And with that, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.