Bassy - Love Vine
December 9, 2005
Go and rest yuh soul Come-red

Sunday morning after Church somebody phoned to tell me that de Come-red finally snapped on Sat-dey night and launched ah broadside attack on his N-ah-Me and them and included Me and my dear Wife in his tirade, referring to Me as ah worthless NDP Canine (dog)!

To be honest, ah have no time to lose my good sense ah humor and respond to de Come-red word foh word. Frankly speaking, ah think de Come-red needs help, Every time ah look at him on TV addressing the crowds, ah feel scared, scared foh him. {{more}}His facial expressions and his demeanor remind me of my father. Incidentally my father was in and out ah Mental Home foh years; and as ah youth man ah had to live with that and experience all ah the signs and symptoms whenever he was about to get sick. Added to that ah uses to visit him at the Institution regularly, and was exposed to other patients at best and at worst sometimes.

So with my canine instinct ah know ah thing ah two bout sniffing out ah mad Monk. Ah wish somebody with the skills in this field, will have the courage to sit de Come-red down and explain to him that he has absolutely no reason to get skits-ah-frenick, because if he continues on the road he’s traveling, it’s going to happen. But that inspired me on Monday when I did my regular Prayer and Fast, to dedicate my prayer to de Come-red’s health before it becomes his Hell’t! This is ah straight case where ah saying: “Father forgive him for he is not responsible for his actions” , and ah forgive de Come-red before he even asks foh forgiveness. My add-vice to him though is that he must read that book he did lend me on the 23rd Psalm again, go and let the Lord Restore yuh Soul, and tek Arm-in with yuh.


Well this is Wednesday evening and like everybody else ah waiting foh the Elections results. Some very interesting statements were made over the last week-end. Dr Neville Duncan is ah man that ah have great respects for; I am almost guided by his opinions at times. My friends in intellectual circles remind me that in 2001, Duncan had actually commented in private circles, very unfavourably of de Come-red back then; but interestingly last weekend he was singing praises foh de Come-red.

It is no secret that because he has built bridges with Chavez and Castro, de Come-red is in command of ah Band-wagon that is the N.V. of his Caribbean colleagues; they all remember him now and want him to remember them when he gets to his Kingdom. The saddest note however, was Dr Kenny-an-Tony of Sin Lucia. On Sunday night he told the ULP crowd and indeed Vincentians, that we don’t need ah Man-ah-coo to run the country. And then Glen Jackson took it from there by asking the crowd, “Who is de Man-ah-coo”? The crowd was not sleeping yet, they replied with: “Arm-In”. We might not have ah Nobel Laureate in SVG as yet, yuh might say we are sometimes Sly Man-goose, but we are certainly not Man-ah-coo people. How can we hope to be One Caribbean when ah leader will come over to his brothers’ yard and refer to them as Man-ah-coo.

We might have men in pull-ah-tricks who are slow at speech, slow in thinking, not so smart, but we have never reach down to the level ah Manicou. I tek serious offence to statements like that. Kenny-an-Tony is dam-out-ah-place and should keep his mouth out ah SVG business. If he wants to endorse his colleague’s candidacy, then by all means do just that, but no Man-ah-coo talk!


The Elections are over and the ULP win again 12-3, that was ah real Tri Tri prediction ah did mek when ah said 9-6. The ULP went into the race with ah heavy lead in most, if not all the Constituencies that they held. But the preliminary figures show that NDP was able to cut back those leads considerably; and in some cases it was ah close finish to the tape. But the NDP were not disgraced, as ah matter of fact, the NDP can tell themselves that the ULP majority is not necessarily ah true reflection ah the actual contest. But in our system of Democracy, seats is what counts and not votes.

Ah believe that de Come-red’s greatest regrets is that he didn’t get his wish come true, Julian didn’t manage to mek Arm-in his-story. When Julian visited ah told him he is ah good man to have in Guv-ah-mint, but this country needs Arm-in in Par-liar-mint. Actually Sir Vin-Sin should ah really handed over that seat to Julian.

Now Arm-in will soon realize that this is an Election that he should be happy he didn’t win. His Calm-Pain stressed throughout that the E-con-ah-me was in shambles, intimating that we can expect some harsh times ahead; if this is really so, then let de Come-red fix it.. To Arm-in ah say, ” yuh too must tek ah break, do what the Psalmist David says: “Go and get you Soul Restored”, and tek de Come-red with yuh.

Congrats to the ULP and we look forward to ah term ah Freedom from Victim-I-say-shun, Freedom of Expression especially for the Electronic and Print Media, and in particular we de Columnists, especially those who will not be afraid to call it like it is, regardless.

And with that, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.