Bassy - Love Vine
September 30, 2005

Brer Nansi feeds de village

Dear President Shui-bian, we open we doors, windows, cupboards and closets of our humble dwelling to welcome yuh. Please feel at home while yuh are here; coming to our shores is like visiting your sponsored child that yoh seeing foh the first time, ah generous sponsorship that yuh have faithfully honored foh over twenty-four years.

It is regrettable that in spite of all the barrels yuh have been sending us every Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and whatever occasion that we have not learned ah great deal from your generosity and friendship. {{more}}

We applaud Tie-One foh its Rich Culture and Traditions; in particular how as ah tiny nation yuh have been able to use what lickle yuh had, to mould it, to fashion it and to mek it into ah great country. You will be happy to know that like Tie-One, we too have our Rich Culture and Traditions that our African and Carib Ancestors left us. They left us some nice, lickle Nansi Stories with Powerful Messages, usually humorous at the end, but our problem is, once we get the joke we got no time foh look foh message. We are still ah joke people.

One ah we most inspiring Nansi Story is ” Brer Nansi Feeds de Village”. Brer Nansi, as we are told, was the greatest fisherman; when yuh see Brer Nansi gone fishing every pot in the village gone pon fire, because they knew fish dey to come. Brer Nansi was like the God-father ah the community and every body uses to stretch out dey hands to Brer Nansi foh support. He was not ah greedy man and he uses to leave ah fish at every house in the village when he went fishing. But Brer Nansi couldn’t keep up with Brer Fox and his family. Brer Fox was lazy and refused to hoist ah stroke to feed his family, he loved only nice time; and to mek matters worse, every Monday morning Mother Fox was giving birth to ah next litter ah Cubs; half ah the village population was Brer Foxes and his string-band ah Cubs, maybe Brer Nansi fish was too fertile and potent.

Well, Brer Nansi decided that he must put an end to Brer Fox’s laziness and so he invited Brer Fox two oldest sons to fish with him. The first day the tide was bad and not enough fish was caught foh the whole village. The Villagers grumbled and complained that the blight from Brer Fox visiting his sons. But after ah week, Brer Fox boys were catching more fish than Brer Nansi and there was too much fish foh the villagers to consume. Interestingly the lazy ole Brer Fox came up with ah brilliant I-dare and suggested that they dried the excess fish foh rainy days and to sell to the other villages. This lickle Nansi Story goes on and on, how Brer Fox not only stole some ah the money but continued to flood the village with Cubs.

Yes Mr President, our lickle Nansi Story would suggest that yuh stop sending hand out to us foh every lickle thing we beg yuh foh. Yuh need have no fear, unlike our near-bars, our loyalty and support foh yuh is not tied up with money and gifts. We are the offspring of ah proud and noble Carib Chief who fought foh our Freedom, and we cherish that.

So the only thing we want to Beg yuh foh is to do like Brer Nansi, carry our young people out to the Sea, to the Land, to the Factories with you; show them how your people do it so that we will get it right!

Please enjoy your stay and come again, Mr. President.


One ah Pet Soso’s dreams was that God would spare his life to see his last two sons Mike and Ricky finish school. Today he can say his dream has come true. Michael has successfully completed his PhD in Engineering. Mike as ah kid was adorable, nice looking, gentle, ah bit shy but mature foh his size and age. We had a big buddy lickle buddy relationship, and after he won the Island Schol and went off to study, his dad would update me on his progress at school. It was evident from day one that Mike was ah brilliant scholar. As the results came thru, Ole boy pet uses to report it this way : ” Yoh boy Mike say to tell yuh he got thru his Bachelors, he got honors but he tell me to beg yuh not to mention it in your Rags Column”. Two years later he was again reporting: ” Yoh boy say to tell yoh he got his Masters, looks like he did well, he was recommended to go foh his PhD, remember he does not want any mention of it in yuh Rags Column.

Two weeks ago, Pet phoned, ” Ah have ah piece of good news foh yoh, yuh boy got thru his PhD”! Before he could tell me bout Rags Column, ah said : “This is it, he not stopping me from putting this one in the Rags Column”! Right away ah got ah straight Negative! “Mike says, no”!

Well the results are out, Mike refuse to hand over ah photo, but one has to respect ah man’s privacy. I know some parents would ah want they son’s photo on the Front Page, and some bole face enough to ask if there is room on the page foh the Mom and Dad’s photo. Not the Soso family, his mom, whom he took after is the mother of modesty and humilty but Pet is still wondering if it’s all ah dream. Congrats Mike. Please send us the Photo.


Space does not permit me to cover every thing on Lie-Za’s Calm-Pain report. She blames the rain foh the smallest ULP launch at Sharpes, and she feels that Sin-Clear is quite ah hand-full Say-yes.

She became furious and asked me if ah don’t believe that the removal of the President of the Family Court, Sharon Cummings as Cheerman of the Adoption Board is pull-it-tek-all. And in her passion she say some body begging foh two stones pon dey house roof, they better don’t mess with Daniel Cummings wife. If this is so, them fellars scraping the bottom ah the barrel or could it be Desperation?

She say yuh ain’t see Desperation yet. NDP let go ah Fire Woman in Marriaqua on Wednesday night. Ah couldn’t figure who that one is, ah heard was either Henry Keys-or Ms Bennett taking on de Girl-in the Valley. But Lie-Za insisted that the lady name was Fire; then she smile and said Add-fire Bennett!

But she got ah warning foh de Come-red, she

say the date the Lord

gave him to call Elections done pass, and the

more he extend the time the less he got to gain, so call it soon Come-red she says!