Bassy - Love Vine
June 3, 2005
Ah like de fun-ee kaisoes

The Kaiso and them this year sounding good. Some very colourful arrangements and catchy music, and like the fellars them ban de smut this year, or is it that the Radio Stations ban de smutty Kaisoes, very good. Ah heard ah few Fun-ee but interesting ones on Radio.

Our own Searchlight Reporter “Kojah” is back after five years almost going extinct. Kojah comes from ah house ah music, headed by his dad, the Maestro himself, Leo Anthony: the Fiddler, Fluter, Saxer, Pianoer, Trumpeter, Cuatro and Guitarer. Leo plays every instrument. But Kojah is unique, every sibling in that house can play ah musical instrument, Kojah is the exception. He is ah Ex-tempo man whose Kaiso lyrics is abstract and ah would say, his music too. In ’89 it was his “Imagination”, then he wanted all to “Come to the Supermarket; but when the piracy threatened to rock Kaisonians, Kojah begged them to “Keep yuh music on the Market”. {{more}}Ah home owner on the new housing scheme at Peters Hope, Kojah fancy himself as the big maff down dey, foh 2005 he’s “Peters Hope Godfather”.


And what bout this scratch-he Kaiso “Do so doh like so” by Muddy Knights, ah like that. This “Do so doh like so” rampant bout the place, is the Creole way of saying “Way yuh don’t like yuh must not give” or the Bible way of saying “Do unto others what yuh’ll have them do unto yuh”!Yuh know how that go, man love to heckle but can’t tek back ah lickle heckle; or man love to squeeze and hug up another man woman, but if somebody just hold on to their woman hand too long, is big bother-ray-shun when they get home. There is no “Do so doh like so” like when the neighbour youth did get pregnant, member how yuh antenna went crazy, beaming out the news, but when teenage pregnancy hit yuh house, yuh ready to reach Court House with anybody who scandal yuh child.

How can I talk bout “Do so doh like so” and not condemn any gathering in the Court Yard that think they could heckle Judge, Mad-is-Straight or Governor General. It happen when NDP was in power, ULP supporters in the presence ah Senior ULP Par-liar-mint-aliens mob Sir Charles and shake down the vehicle in which he was riding. And Lie-Za was present two weeks ago, when the Mad-is-straight in Linch’s case tried to leave the Courts, the noise went up and she felt threatened and turned back. One NDP executive told me, “we gave Sea-moan ah lickle shake up”. I resent any crowd mobbing and the likes that threatens de stability ah my blessed SVG, mind yuh, ah don’t believe that it is good foh De-muck-we-see to drag Linch in Courts foh those charges.

Mess with the pull-ah-trick-hans, because they are the ones who messing up the country, but nobody mess with our Justice System, keep that sacred pleese! Funny enough it was NDP who made the Law that today haunting EG Linch, who speaks on the behalf ah NDP on Radio. Yuh see how that “Do so doh like so”?

And NDP spokesmen must be more responsible and cautious in its allegations about election fraud and threats to protest. I am aware that in 1998 ULP did threaten to mek de country un-governable and boast that they rule the streets, de Come-Red behaving like they all forget, ah real “Do so doh like so” but they, ULP at that time, and NDP now, is WRONG!


And we can always count on “De Man Stone” to come good and come with something Folkloric. This year he gone into Sankey. Young people won’t know bout Sankey; according to Allsopp’s Caribbean Dictionary, Sankey comes from one Mr. I.D. Sankey, (1840-1908) an Evangelist Composer who published ah book of emotional and inviting melodies typical Gospel Music, referred to as Sankeys and made popular by the Spiritual Baptist.

At Prayer Meetings, members will sing Sankey from dust to dawn, testifying and catching the Spirit in the process. Now yuh might find at ah meeting ah member might come up with ah new song that either off beat, or one that nobody ever heard ; that sound like de Come-Red, when that happens the others will knock it down by saying “ No Sankey Sing So”. And that is what De Man Stone is saying this year, stop the Beggers and Scrunters, find ah wuk, because he not giving, in other words “No Sankey Sing So! Lia-Za say that every body was hoping that now that de Come-Red done Moan, she figure he would ah forgive his rival Linch, but like Bishop Johnny teach de Come-Red Sankey, he saying “No Sankey Sing So”! Then she ask me what ah think bout the Big Candle and the Long Chain with de Cross de Come-Red had in the photograph, if that is what people does use to wuk Owe-Beah? Ah tell she check the Mad-is-straight Show-me-round, she got all the answers waiting down dey.Yuh know what was lie-Za’s reply “De Man Stone is right, No Sankey Sing So”!

Sankey or No Sankey, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.