Bassy - Love Vine
May 13, 2005
De Come-red gone to moan

The best news flash foh the year was on Mon-dey. It say de Come-Red gone to Rest his tired Soul.

The Good Book says that the Lord breathed into Adam’s nostril the breath of life and he became ah living Soul. Thru Adam all ah we inherit that living Soul. {{more}}Some call it de Soul some call it de Spirit. My lickle understanding of the two is that man was born with ah Spirit in him, that’s the agent that knows way going on at all time; and deep down inside that Spirit is another agent, the Soul.

The Soul controls desires, emotions, feelings, passions conscience, and so. With all ah these faculties present, it must be understood that the Soul can be nourished and can grow or be neglected and deteriorate; it can be damaged, and it can be repaired; it can remain with yuh, refuse to go along with yuh, or move out lef yuh. But remember the Soul is from God, it is His breath, our telephone line to Him. Any repair or growth must come thru Him. So the closer we live in Christ the better fuh we Soul.

Is ah lot ah we walking bout the place either without ah Soul or need some repair wuk done. Some ah we Soul dead so long, we need ah transplant. Interestingly the Spiritual Baptist provides a Soul Repair and Cleansing Services foh its members, it’s called Mourning. Cat-licks have ah facility in T’n’T foh mourning foh its members at Sane Benny Dick. News on the street is that de Come-Red gone there foh ten days. Lie-Za sware he gone go Moan!

Foh some time now, people of fair judgement come-plain that de Come-Red was behaving like ah man who losing touch with his Soul. All of ah sudden, he had become over sensitive and petty, fearful and terrified of critic-is-him and his avowed To-get-her Now that suggested a man ready to use the Power of Love gradually changed to the Love of Power.

But those of us who care foh the well being of de Come-Red, are happy that he can come to grips not only with his physical but his Spiritual being as well, in particular the location ah his Soul. He discovers now that in his haste to be the matchless Prime Minister, that not only is he alone but even his very Soul got left behind him. He once introduced me to ah book by Rabbi Krushner on the 23rd Psalm, in this book the line: “He Restores my Soul” is fully explained and this is why ah believe de Come-Red is serious, he gone to Seek Help, Pray ah while, Rest ah while, so that his Soul can catch back up with him. Let us all pray foh de Come-Red, he needs it.

Ah wish someone will tell me how to get rid ah that Lie-Za. She say that while de Come-Red was moaning, confession time and the middle finger story come up. He told de Padre that this middle finger it is ah perfect finger, his most powerful and useful organ oops weapon, but it offends him! The Padre then said to him that if it offends him he should “cut it off”. Right then de Come-Red made ah bright suggestion. He said ” Padre, instead of cutting it all off, couldn’t we just Ben it ah bit”? And de Padre said: “This place is Saint Benedict not Sing Ben-ah-dick”!



All this publicity talk bout University Education foh our children and ah Degree in every house by 2025 is going to back fire. Degrees in what? Will they come back with ah healthy attitude foh wuk? Will they be employable? will they be able to land more fish on the shore? Will they be able to wuk the land and reduce the high importation of vegetables and meat. Ah really frighten foh de temperature when all them Degrees start knocking down Kingstown. It will be Foreign-high instead ah Fahrenheit and lickle or no production. My concern is who is going to feed the population in 2025?

What is happening to Agriculture, Banana gone thru, any body ever stop to think that one ah the failing in Arrowroot, ah fantastic crop and potential money earner, is nobody dey to wuk the land, all the ole Arrowroot labourers die out. When this last batch ah Agricultural land wukers move out, who is going to replace them?

Now when are we going to offer incentives to the youths in school to get involved in wuking land, planting legal crops, fishing, animal husbandry. Right now we got all the children today studying foh CXC just to go way to University. And when ah go by the Supermarket all the vegetables on the shelves, imported from North America and priced sky-high. If ah farmer in the USA finds it profitable to produce tomato and squash and can ship them to SVG, why can’t our people be persuaded to plant them here.

So ah begging Bro Bug-in, de new Minister ah Education, ah good guy never mind the long standing disagreement going on between his subject and verb, but ah want him to start ah programme in school, call it Youths in Agriculture. Mek ah Revolution within the Revolution and say “Ah millionaire Farmer in every house by 2025”.

Bro Bugs is ah good thing to send our youths off to University, but some ah them must first earn ah schol. They must spend time in the land, tilling the soil; mind pigs, chicken, sheep, goat and cattle; spend time at sea in the fishing boats learning to fish; pon the construction site laying blocks and repairing roof; in the workshops using the machines, making beds and furniture; mek sure they get some wuking experience. Then look foh the best training foh them in dey respective skills. Otherwise by 2025 we will have ah Society with ah degree in every house in truth, but trust me, Tomato will come from China at $40. 00 ah pound and Fish and Beef from Tie-One at $ 50. 00. Interestingly, Marry Warner that is now thousands ah dollars foh ah few kilos, will be thousands ah kilos foh ah few dollar!

And with that yuh know, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!