Bassy - Love Vine
April 29, 2005
Car-lie falls for Marie Warner

Ah don’t want to join with the rest and pull down Car-lie to the dust, for his call to basically allow Marie Warner to do as she please in SVG and go way ever she want. We lucky Car-lie didn’t suggest that Marie Warner should marry-one-ah dem con men like Ah-dam-arse. Ah got one lickle question foh Car-lie, how come when he was ah minister in Guiv-ah-mint, the Attorney General at that, the man who suppose to recommend what law to mek, and what law to brek, the name Marie Warner never came to mind. Car-lie not looking at the score board, if he was, he would ah see that here at home, de Come-Red, who uses to go all over the region and cry more tears than Din-key Bawl-come, just to get some ah Marie Warner’s worse children off the hook, singing ah different tune, he not touching that and quite rightly too. {{more}}

But there is cents in Car-lies madness. The few occasions that ah got to visit the Prisons is enough to convince me that is wickedness to send some ah them young, innocent, misguided boys to jail foh ah sniff off Marie Warner skirt. Ley me use ah fictitious name John Browne, cause ah know he dead long time. How come John Browne could get drunk, speed down Vigie Highway and knock down Jane Jones (she dead too), kill she on the spot. And all they charge John Browne foh is reckless driving, they tek way his lie-cents foh one year and recommend that he goes to the Alcoholic Ah-man-nah-must foh re-hab treatment. One the other hand Ben Jeese son ain’t so lucky, he don’t drink alcohol, but is no way yuh can keep him from the smell ah Marie Warner’s dress tail. The police catches him in the act and bright and early Monday morning they drag him in front ah the Mad-is-straight. Like John Browne he gets his lie-sins tek way too, no smelling ah Marie Warner dress tail foh ah year, straight to Jail he goes. Nobody thinks he needs Re-hab treatment.

Ah don’t know if Car-lie mek his point clear enough, but these Marie Warner dress tail smellers need help. When they are caught, they should be made to tek come-pulse-we-treatment and made to do community service, like cutting the grass in the Cemetery or painting the Hospital Wards. But never should they be sent to Jail.

With regards to Car-lie suggestion that we should ship out every thing that Marie Warner got, that is ah bit sue-side-all. Doctor Albert Lockhart ah born Vincentian, incidentally ah man from my Village, ah remember him with ah big chest and ah set ah muscles. But it was Doctor Lockhart who stripped Marie Warner naked and found hidden deep down in her soul, ah drug that forms the basis foh treating Glaucoma, ah deadly Eye disease. Yuh would ah think that the Lockhart Eye Drops would ah open we Eye to go look foh more thing hidden in Marie Warner Soul case, no way, we prefer to search foh her with Hell-ah-capture, spray her with chemical, uproot her, bun her and do all manner ah evil unto Her. What we need to do is to explore the possibilities of extracting legal Buy-products from Marie Warner that can be marketed legally as Car-lie would like to suggest..


Only ah couple months ago there was a popularity pole that suggested talk show host E.G Linch was the number one mouth champ. Ah believe that seventy five percent ah Linch time on Radio is spent bunning the ULP Guv-ah-mint. It does not necessarily follow that all the people who listen are in support ah the NDP party that sponsors Linch program. People listen to the program foh all kind ah reason, some find it stink, some find it sweet, pleasant or obnoxious as it might be, it is daytime entertaining.

But ole people say what is joke foh school children is death foh craw-pow. De Come-red ain’t find Linch jokes and them funny, so the solution to that is to mek Linch shut his trap! So they set ah trap and Linch walk right into it. He is charged foh making statements that can cause Alarm. Quite frankly the most Alarm-in-ist piece ah information foh the year using ah scale ah one to ten, is Vinlec Light Bill, and ah give that ah eleven out ah ten. E.G. Linch will get ah one or two out ah ten foh his story bout this Miss-tree Jeep that could jam radio stations and tap phones. Ah said it already that ah case like EG’s should ah never reach the Courts. Ah Guv-ah-mint that has been very open to the people, should ah done put that Jeep at the Market Square foh one and all to see, of course that is if way Linch saying is ah lie. But somebody like they want to mek ah Martyr out ah Linch. Aesop did write ah story bout the serpent that was afraid ah the File, it was too sharp and he felt threatened, so rather than lef the file way it dey, he declare war pon it. His best plan was to blunt the cutting edges ah the file and mek it dull, so he started by rubbing his deadly fang up and down the file, and that soon became dull and useless; then he used his teeth and the file ground them down to his gum, and finally he used his tongue, and that started to bleed. When he decided to give up, it was too late, he had already lost his cutting edges, no fang, no teeth and no tongue. ULP like they got plenty fang, teeth and tongue to grind pon Linch.


Ah feel foh me friend Bernard (Bunzy) and his dear wife Allison who have lost their only son, ah young flower that just beginning to blossom. Ah wish they would console themselves just believing that as painful as it might be for them, God has ah purpose for everything, and Jason was called up to do higher service on the better side. And ah feel foh those other parents of the other youngsters who were in the vehicle during that fatal trip. Let us remember them all in our prayers. God Bless. And is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.