Bassy - Love Vine
April 1, 2005

Getting dizzy over dizzy-knee

When the Dizzy-knee People made the movie “Pi-rates ah de Caribbean” here, every body Rate them highly. Hoteliers Rate them, why? Business was never better, full house, they had to tek one bedroom sweet and sleep five and six people. Van drivers Rate them because they got lucrative contracts with de Dizzy-knee People and abandon their regular passengers leaving them stranded by the wayside. {{more}}Was like everybody owe-foh-Rate Dizzy-knee, men who would normally tell yuh they not wuking ah minute after four in the afternoon foh free, rushed by the hundreds, to wuk all night, just to be in this movie. Yuh would ah think that Hollywood run out ah actors and stars, and Dizzy-knee had to come to SVG where we have Cads (cheats) Ah-cad-ah-me Winners, ah dime ah dozen walking bout town.

When all ah dis was happening, not ah man come-plain then, not ah man asked what this movie was all about, in fact, we couldn’t wait fuh this movie to be released. And when it was released, it was immediately as yet another Dizzy-knee great Fan-to-see productions, it was creating quite ah stir among movie-goers. Ah watched parts ah the Movie, Fan-to-see is not my kind ah thing. But Lie-Za who watched it several times sum-her-eyes it and say it’s about Pi-Rats hunting fuh gold, found gold alright, but to get to it, they had to fight-off the Jumbies or Ghosts of the deceased Pi-rates who were left to watch their loot.

Strange enough, one dose and Dizzy-knee like it Dizzy-we! Every body kept asking when foh the next movie. Big headlines:”Dizzy-knee will be back!” That first production was only Part 1, there is going to be ah Part 2 and ah Part 3 and 4 maybe. Now lets us be realistic, Dizzy-knee is all about Fan-to-see. Fan-to-size-in is what they use to catch audiences. First we got Pi-Rate that was foh Rate-ins; this time is Pi-Rats Fan-to-size-in human beings like Rats, not cheese eating Rats but Rats that eat human beings; then it will be Pi-Rot where we will Fan-to-size how Rotten and stink we were/are; and finally, it will be Pi-Rut as in Rut to Fan-to-size-in sexual connotations, that’s when they will put the I-sin on the cake. So Pi-Rats of the Caribbean Part 2 is only smoke.


Ah been following the cries ah the Carib Chief of Dominica, and our local Carib descendants Doc Fraser, Carl Lewis, Renwick Rose and others. Obviously any documentary that suggests that after those violent battles long ago, our ancestors uses to Bar-B-Q the flesh ah the enemy, and had ah feast, will raise the wrath ah every socially conscious Vincy. Unlike my colleagues, me ain’t got no problem whether our ancestors uses to eat people or not. If they did, ah still proud ah them, because ah know it had to be all part ah the Conquest, Ritual, Mythology, Vengeance or whatever, it was not like hunting down humans to feed de family. Ah must add-myth, that ah overs the concerns foh the negative impact that this stigma which suggests Can-ah-bawl-is-him practices by our fore-fathers two to three hundred years ago, is likely to cause. But my major concern is that in the year 2005, Can-ah-bawl-is-him can be seen in all form and fashion. We eating people like real today, not just the body but the spirit, and this is no Ritual at all!

What ah mean by Can-ah-bawl-is-him? Remember how Lukisha Nanton was raped and massacred? How Mr. Browne the farmer was butchered at Carriere? That is Can-ah-bawl-is-him! Remember when the young man knock on the door and wake up two innocent ole people at Lodge Village and shoot them down? that’s Can-ah-bawl-is-him!

How bout when so called Big Pappies could stuff coke in the passages of young women like mules, and cart them off in ah plane to be caught and sent to Jail; or when that same coke is forced on our innocent, young school children, destroying them foh life, ruining families, isn’t that Can-ah-bawl-is him?

Incestuous mis-conduct by fathers and step-fathers and condoning Mothers who refuse to expose such behave-yah! Delinquent fathers who drop babies hey, dey and every way and never look back; even disowning the children. Unfaithful and Adulterous men and we-men deliberately spread AIDS as ah form ah revenge is Can-ah-bawl-is-him in my books.

Employers who conditionally turn interview with young girls into enter-view. Dishonest Bank wukers who mercilessly attack the savings ah poor unfortunate clients . What bout all them internal robbery into poor people’s Mails at the Post Office, up to now nobody is charged. Ah classify Pull-it-tek-all Victim-I-say-shun as ah form ah Can-ah-bawl-is-him too. When yuh put people out ah wuk foh pull-it-tek-all reason, yuh send them home to eat dey family. Can-ah-bawl-is-him.

They say out of evil cometh good. Dizzy-knee will certainly go down in our books as de Evil one, but maybe, foh some ah we, it could be ah timely reminder that Can-ah-bawl-is-him is not only about eating people’s flesh; but the worthless and wicked acts that we do here to one another and pass it of as the norm, is ah form ah Can-ah-bawl-is-him much worse than eating the flesh ah we worse enemy.


Ah spend all me time on Dizzy-knee, and ain’t get to write bout how ah mek this big kite from bamboo, plastic paper in case rain fall, and went flying with five hundred yards ah twine. Easter Monday, wind blowing like ah storm at Ratho Mill point. Ah took the family and one ah the wife’s colleague, Lyn ah teacher and Leah her baby daughter. Before ah run out half the twine, the kite cut-away. Luckily ah found it with all the twine. The kite cut-away ah second time, this time it ended up in Terry Sprott’s yard. Ah changed the loop to mek it fly overhead and away from the wind; it really wuk the third time and the kite use up the full 500 yards. The wind raised up higher and ah sense that it go cut-away again, so ah give the wife to hold, so that when it cut ah could blame she. Ah only hear when she said : “Oh Noooo!” ah watched the kite as it headed foh the sea this time, not ah chance ah retrieving it. That kite stressed me out all morning, ah felt ah could ah Bawl, but the kids had fun, so ah decided to call the whole episode Kite-ah-bawl-is-him!

And with that, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.