Bassy - Love Vine
March 24, 2005
Easter is ah must

Is something that does impress me all the time, that’s when ah hear ah Christian say: “ It was on such and such day and date, in such and such month of such and such year, that I accepted Christ as my Saviour.” That is excellent record keeping, but in my own case all ah know is that ah got up bright and early one Easter Sunday morning and say ah going church, and that it was ah good day foh me to surrender me life to Christ. The year ah could remember well, 1997, Ah Sunday of course but don’t ask me foh date. {{more}}

Ah gave it ah lot ah thought and figured that Easter would have to be the day. There are many days on the Christian Calendar that could be celebrated, but none is as important as Easter, the time of Jesus’ Resurrection. Can yuh imagine what will happen if yuh hear in the news, that Archeologists were digging somewhere in the hills ah Jerusalem and someone found ah tomb with ah male skeleton. The experts suggest that the body is estimated to be around two thousand years ole and there are nail holes in the palms and feet. Speculations are that the body might very well be that of Jesus, the symbol of Christianity who was crucified two thousand years ago.

Now if that was ever to happen, what will happen to Easter, our Resurrection, our Hope? In short Christianity gone thru. Our Faith is all built on ah Resurrected Christ. That was the final part of the deal; after His death, there was going to be ah Resurrection where Christ will rise from the dead, go to His Father, prepare ah place foh us all, and come again. Our trusted records the Bible, says that two eye-witnesses, ladies, who witnessed His death and were among the last to see Him alive and see Him buried; were also the first messengers to see the risen Christ, they discovered the M.T. tomb. Moments after, they found Him alive and spoke with Him. The Records also says that after He rose, He visited His disciples, spoke with and even had Communion with them. Since then people been finding all sort ah things associated with Jesus, His tomb, robe, shroud or wrap, but never has any body found ah root ah hair, ah toe nail or teeth, not even the smallest part of His body in ah tomb or anyway, and foh that all Christians can shout Hallelujah He Lives!


It was ah Cultural Resurrection that brought to life the Music Festival that was locked away in ah tomb foh seven years. The Festival lasted all week bringing together well over ah hundred individuals and groups in the seniors, and ah few hundred Primary and Secondary students. Sunday night was the big night of finals with thirty-nine gold medal performances. Ah was in the heart ah the competition and spent all night back stage sweating with butterflies coming thru me mouth, waiting to go on stage to get ah shot at the over all championship trophy. Some powerful performances hit the stage Sunday night, Cantemos, the Police Orchestra, young Victor Job, Jillian Charles, Narissa Ballantyne, Andrea Gaymes and Sherika Sayers. Doitte Horne did the rappers proud.

But it was Rhythmix Steel Orchestra with the help of one Sean Sutherland, ah musical genius, who walk-way with the big prize. To win Most Outstanding Performance at ah Music Festival calls foh discipline, dedication and hard wuk; Rhythmix did us proud. Here is ah group ah young people who started to play pan in school, following in the footsteps of Bishop’s College, they have kept going despite very difficult circumstances, ah band without ah home or pan-yard. They came in foh high praises from Mrs. Sealey, the Adjudicator herself ah Panorama Judge foh the last thirty years in T’n’T. What ah pity more of our local Pan sides didn’t mek good the chance to perform for and get an assessment from ah qualified Judge who would have no local buy-us. Already ah hearing people saying that Rhythmix taste early victory, and based on what went down foh the Music Festival, Starlift in trouble this year Panorama.

Ah have nothing but praises foh the Music Association and would like to suggest that next time, they broadcast the Night of Finals live on T.V. It is ah pity that ah show of such high standard was limited to an audience of only three hundred people.

And on that musical score, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy