Bassy - Love Vine
February 25, 2005
De dog and de tyre

Ah live just above the NDP headquarters so ah could stop by me porch and see and hear foh me self way going on. They had ah big crowd at the Convention and like they come from all over to mek noise, to be honest, they mek so much ah noise ah thought was one ah them Tanty Merle Cricket Match playing. {{more}}

The size ah the crowd at ah Convention tells yuh one thing foh sure and that is if yuh party dead or alive. And from what was teking place ah feel NDP is very much ah-live. Ah tek in all ah the speakers one after the other.

How did Mr Raw-mess Marriage get pass de new NDP check-point? He is ah very good Lawyer. Outside ah that his ill-lust-to-us pull-it-tek-all contribution can be summed up in ah short paragraph: “Raw-Mess, ah former Left-tenant General in one ah the two tribal Armies that continue to plague, torment and stagnate one ah the greatest country in the World.” NDP could ah save de passage money and leave Mr. Raw-mess Marriage right way he belong with Panday and Man-in. EG Lynch or Frank Da Silva would ah do just as good or even ah better job than Mr. Raw-mess. What he did was to upset de Come-Red by tying de Come-Red on to Papa Doc.

Ah must add-myth that de Come-Red skin only look Coarse and Rough but it very Soft, he tin-skin! Gary Stewart write ah poem saying he dis and dat, every body read it and had ah laugh, some ah smile, and lef it right dey. Every body except de Come-Red, he say what is joke foh school-pickney is death foh Crap-hoe, so he ball out foh Lie-Bell! All Vincy skin teeth is not laugh. We not only know how to but how long to laugh, and that is ah good thing, otherwise all them dirty pull-it-tek-all jokes them fellars does play pon we would ah send we pull-it-tek-all-he mad! When is time to vote all joke over, and nobody know that better than de Come-Red, so he must cool out, when we heckle him.

Ah would caution against disrespect, keep the wives, de parents and children out ah de melee, after that my weapon apart from de vote is de Heckle.

Sir James was his usual Nansi-I self. With Sir James yuh got to listen more carefully to what he didn’t say than what he say. And is nuff thing he didn’t say. He revisited Grand Anse but didn’t say what he and de Come-Red talk about when they made that historical walk. He didn’t say on whose bad-vice Raw-mess Marriage came, but between the lines he hinted that Arm-In must do ah Kevin Lyttle: “Turn-de people on”! And while he didn’t say de Come-Red mek noise foh Guv-ah-mint and now he get it he teking it mek urinal, he reminded us of de Dog mashing up its mouth trying to bite the tyre when the vehicle is in motion, but when the vehicle stop, that same aggressive dog could only cock-up he back leg and We-We pon de Tyre. But that was Sir James in Nansi-I times. He feel he can help the Party win back Power and ah will not dispute that. Any thing cousin John in Lusha can do cousin James can do better.

Arm-In was very good with his ten point development plan. Should he ever return to Power, he might very well become ah most unpopular Prime Minister in the shortest period. Unpopular not among the Opposition, but from his Party’s loyal supporters who will be looking foh revenge and blood and no darn: “kinder, gentler society”!


The Boys at the Liberty Lodge Training Centre having ah Big Fair on Sat-dey 26th February They hoping to raise Funds to cover the cost of their Young Leaders Project, they still hoping to get ah sponsor. Remember how they won the Young Leaders Trophy in 2001? Well they desperately want to win again this year. This year their theme takes us right back in time: “Recovering Traditional Art Forms and Bridging the Gap”, Kite flying, spinning Tops and riding Scooter.

The challenge however, is making these items. So the Lads will be organizing three competitions in the Primary Schools, Kite, Top and Scooter. Ah wonder why they left out marbles? Scooter was my thing, ah still have bruises to show from riding scooter. If yuh ain’t get ah chance to go the Fair, then get on to the school and still mek ah contribution. Isn’t it ironic that the Centre is located at Liberty Lodge.

The name Liberty Lodge suggests an environment of Freedom where one Lives or abodes, and is no better place foh ah home foh unfortunate Boys. Cheryl Johnson is now in charge, and ah know Cheryl very well, she commits her soul into whatever she undertakes.

Our Boys are in good hands, let’s be ah part ah the Programme.


Dear Mr. Stand-ford, Ah had ah bad experience with Carry-been Star in 2001 when ah was delayed for 24 hours in SVG trying to leave and another 24 hours delay ah week later trying to return out of T’n’T. Frustrated ah took ah LIAT flight home. Ah never got my refund. Ah swore never to travel with yuh again. But the wife booked me to Bo-bathe-us with yuh last week. Ah was happy ah did, cause ah got in 15 minutes ahead ah time. My 4:00 p.m return flight left at 6:00 p.m. We were told to SVG via St Lucia and then on to T’n’T. When we got to St. Lucia, the attendant said we will now proceed to T’n’T and then back to SVG. With 17 passengers foh SVG and one foh T’n’T, obviously that arrangement didn’t favour us from SVG; so we demanded an explanation, and got none, then we started to mek noise that you tek us home which is on the way.

Then your man in St. Lucia ah mister Springer, boarded the plane and immediately unloaded ah barrage ah threats on us. He gave us an ultimatum: “you all cannot mek noise on the Aircraft, or I will have all of you thrown in Jail tonight, if you all don’t want to travel on the flight to T’n’T, get off the plane or you will all sleep in Jail!” Mr Stand-ford, yuh under-Stand way ah coming from right? Is Mr Springer’s Attitude part of yuh whole new Altitude? Ah promised again, never to travel with yuh again, but your Pilot who flew us up from T’n’T was so polite ah having second thoughts. He is quite ah gentleman, he apologized and repaired the damage. Ah would suggest yuh air-mark him foh Pilot of the year Ah-Ward. And kindly donate the Hog of the Year Ah-Ward to Mr Springer, from the passengers of Flight 767.

And just like that, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!