Bassy - Love Vine
February 18, 2005
Is NDP in de wilderness?

One ah the hardest Pull-it-tek-all leader ever to hit ‘mother-earth’ was Moses.

Ah could just imagine how King Fare-owe Palace Guard was holding back de laugh when he ask Moses who he checking on, and Moses in his usual stuttering manner tell de Guard: ” Tey-tey-tey tell yoh-yoh-yoh Boss ah co-co-co-come to co-co-co-collect every one ah-ah-ah-all dem He-he-He-brew say-say-slaves he gah-gah-gat”. Right away de Guard done scents that this is ah mad man, so he go kicks off on Moses foh ah while. He then asked Moses: “And who are yuh, who must I say sent yuh to collect every Hebrew slave wuking here?” {{more}}

Tie tongue nah tie brain and Moses scents that de Guard want to mek ah fool ah him, short tempered already, abruptly he said: ” Tey-tey-tey-tell him….. Goh-Goh-God senme”. Well Palace gate break down, de guard can’t hold back de laugh no more, he decide to send de fool ah lickle further, so he point in the direction ah the head Guard and tell Moses: ” Yuh see that fellar by the end ah the passage, go tell him way yuh just tell me, tek yuh time go”.

As ah understand the story, them Guards kicks off on Moses foh days before he eventually got his first meeting with Fear-Oh! And young King Fare-Owe of course would ah hear from his dad Fare-Owe senior all bout Moses, how he was ah big threat to his dad in that same Palace. How all dem Egypt-shun girls uses to chase behind Moses before he left. But from that mean look on Moses’ face and the mad outfit he wore, young Fear-Oh realized right then that forty years in the Wilderness had driven Moses Crazy! He too decided to kicks-off on Moses, so he tell Moses: “Mozey boy, yuh say God sent yuh foh all ah them Hebrew slaves that ah have, well go see if yoh find God again, and tell Him ah say, is nuff slaves, you alone can’t catch dem, He must come He-self!”


Well, according to how de story go, Fare-Owe and them didn’t know that Moses had gone thru ah therapy called ” de Wilderness Treatment” and when ah man done do his Wilderness Treatment, nothing could stop him from reaching way he want to go, or in this case getting de Master wuk done! And is the same in Poly-ticks, Comrad Joshua was in de Wilderness, so was Cato, Sir James spent ten long years getting Wilderness Treatment. The man that spent the longest time getting de Wilderness Treatment is de Come-Red! They all get way they was looking foh. Ah question to ask is if Bro Arm-In ever went or does he have to go in de Wilderness too?.

Now that is why ah really curious to hear what Sir James got in store foh the NDP this weak-end when he address the Convention. Remember that NDP is dear to Sir James. That’s his second child. When he was pregnant with the first child back in 1964, he took-in with Labour pains ah night in the same Market Square, the water bag buss, but no sooner the baby came out, Sir James was so excited, he started to sing “Archie Bruk-dem up”! And right dey and den, de Baby died on the spot, ah still-born! Not long after that, Sir James got ah lickle taste ah Fare-Owe Palace Treatment, and then straight in the Wilderness he went foh ten long years.

So will Sir James remind them that his ten-ure outside in the dust, brought him seventeen years in the shade; that every Party, every Leader, every true Pull-ah-trick-on must spend time in de Wild. And then he must throw light on the big Question,: “Is de NDP in de Wilderness”? If the answer is Yes, then foh how long, is it one term, two or three terms?

But if the Party feel they strong and not in the Wild, then Sir James will remind them that while the Party beginning to look good with the add-vent ah some Big names foh de up-coming Fight, is not so much the size ah de fellars in this fight that matters, but de Size ah de Fight in de Fellars dem!

Lie-Za got ah Maths Theory: Wilderness Time is proportionate to Palace Time; similarly Palace Time is proportionate to Wilderness Time. In short the longer ah man spends in the Wilderness before getting in, is the longer he likely to spend in Office when he gets in, and Versa Vice. Sir James will also have to remind them that de Come-Red spent ah lot ah time receiving Wilderness Treatment, and it was first Sir Vin-Sin and then he Sir James who had compassion on de Come-Red and opened the Palace gate foh him to get inside.


Lie-Za was asking how come ah man with all my experience as ah Surveyor, putting down boundaries in every Constituency, that de Come-Red didn’t put me down as Cheer-man ah the Constituency Boundaries Commission. She betting me that the first thing the Commission going do is to move all them White votes away foh Browne in Dorsetshire Hill and put them over to meet Julie-Ann; and down in Mallah Village way Arm-In pop-yuh-law, they cutting off that area and putting it with Friday in the Northern Grenadines. Then she ask me if ah did get on de Commission what ah would ah do. So ah tell she that with Town Boards and Village Councils coming back, we don’t need fifteen seats in Par-liar-mint.

Ah recommending just three seats, Windward, Leeward and Grenadines. And not ah man could challenge me on that, cause as far back as Cato time it was ah one man Army, then when Sir James came, it was ah two in one Army, I and I. And now that de Come-Red in Power is ah four in one Army, I and I times I and I, that is equal to I and I squared!

And with that is gone I and I gone again.

One Love Bassy.