Bassy - Love Vine
February 4, 2005

Ah lickle more blues in de fest

Ah giving the organizers ah de Blue Fest nine out ah ten; come next year if they could nice it up with ah lickle Blues sorry, lickle MORE Blues, ah will give them full marks. Buccama Bay was made foh Blues and whatever Hotel development plans we got in the mix foh down dey, provisions must allow foh our Blues Fest. {{more}} Every thing seemed just right, the arm-Blue-ants sorry that’s Ambience is embodied in Blue, the Sea, the surrounding hills and the Blue Sky that was punctuated with bits ah Blue-moon on Sat-dey night.

After Nine Mornings and Carnival, Blues Fest is the next best thing on SVG Tour-is-him Calendar! Nuff respects to de Man Basil foh Visions of the first Blue Prints. Hosting the Fest this time ah year is excellent timing with most of our winter visitors still around. Already the Festival is bearing fruits as ah number of our young, promising Artistes are getting ah break to express them-selves on stage. This year ah brand new Group “Xpressions” again young musicians, made ah first appearance and got ah one-day-full reception.

Blues is also good foh de family. At least once in every Blue Moon we suppose to shake off the Blues and tek our Blue-Eye-Baby out to ah Blue Chip function, just like how we does get Red hot on Valentine’s Day, dress up in Red and Redeem ourselves by taking Her out to ah Red-Letter ocassion. Admirably ah number of young couples did not waste the night of Blues. On the other hand ah notice ah lot ah married-fellars had other I-dare. They mek that ‘husbands night-out’ and of course by strange coincidence, they just happen to run into these chics they never met, and who just happen to be having ah girls night-out too. Well all yoh know how dem story go, in the meantime, de Wives dey home getting Blue vex…. And hear this, if word gets back home, she dare not ask questions or else, is Black ‘n’ Blue-Eye! Even my girl Lie-Za was doing her thing. She was with ah fellar that was definitely not Lie-Owe, but he look so much like Lie-Owe yuh could say he is ah Blue Print. She introduced him to me as Lie-Low, and it was really Lie-Low in truth, because on the other side there was Lie-Owe, Lie-in-Low at the Bar with ah strange chick, ah suppose her name would be Lease-Her just foh the night!


Sat-dey night was the Big Night and that is when ah went. Touch was playing. The good thing about the members of Touch is that even though the Group is not officially together, they are all still very much into music, and that explains why they sounded so original and good. Qshan Dia, ah confident young man who can hold his own on any stage was next. He lifted the show several notches up and the crowd loved his act.

Next we had the discovery ah the Festival, the Group Xpressions with five males (musicians) and two female Singers, versatile and daring enough to tackle Jazz and Blues with confidence. They are destined foh greater Xpressions once they keep on keeping on. We also had ah bit of Yaphatoo, one ah the budding talents to benefit from ah big show like Blues Fest, and ah glad foh Yapha.

And then the Star ah the night Michelle Henderson made her way on stage and the show went ah couple more notches up the scale. Ah Dominican with international recognition! Ah Fantastic performer, sings, dances and handles herself well on the flute. Her repertoire included Blues as well as her own home made Zuke! Believe me, after Michelle that was it. The curtain was suppose to come down with ah Feature performance from Steel Pulse, they were down to play foh two hours. Oh man, they took almost ah hour to set up and by that time my Pulse was up and ready to go home. When they did get started, ah was not impressed, same rhythm, same one singer, same style after ah half hour, it became obvious to me that somebody like they Steal the Steel out ah Steel Pulse. So ah left ah bit disappointed with that performance.

The show was very professionally managed by My-Call Pee-taz who came dressed to stage manage, but had to fill in foh Burn-hard John as MC and, was caught all night in a Zebra-like Prison T-shirt that Supt. Rodriguez allowed him to carry home. This gwine Pee-off Pee-taz but between now and Nine Morning, me and he sweet again.

Stage lighting was very good, ah was not overly impressed with the mixing ah the sounds.

Eh Eh! Ah nearly forget, De Come-Red was there all dressed in ah Red Jacket. He was either late for his Santa Claws axe or too early foh Valentine. He was accompanied by ah Blue-Belle who also Come-Red too. Now Lie-Za was up front and said she was not sure who that lady with de Come-Red was; she hear somebody Sue-Sue in that the lady walk like the wife, sit elegantly like de wife, smile graciously like de wife, dance like de wife, she swear she got to be ah perfect Blue Print ah the wife. Dey love to Sue- Sue ah know de Come-red ain’t getting to Sue me foh no Blue Print ah anybody!

And with that is gone ah gone again!

One Love Bassy.