Bassy - Love Vine
January 28, 2005

Ah proud to be Vincy

Maybe my ignorance in Far-reign policy will explain why ah feel like vomiting when ah listen to my Caribbean Prime Ministers, one after the other, repeating over and over, word foh word, like when ah record stick, that Diplomatic Relations is about self interest, how in the near future Big China will be calling all the trumps, and they shifting Ties from Lickle China, Tie-One and going to Big China. {{more}} And from the time they mek that pronouncement, who ain’t getting Airport getting Hospital and what not from Big China, is like Big China see right thru our leaders, they see we as Gallows Bait, and they know just how to bait we, who ain’t hungry, lickrish; and who ain’t dishonest, corrupt! We full ah education but no scruples! Man is only one name ah could find to call them kind ah leaders, and that is Pull-it-tek-all Pass-de-truth! Ah Pass-de-truth is ah man or woman who readily Butts his/her lover foh ah new lover on the grounds that s/he could get more material worth out ah the new Lover.

It is clear that Tie-One is or was playing up to these islands to get us to plug foh ah membership foh them at the UN. Again ah can’t overs world poli-ticks. Here yuh have ah country with an economy that is among the top ten nations in the world, but cannot get ah membership in the UN. Since Tie-One has been our friends, we have been literally brain-washed with documentaries and other material about their great country. I am up foh correction but ah have not heard the kind ah adverse comments on Tie-One as compared to Big China. Forgive me ah does watch too much CNN too.

Tie-One has been ah friend in deed, they have been giving us Assistance, some feel they could ah been more forth coming, but Tie-One’s policy towards SVG is one of “Teaching ah Man to Fish and not Give him Fish every time he Begs foh Fish”!

So I am glad that Prime Minister Douglas of Sin Kits and De Come-red of Sin Vin Sin have decided to maintain links with Tie-One. And ah was happy this week to hear Arm-In saying if and when NDP gets back in office, he will remain a friend ah Tie-One. When my Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition could see I-to-I on positions of such high morals and Principles, even if ah starve later on, ah feel proud to be ah Vincy

Ah wonder what them other Pull-it-tek-all Pass-de-truths saying now with regards to. Tie-One being admitted to the United Nation, or they not getting into that, that’s is not in dey interest.


Lie-Za is very upset that the media not showing Ivan Owe-Neal and his Green Party nuff respect. She was saying that the Party ain’t even form yet and he doing so much, Green Party going put down ah University up in the country. Yuh know how them come-mess people does sit down and mek up ah story, well Lie-Za give me ah outline ah this University, yuh would think that she had talks with Owe-Neal. She say this University will be headed by ah Board ah Directors from the Green Party. They trying to get Mr. See-me-in Green foh cheer-man. His cousin Jet-Row Green will handle de Faculty called Organization for the Resurrection of De-muck-we-see (ORD). Lecturers in Linguistics will come from among people like Allan Crook-shank, Gomry-Daniel and Bug-in. Frank Da Silva will head the Current-to-Fear Department! D.S. John- Mr. Constitution will handle Integrity Legislation (Section Farty-too). That devil Candy Edwards will head ah department that qualifies yuh foh Refrigeration and Central Heating (Hot and Cold).

There will be ah lot ah nice programs. Every student got to do the Associate Course that is in two parts. Part one is called BIG as in Bigots Interest in Guv-ah-mint. And part two is called ARSE an Associate in Remedial Studies in Education. Lie-Za say that on successful completion ah both courses, everybody will get ah degree that they could even use as ah title, like how we does say Doctor Fraser, ah graduate from Green U could put his/her title after his/her name. Peole might laugh at yuh title, but only yuh will know how much yuh buss yuh what-ever Big time to graduate. So we got to vote I-van!

Before ah go, if any body could get ah message to Lara, tell him to drop Dillon and play the extra batsman Powell in the next match, and he must bat No3 or 4. And with that is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!