Bassy - Love Vine
September 3, 2004
Education looking good

Well all the Exam results reach out and the figures look satisfying. Ah want to big up Mr. Cain and his over-worked staff at the College. On these big occasions when the results good, we tend to laud all the praises on the students and forget to say thank yoh to the teachers. {{more}}Of course ah got to big up the students, is not the best thing to single out any one or two students, but this year the boys did unusually well foh ah change; ah don’t want to sound like ah shove-ah-nest, but the lickle sparks from young Douglas, Browne and Roban should ignite ah lickle inspiration in the other boys to mek them put out some perspiration pon the books and pass with good grades.
Ah curiously waiting foh the 2005 A-Level results. These results from this coming batch is like ah litmus test foh the red-he-cal move that Mike made to increase the student population at the College and put them in ply-wood class rooms. That did cause ah stink from certain negative quarters. But from all indications the Form 1 students in the ply-wood class-rooms at the Grammar school had good passes, even better than those in the concrete walls at other schools.
Even the “O” Levels this year was good. Some ah them kids like they had ah field day with the exams, distinctions like wild fire. Yoh could imagine how ah feel with me one and ah half “O” Level subjects when ah see youths like Kamal Wood pass eleven Grade 1 subjects and Mandella Campbell ten Grade 1. Ah believe if yoh tek off them children skull cap, yoh will not find brains, yoh will see mikes, tapes, CD and cassette nicely arranged in those skulls.
Honestly ah wish ah could ah turn back the clock and become ah student in these times. With all the opportunities available to get ah free University Education, there was no way ah was going to play the fool and mek them throw me out ah School before ah get me A-Levels. These last couple ah years is the most young people ah see getting scholarships to go way and study foh ah Degree, some full grants, some part grants and so on. Ah think de Come-red could tek full marks foh his Guv-ah-mint’s positive thrust in the field ah Education. Yes there are loop holes, but the pluses way out number the few negatives.
Man the fastest and surest way to develop ah nation is to educate the people. When they come back who can’t find Jobs, will have to create Jobs, and who can’t create Jobs, will be equipped foh the outside world to go find good Jobs and send home the remittances!

Ah think ah beginning to sound like ah Rainy-ite but ah can’t stop saying that she continues to impress me as Minister of Culture. Since Rainy took over that ministry, is an event to every month, Lie-Za say ah must remember is ah woman in charge so that should explain the monthly business. Last month was the Bread Fruit and what ah one-day-full I-dare it was. Ah didn’t get to any ah the functions but followed it on Radio and T.V. Ah can just see this Festival developing into ah big attraction with not only display of dishes, but also song, poetry, drama and dance; ah trying to figure out what ah Breadfruit Dance go look like, all the dancers will have to be big belly; De Come-Red and Arm-in will “together now” represent the ins and outs of ah roast Breadfruit. Say what-ever, there is potential in our Breadfruit.
And then Rainy is building ah camp foh the Carnival Mas Bands at Arnos Vale. The site will have six sheds and an area foh displaying costumes and holding exhibitions and mini Carnivals. Lie-Za say she want to see the Mardi Gras parade starting from Arnos Vale, up Casson Hill, round Murray Road and thru town. She say she want to see how them size 40X women who love to misbehave pon the road go mek them hills.
But Rainy does not stop dey, she renovating Fort Charlotte with plans foh Restaurant and shops. That too could be ah novelty foh the visitors and locals as well. The only thing ah worried bout is all the talk ah uses to hear bout all them Ole Soldiers jumbie who perished in the War, up by the Fort pon ah night marching up and down. They will be glad foh company, or maybe not. Can yoh imagine raising me glass to toast, next thing when ah look in the glass all me wine done drink out. Or, me order Red Snapper next thing ah notice me fish jump out ah plate and flying round the room like Flying Fish.
When all ah that happen is gone ah gone again.
One Love Bassy.
P.S. Ah ask Lie-Za what she think wrong with me friend Frank Da Silva. She say is nothing more than he now get to find out that Arm-In say he prefer run Froggo, or Hugh but he will never run they brother Frank Da Silva as ah candidate in his Party. Ha! Ha! Yuh deal with that one Frank!