Bassy - Love Vine
August 6, 2004
Watch out foh Barack Obama

Man ah get hooked on the US Presidential Elections, it interesting.
Last week the Democratic Convention was held in Boston; some powerful speakers were on display, Clinton talked like he was still the President, Mrs. Theresa Kerry, wife of Presidential Candidate John Kerry was just great, she would be an asset to her husband, if he ever wins. {{more}}But strange enough, the man that mess-more-eyes the crowd and walked away with the speaker’s prize was not Kerry or his running mate foh the Vice President John Edwards, but ah brilliant, young Afro-American name Barack Obama, ah pull-it-tek-all freshman. Obama will be running foh Senator in Ohio, now this is interesting since the last Black Senator in the House was Ed Brooke and that was some thirty years ago. When Obama was finished dressing down the Con-Vent-Shun, Senator Bob Dole ah Republican, in response to ah question from Larry King asking how he rated Obama’s speech, Dole said “ Ah’ll give him an ‘A’ Larry!” So watch out foh that Barack Obama.
Before the Con-Vent-Shun, the Democrats said they were looking foh ah 10 % rise in Kerry’s popularity. But after four full days ah Con-in, Vent-in, Shun-in (Convention-in), the Gallop Polls say Kerry’s ratings moved by Zero, not ah point. And the feeling is that come end ah month when the Republicans hold their Con-Vent-Shun, Bush and Chain-he Ratings will move up the same amount like Kerry and Edwards, ah big Zero too! Right now Bush and Kerry running ah dead heat and that is what mek it so interesting, and got me hooked on this Elect-shun!


Talking bout Gallop Polls, Lie-Za said she going start ah regular fortnightly poll between de Come-Red and Arm-In. She handed me ah piece ah scrap paper that is suppose to represent ah DE-TAIL of her first Poll.
She gave Arm-in ah twenty-five points foh his Fund Raising exercise to assist children with school supplies. De Come-Red she gives ah thirty points foh officially going fuh the Can-One Airport extension; and she say while Arm-in gets ah ten point foh supporting the Airport project to mek him thirty-five points, he gets ah minus ten points foh asking ah blank question in the House, the one bout the phantom swimming pool and tennis court that is suppose to be building at the P.M. residence. He would ah get ah ten point if he did ask: “is IT true Guv-ah-mint done spend 2.5 million dollars on top ah the 2.1 million dollars that the NDP did spend on the house?” And the Football issue that both de Come-Red and Lay-cock say is not Pull-it-tek-all was debated all day in the House this week. Lie-Za feels that go high go low, the Football Association should come forward with De-Tail ah their expense; trans-pair-and-see is healthy. So she giving de Come-Red ah ten points foh the Football match in Par-liar-mint. Lie-Za’s greatest fear is that when SVG done play all its matches ‘gainst T’n’T, Mexico and St Kitts, only two goals will be scored, one each by de Come-Red and Maj. Lay-Cock. Looks like the game of Football in SVG is about to Lose big time! And Lie-Za’s first Gallop Polls shows de Come-Red with forty-five points and Arm-in twenty-five points.
Ah try telling her that she can’t expect any body will tek she seriously if she just jot down figures like that without any de-tails. She say, these days de-tails is foh Football, she not in no Football Melee with me, as far as she is concerned, de Come-Red de-feet Major Lay-Cock in de-fence foh lack ah de-tail!


If is one time she get her story right without any discount foh accuracy is with the changes at the Ministry ah Education. Lie-Za was first to tell me that Mrs. Francis the expert on Stats was getting Stat-ache at the Min. Of Education and Laura Browne was given her rightful place as P.S. Education. Hugh Wyllie who was hoping to move up to Chief Education got to give way to Mrs. Suzan Dougan former GHS Principal. Ah expecting some Frank talk on this from Hugh’s brother on his Current Ah-fear program. At that Lie-Za will get me in trouble, she say Mrs. Leacock in trouble, she had more NDP people than ULP in VIP seats at Grammar School Graduation. Ah hope that is only talk, and she is allowed to do her final year at Grammar School.
Now this is where ah was about to give Lie-Za ah discount; she say that Mrs. Vanloo was offered the post of Principal GHS and she turned it down, who so mad? So the post was given to one Andrea Bowman. The appointment of Andrea is rather historical as it is probably the first time the daughter of ah former Headmistress of the GHS will fit her butt-tuck in her mother’s chair. Ah hard act to follow but as hard as it might appear, like mother like daughter, Andrea has always struck me as one with Dignity and Competence personified. Lie-Za puts it nicely, she say is no cents ah tell Andrea she following in she mother footsteps, cause in Mrs. Keizer’s hey-day Clarke’s was the shoes in fashion; now-ah-days Andrea them into Gucci, Nike and Reebuck! Congrats Andrea, give it yoh best Shot sorry, yoh best Arrow, Mrs Bow-man!
And with that, ah gone again! Love Bassy.