Bassy - Love Vine
July 30, 2004
She’s queen ah all fruits

Tell me ah wrong If Ah say that Breadfruit got gender, is ah she. She not only fruit-full but fertile, furthermore no man-nothing does bear, check out man paw paw, it barren. So Breadfruit not only female but is Queen and not ah man doubt man. {{more}} If yuh have problems with that Roy-all-tea, then ask Lennie Daisley, ‘cause his buddy Andrew Cummings say, that near-buzz in Stubbs say, that if yuh want to hear the Village light up with noise, ley Lennie go home foh lunch and de wife forget to cook ah piece ah Breadfruit in the pot fuh his lunch. Is like Lennie went to doctor and he prescribed “ ah slice ah breadfruit daily”. Or ask Sip Nehall, he on ah Lennie die-ate, Sip went to Antigua fuh six years and got ah lickle piece ah Breadfruit once; since he is back, he trying to Ketch-Up! My Near-ville string bury in ah Our-Root field between two trees, ah Breadfruit and ah Mango so yuh would overs how my loyalty divided.
Anyhow, all joke aside, ah want to “ Big-up” Minister Rainy foh meking Breadfruit our Honoured Guess foh Emancipation this year. Is time some ah we Emancipate we mind from all the heng-ups we got fuh Breadfruit, show Respect and Dignify the Breadfruit, let’s give she some Added Value.
With ah bit ah skepticism ah giving Capt. Bligh the “cudos” fuh bringing Breadfruit to the Caribbean; my gut feelings is that there was Breadfruit ripe-in and dropping off the tree when Bligh and them arrived, but yuh know how that go, Columbus discovered us in absentia! Lady B was Christened and named Arto Carpus Incisa, ah real mouth-full ah Latin that, so we rename she Breadfruit and with Salt-fish, we nyam-an-ate she the National Dish.

Show me another fruit that tek care ah yuh from the cradle to the grave like Breadfruit does, and ah will bow to yuh. Mash it with butter fuh the baby! Boil it! Stew it! Curry it! Roast it! Next morning Fry it over! Mek Pie! Mek Salad! Mek soup! Mek Cou Cou! Granny did tell me in the War days they uses to dry it, then pound it mek Flour! At the Hotels yuh will be tickled with Breadfruit pickled (souse), stuffed/baked with ah piece ah salt beef or corn-pork in the centre; Breadfruit Buns; Croquettes; Duchesse and last but not least Lady Oil Down!
Show me again, ah Tree other than the Breadfruit that feed yuh, tek she body mek bat and ball; mek wheel fuh scooter and cart; saw-up into boards to build house mek shelter, and then turn round mek Coffin to bury yuh, yes show me another tree like that, and ah will tek off me hat and Sir-loot yuh!
When ah was building over me board house, ah had to remove one ah the Breadfruit Tree in front the house, notice ah say one ah, ah still got several trees. But when ah cut that tree ah saw-up the trunk into some nice boards and mek the banister fuh the house; ah plan foh when ah get ole, and can’t come up, the steps, ah got me Breadfruit banister and hand rails to help me come up, the stairs.
And Breadfruit comes in many class, colour and texture. Yuh got from the ordinary, hard to cook Breadfruit from town; but up in the country is Cocoa Bread, ah big round lady with smooth skin, light texture and cream in colour; and yuh got Cashie Bread, another big lady with itch-she skin, very refined texture, white colour. Lou Lou ah small version ah the Cashie Bread! Is big war among the people from Park Hill, South Rivers and Mespo over which village got the best Breadfruit in the country. Let Girl-In and de Come-red fight over that like PR and Sir James did fight over Wail Oil vs Black Fish Oil!

Queen Breadfruit is not all cook, eat and throw-way! She can get into yuh system like ah-dick-shun. Just like alcohol, Breadfruit got fumes, and could mek yuh poop loud and stink! The Doctor will tell yuh that’s good, it’s free. But when Sir James noticed he was getting lazy and good-fuh-nothing, he and his Doctor decided that he was eating too much Breadfruit, the fumes reaching de brains. Then Sir James watch how people here wanted everything fuh nothing, everybody hopping pon the gravy-train, he concluded that Vincentians got Breadfruit Men-tell-at-tea! And anybody refer to yuh as the “B” Men-tell-et tea don’t vex, wait till he call yuh ah Roast Breadfruit, it’s not ah compliment, yuh skin only Black outside but inside White with self-hate, yuh sorry yuh ain’t White!
Way back in 1959 ah went to T,n,T fuh ah vacation, ah mek the mistake and tell the fellars on the block at Laventille ah come from SVG, after that, them guys never stop heckling me, one bright fellar hit me the hardest, he told the others he was in SVG and up hey the Law say that if yuh kill ah man they will set yuh free, like way going on now; if yuh cut off ah breadfruit limb they jail yoh foh five years; and if yuh cut down ah whole Breadfruit Tree, they will charge yuh foh murder and Heng Yuh! Breadfruit Tree and ah man Wuk is synonymous, it’s life threatening, yuh fire him, and people will cry shame on yuh foh cutting down his Breadfruit Tree.
Lie-Za must get in her two sense bit; she say Breadfruit diagnostic, How one time she did tell she mother how she dream she was eating ah bowl ah young Breadfruit and small-fish! And the mother carry she right away to the Doctor fuh tests. Guess what, she was pregnant!

Ah lot is happening in Tennis, leading the way is Basil’s Bar who sponsored ah Triology Tournament now teking place. But Last Sunday, KFC manage to pull out all them “has beens” and “never was” in the game ah Lawn Tennis, led by Nigel and K-B-Jah , Fitz Huggins, Morris Burton, Sonny and Don Williams, Tyrone Jack, Samantha and even Sweety Pie pastry-man like he was firing up some flour power shots.. KFC gave $ 600. 00 fuh this tournament called “Serve It Up” nah chicken eh. Yuh lose yuh service, yuh come off the Court. Nigel say is ah Tournament that was Original with ah Spicy flare-fah in the name ah chicken. With that bunch, the mood, the spirits oops, the drinks and Breadfruit and Salt-fish to spare, Samantha say she never see fuh more “double faults” them fellars trying fuh years and still can’t “Serve”!.
And with that ah gone again!
One Love Bassy.