Bassy - Love Vine
July 9, 2004


The weekend gone had ah lickle ah everything in dey fuh every body.
There was Vincy Mas; Tennis, European Soccer Final; love-Lee Cricket, well anytime West Indies win is Love-Lee Cricket; Yoh don’t have to ask which one sorry, which ones ah took in; with Kay-Blue TV and not to forget the ever faith-full SVG TV, it was possible to get ah sample ah all. Ah even took time out on Sunday to do ah day of Fasting and Praying fuh SVG at ah Retreat! {{more}}
The only bad news fuh me was when my girl Serena went under to the young Russian player in the Women’s Tennis Finals, but Serena will be back and her sister Venus too. Ah wanted Greece to win the Soccer Finals and they did. And West Indies continue to follow the Shirley Bassy song by firstly “mek me Sad” against New Zealand then “mek me Glad” on Monday when they put England in they place. And come Sat-dey we suppose to beat New Zealand, that of course depends on what side ah the bed our lads wake up pon on Sat-dey morning.
But we didn’t get selected as ah venue fuh ah match in the 2007 World Cup (cricket), ah wouldn’t lose ah minute sleep over that, as ole people uses to say “No Love Loss” ah think it is ah blessing in disguise. From the time ah hear de Come-red himself say that the 2007 event will mark the biggest movement ah people in the Caribbean since Slavery, ah say to me-self way we really monkey-in we-self say we tendering fah; how, when and where do we plan to handle that estimated five to ten thousand non Caribbean cricket lovers expected to attend these games at any one time? Certainly not at E.T. Joshua Airport. Ah would imagine that top on the ICC list ah priorities would be Airport, getting these fans in and out; and secondly Hotel, finding ah place foh visitors to sleep. So right there from the beginning we done look like Compere Duck fighting up to go Chicken Hawk party in the sky!
Our priorities should be to tackle the facilities at Arnos Vale in stages; in the meantime go foh this bigger Airstrip that is making the rounds, no calm-pain gay-mix Come-red. Once people see visitors flocking the country; the hotels and Guest Houses will follow; already ah seeing ah lot ah them big monster-rusty homes in Cane Garden, Queen’s Drive and New Montrose converted into some nice lickle Guest Houses and Apartments.
The 2007 cricketing event will offer much more than just cricket, it will afford ah lot ah we an opportunity to visit our near-barring islands fuh the first time; instead ah running to New York every Lay-bar Day; we should now start saving up foh we passage and accommodation to Bo-bathe-us or Trinny-daddy-toe-big-oh, it will lend beautifully to the Carry-Beyond move-mint.
So lay we forget Cricket World Cup 2007 and deal with the Issue at hand, World Cup 2006, Soccer! The game of the people. Right now we need to focus on Team SVG Football. Greece, the least among the football nations just won the European Championship. That should inspire us here in the Caribbean, why can’t SVG or Sin Kitts go thru to the next round. Ah lot ah money has been found to do things that were not as important as our Soccer way it is right now. Some body was saying that five hundred thousand dollars have already been approved for promoting Vincy Mas in Canada fuh next year. De Come-red will have ah lot ah explaining to do, if SVG get defaulted because ah lack ah finance.
Man nothing thrilled me more than when ah saw on CNN TV at the bottom of the TV screen, the news strips that gave all the results ah the football matches played by the big countries the USA, Canada, Mexico and others; and then ah saw “ St. Vincent and the Grenadines 4, Nicaragua 1”. Yuh want more promotion than when SVG goes to Mexico and when Mexico plays here at home.
We got to do something to save Vincy Mas from ah Satan-ache tek over. While Cheer-man Ambrose and his committee wuking hard to improve the colour and splendour ah the Festival, the Spirit of our Carnival is being taken over by Demonic influences and agents.
It’s Demonic thru the high smut content in most ah the Soca songs. Demonic in the vulgarity while Mas-Kay-raiding thru the streets and on the stage, especially the women in skin-P costumes that leave nothing to the image-I-say-shun. Minister Baptist plays Mas, and she is certainly setting the standard fuh ah decent dress code, ah wish more women will tek the “Q” from Rene. Yes Demonic thru sexual immoralty and woman-eyes-in, and man-eyes-in too. Lie-Za got ah glimpse ah all who went to the Gay fete by the Doc on Can-ah-fall Chose-dey-night. It Demonic thru drunkenness, ole as well as young, man and woman alike, and even lickle children getting into the act. Ah will bet me last penny that Vincy Mas will be just as exciting, with all the Fun, Flair and Fun-to-see if we remove those unwanted agents from the Festival.
Congrats to Princeess Monique, personally ah think Fatty Dan won, and Congrats to Starlift Pan Champs again, and also their Arranger Ashley Kirby who did ah fantastic job with Jeremiah’s composition this year. Just when ah was about to say that Dragons can’t win without Roy, after eight years they are back in winners row, congrats fellars! Congrats to Soca Monarch Bomani fuh ah positive and inspiring Soca tune that won him both Soca and Road March champ. What ah change and ah relief from the usual Wine! Wine! Wine songs! Full marks to the Judges as well fuh leaning towards ah song that the lickle children could sing inside the home. We got to use the Art Form to build ah better SVG. It is the responsibility of our Kaisonians to write songs that will lift the spirit of the people, songs that will inculcate and instill good values, songs that will help the lickle ones find answers to Bomani’s Road March Song “Who Am I”?
And with that, ah gone again. One Love Bassy!