Bassy - Love Vine
July 2, 2004

Murder Try-All Abolished?

Ah lady with ah voice that sound like ah young person, was in tears as she appealed on one ah the Talk Shows fuh ah stopping to be put to the violence that taking place in SVG. Our beautiful, lickle Hairouna, the Home ah the Blessed, the land where ah proud people once enjoyed ah life-style that was synonymous with its Motto “Peace and Justice”; ah country that was so abound in serenity that when my cuss-in from T’n’T was here years ago, he heckle me and say SVG too dead, it just good fuh re-hab people suffering from depression and nervous breakdown; if he come up now he go shock to see way re-hab turn we-mad! {{more}}
Yuh only got to tek one look at the week-end papers and yuh go ask yo-self if Law and Order turn Flaw and Disorder in this country. Who ain’t getting beat-up or battered up, getting bruise-up and shoot-up. And it ain’t mek no cents Lock Up except is ah minor offence, because ultimately they getting Free Up!
Last week people in the Courts contracted instant short breath when the Murder Case with the fellar who shot and killed the other one at close range in Middle Street was thrown out! At the hearing there was some legal technicality and the murderer was set free! Now ah could only speak from ah Layman position, but to me, the scales ah Justice in SVG gone completely out ah balance and need to be set right. Man it is like the material that covers the Universe worn out and tearing apart when so many crimes remain unsolved; when yuh seeing criminal after criminal escape Justice; when ah clever Lawyer or ah bad piece ah law aided and abetted with poor police reporting, like the confusion in the murder case last week, permits ah cold blooded murderer to get away. Something socially, morally and spiritually wrong bout that one.
Ah want to suggest to de Come-red that now his visits thru-out the constituencies done, ley we forget bout the hug-in-up and kiss-in-up, and mek ah real Visit, Come-red yuh must re-Visit the Justice System ah SVG. Walk with ah tape recorder, don’t think the lickle note book that yuh walking round with got nuff pages to list the problems.
And if yuh think that I mad, wait till yuh hear way Lie-Za got to say. She say that if she was Come-pay girlfriend, all now so she would ah been cleaning out his bedroom, heng up the window curtains ( we know who should ah get heng-up) and mek up the bed till he come. Ah ask she what about the Lukisha Nanton Trial, she say that is ah Try-all and if she comment on that one they will put she on Try-all!
Finally she say she love De Man Age Kaiso bout the Greed-He, Horn-He, Lune-He things that Mar-we-honor does to them Pull-ah-trick-hands; this version is Volume One, next year he got to sing Volume Two, and Visit the Police and Just-taste the Try-all System. But in the meantime, she say to tell Victor Cuffy he might as well stop calling fuh them to Abolish the Death Penalty, why not ask them to Abolish Murder Try-all instead! He likely to get ah quicker response.
Small football nations like the Caribbean must be inspired by the outcome of UEFA Cup where all the big names in the game France, Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Croitia and others were knock out by the under dogs like Greece, Czechoslovakia. The ole adage that says it’s not the size ah the country but the quality of the players that matters is like ah prophesy; and ah beginning to feel that Football is fast becoming ah game ah glory-us uncertainties like Cricket! Our problem however is one of great uncertainties finding the money to send Team SVG forward. The Lotto was created to finance Culture and Sports. All Associations must submit dey annual budgets at the beginning ah the financial year to the Lotto. And the National Sports Council must exercise some authority and have these requirements met. The Guv-ah-mint should only come in when there is an emergency. It is imperative that Team SVG complete the next round and there is no maybe. The Lotto must now play two $100, 000.00 Jack Pot in support ah Team SVG. And let us brush aside how much pull-it-tek-all miles or Kilometers Leacock or de Come-red looking fah! Football will be here long, long after both ah them gone!

Well is big toss-up on Sunday Night fuh the Kaiso Monarchy. Any one ah them could win. De Man Age and Patches have always been my fare-foh-hit Kaisonians. Ah must say ah like Exposer this year, he’s one ah the oldest in the business and ah hope his song “Keep on Trying” does it fuh him. Scakes is never ah walk-over at Finals; and Sulle is never short of ah good performance. This is Fatty Dan’s best year fuh quite some time. Pat Ralph will score big with her strong stage presence and Brother Ebony will have to say whether he is Day Saint or Night Devil on Sunday night; I-Come will have to suck plenty Lolly Pop if he wants to wear that Crown and ah Bum-he might just drop ah Bomb. And what will Princess Monique have to do, just defend and don’t say ” Yuh Cant Remember That”! The competition is so close that if ah was ah Judge ah would ah pick the Kaisonian that best portrays the Spirit of Carnival on Sunday Night!
But Lie-Za was telling me that she was at ah Party and ah few ah them Pull-ah-trick-hands been there, that had The Spirit of Carnival. They started to request Soca Songs to see who among them is the crowd fear-fuh-it. Ken Boy-yeh call fuh Poser’s “Ah pick up ah Screw in the Back Seat”. Julian call fuh Lennox Bowman’s ” If Flyers bin here that Dead Ah-ready”. Ole man Sir Vincent ain’t know way going on he say “He Wine-up on she Balcony”. Well the finals came down to Arm-In and de Come-red. Come-red came out with ah fancy wine singing “No Money, No Do-Gu Do-Gu and Arm-In followed with his hands rubbing his bawl-head singing “Them Women only Fighting he fuh His Coconut”! Ah only wish them fellars were like that, it would ah lift the Spirit of Carnival!
And with that, ah gone again!
One Love Bassy!

N.B. Ah message fuh young people: ” Life continues after Carnival, be careful”!